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Just a little bit of book browsing and an even smaller yield of book titles that interest me this month.

The third and final part of “Die Sekt” is now available, but I'm still on hold. I have decided to wait for final reviews, also because I am not sure whether this topic can captivate me across three books. CoDex 1962, on the other hand, sounds so bizarre that it could be a good story, but it could also go completely wrong. Maybe I just find the book cover appealing, I'm not sure about that. However, at the moment I do not feel like experimenting while reading and so I will probably keep my hands off that for now. And that's it. Fortunately, I have a well-stocked pile of unread books that I can wholeheartedly refer to. But I'm a little irritated.

07/13/2020: The sect - your nightmare never ends by Mariette Lindstein: You only know that you are in the clutches of a sect when you cannot leave it ... The climax of the »sects« trilogy! 15 years have passed since Sofia Bauman left the sect forever. She has built a new life for herself, is happily married and has a daughter. But then a storm destroys Sofia's property and her family is on the verge of ruin. At that moment, the seedy sect leader Franz Oswald appears and makes Sofia a diabolical offer: If Sofia reveals to him who the biological father of her daughter Julia is, he will help her financially. When Sofia remains silent, Oswald secretly contacts Julia, who feels magically attracted to the older man and follows him to the Misty Island. Sofia's nightmare never ends: after all these years she has to return to Dimö to wrest her daughter from the clutches of the sect.

07/29/2020: CoDex 1962 by Sjóen: Love story - crime story - science fiction. In his trilogy “CoDex 1962” the Icelander Sjón pulls out all the narrative stops. Shortly before the end of the Second World War, the chambermaid Marie-Sophie and the Jewish refugee Leo Löwe meet in a north German inn, with a lump of clay. From this Leo creates their child Josef, but the family has long been in Iceland, and we are already in 1962, the year the author Sjón was born. The great Icelandic narrator takes us into an infinite game of puzzles, in which a lot is and remains a puzzle and other things are ingeniously put together. »CoDex 1962« is an Icelandic »Arabian Nights« a lucky bag of stories. “It's great that someone like Sjón has the guts to be entertaining in a crazy way.” Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden

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