Durabak whole truck sticker

Vehicle lettering with meaning

Create name stickers and say: Consideration! I am not driving alone!

  • Use of only high quality foils
  • easy to apply (in one piece) thanks to the transfer foil
  • free-standing fonts without background foil
  • Free-standing motifs and logos on individual request: [email protected]
  • After gluing, you can see the surface between the letter or motif parts - indoor and outdoor use
  • huge selection of colors and effects
  • Adhesion to all smooth, clean surfaces such as paint, glass, plastic, tiles, metal and much more.
  • detailed application instructions including substrate preparation included

We only use high-quality films from well-known manufacturers so that you get the best product and enjoy it for a long time. Your desired text will be punched or cut from the self-adhesive film. The excess film around the text as well as the interior areas are removed. Then only your text remains. This adheres to the carrier film. Your text will then be covered with the transfer film. With the help of this you can glue the individual letters as a sticker (in one piece). Before bonding, the surface must be cleaned or be free of dust and grease.

The gluing itself is easy to explain in the following three steps:

  1. Remove the text from the backing paper
  2. Glue the text in one piece in the desired position
  3. Spread the sticker / text on and then carefully peel off the transfer film

A detailed gluing instruction with detailed work steps is included in the scope of delivery. After gluing, you will only see the text. There is no background slide. The background to be glued can be seen between the text. Our foils adhere to all smooth and clean surfaces, e.g. paint, glass, plastic, tiles, metal, etc. There are different foils, there is a suitable one for every purpose.

I've noticed over the past few years that more and more cars have stickers with names on them. Bumper stickers with names seem very modern and "in". There are many suppliers who sell car stickers with names on the Internet or in shops.

Almost everyone wants one Bumper sticker names have stuck to his car. This follows the trend that the name and date of birth can be seen encrypted on many license plates.

Car stickers with names are available in all variations. Every name is available and can be ordered individually. Proud parents in particular are big customers of bumper stickers with names for baby car stickers. They show all their pride with a bumper sticker with their child's name on their cars. Sometimes you can see cars with multiple bumper stickers with the names of the occupants. Truck drivers also love bumper stickers with names. You spend days driving your truck on the motorways and identify yourself with your truck. Of course, the name has to be on the truck. Classics like "Manni" are very common bumper stickers with names on trucks!

In addition, the car or even a truck offers perfect advertising for companies. Bumper stickers with names are often used for companies and their advertising. There are small car stickers on the rear, larger ones on the side or huge company emblems on large trucks. Car stickers with names are therefore highly effective in advertising. Because who does not know the big companies and manufacturers on bumper stickers for trucks?

Some people have the whole car covered with bumper stickers or funny bumper stickers and can thus refinance part of the car costs! Companies such as retirement homes also refinance part of the costs for their transport vehicles! You have bumper stickers with the names of sponsoring companies on your vehicles. The participating companies pay for the advertising on the bumper sticker.

Graphic artists also benefit from bumper stickers with names. Sufficient private individuals and companies have an individual design stuck on their vehicles. The graphic designer is responsible for creating the graphics and sends them to the printer or prints them himself!

Offers can be found on the Internet for all types of bumper stickers with names. There are already very cheap offers for beginners. You will also find very creative and sophisticated offers, specially tailored to you.

Companies should use this type of advertising for themselves and benefit from it. The motto is "to be seen". This type is interesting for service providers such as pizza couriers and restaurants in the regional area. Even for companies that operate nationwide, such as Deutsche Post, car stickers with their name on the trucks are a clear upgrade of their group.

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