How to blur text on pdf

Translate PDF - into any language

How can I save this as a PDF?

Unfortunately, Google does not offer the option to save the translated version as a PDF again. But you can do that manually using your own browser. All you have to do is press the following buttons:

Print (Ctrl + P) > Choose 'Save as PDF‘Under target> Prints your file in PDF format.

If you want to know more about how you can print out a results page as a PDF with all common web browsers, please take a look at our instructions on 'How to save a website as a PDF'.

What else can I do with my PDF?

This is where Smallpdf comes in. We have 18 useful tools for you to edit PDF files - all for free - including: Converter - after you have translated PDF files, you can convert them to other formats.

  • Converter: after translating PDF files, you can convert them to other formats.
  • Protect: encrypt your PDFs with a secure password.
  • Edit: annotate the translated file or add images, shapes and drawings.
  • Delete pages: delete unnecessary pages that were created after Google translated your PDF files.
  • Shrink: reduce the size of the PDF files.
  • Signing - is it a contract? Sign it electronically.
  • Reader: to make reading PDF files as easy as possible.

It's pretty amazing how accessible and powerful Google Translate has become, and how small the world feels when you can translate PDF files right from your computer screen in a split second. Do you need to translate PDF into English, Japanese, or French? It doesn't matter anymore.

But that's no reason not to learn new languages!