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After the A10 barrier: Second Mure relocates B99

The mudslide between Gmünd and Rennweg near Kremsbrücke has been blocking the Tauern motorway (A10) from 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday. There were also problems to the south of the underwashed bridge pillar and a second mudslide discharge - the B99 was also "completely relocated", as the police report said. A passing car was hit by the mudslide and badly damaged, but no one was injured.

B99 total block due to "imminent danger"

The second mudflow occurred on Tuesday afternoon around 5.10 p.m. Since, according to the police, large stones and earth kept sliding down the road, the B99 between Trebesing and the Altersberg Bridge had to be closed to all traffic due to "imminent danger". The duration of the lock is currently not foreseeable, on Wednesday the situation will be reassessed by a geologist, it said. According to the police, cars are being diverted via Trebesingerstraße.

Mure beneath an A10 bridge support pillar

On the A10, the landslide occurred below a supporting pillar of the Pressingberg hillside bridge near Unterkremsbrücke. A mudslide around 100 meters long and 30 meters wide descended directly under the support. A car driver had discovered the mudslide discharge across from Katschbergstrasse and then notified the police. The motorway was then closed to all traffic for safety reasons.

Special civil engineering company with experts on site

A special civil engineering company commissioned by the motorway and expressway operator ASFINAG has been on site since 7:00 a.m. It is necessary to clarify how much the mudslide - which slipped under the A10 bridge pillar at Unterkremsbrücke - could have influenced the stability of the bridge structure.

Parts of the slip cone are excavated and the earth masses are then examined layer by layer, said the regional manager of ASFINAG in Carinthia - Gerald Steiner: "The experts are on site - geologists, geotechnicians, a structural engineer was also on site on Tuesday. They appreciate the location and know the slope and the bridge. "

Pillar very stable - no further debris flows

A structural engineer and a geologist also examined the slope and bridge piers on Tuesday. The good news - at least on Wednesday night - there were no further major slides of the slope under the Pressingberg slope bridge. According to Gerald Steiner, the affected bridge pillar is very stable anchored: “This pillar is very stable, it goes eleven meters into the slope - into the rock and the earth - is also secured to the slope and is therefore bomb-proof in and of itself. Due to the landslide, however, we were not sure whether some static influence had taken place. Safety first."

Mudslide discharge leads to Tauern motorway block

The Tauern motorway was closed in both directions on Tuesday after a mudslide at Gmünd. The landslide had occurred at noon beneath a supporting pillar of the Lower Krems Bridge. After the slope is still unstable and more material has slipped into the Lieser, structural engineers and a geologist examined and checked the slope and the bridge piers.

In any case, the slope has to be rehabilitated

After the assessment, all data should be evaluated and also evaluated. The crisis team will meet again on Wednesday afternoon, after which it will be decided how to proceed - i.e. whether the total lock must remain in place or can be lifted. What is certain is that the slope in the area of ​​the mudslide outlet definitely needs to be rehabilitated.

HGVs have to evade a large area via the A1 west autobahn and the A9 Pyhrn autobahn or the A2 south autobahn and the A9. Cars come on the A10 north to Gmünd, south to Rennweg, they are rerouted in between via Katschberg Straße (B99). The B99 is not passable between Trebesing and Lieserbrücke because of the landslide, cars in this area from Gmünd to Seeboden are directed via the A10.