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Tsar on the Abyss: Rasputin's coitus noises came from the bedroom

The Siberian wandering monk and faith healer Grigori Rasputin was murdered on December 30, 1916 in the palace of Prince Felix Yusupov in Petrograd (as Saint Petersburg has been called since the outbreak of the First World War). The conspirators - Yusupov, Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich and the Duma deputy Vladimir Purishkevich - want to put an end to the disastrous influence that Rasputin exerts on the tsar and his closest family members.

Rasputin, born in a village in western Siberia in 1869, appeared in Saint Petersburg around 1903. He soon became known as a representative of the simple, unspoiled people with mystical abilities. In addition, there is his animal charisma and sexuality, which does not fail to have an effect, especially on women of the upper class.

It is said that his penis is the size of a horse. “He is unique, he gives such feelings. All of our men are no good ”, the daughter of a senator is said to have groaned. "So many society ladies led joyless lives with husbands who cheated on them or ignored them," writes the American Rasputin biographer Douglas Smith.

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