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Mobile phone hacking: methods and tools 2020

Hack cellphone, why?

There are many reasons for this, and hacking is by no means always prohibited. The following reasons speak in favor of checking a cell phone and the messages:

The smartphone is an indispensable part of our everyday life. A large part of our attention is focused on the device, our most important data is stored on it. We store media on the mobile phone, surf online (better with VPN) and handle all our communication via the smartphone. No wonder more and more people want to hack a cell phone for a variety of reasons.

In fact, there are various methods that can be used to control another cell phone or to gain access to someone else's cell phone camera. We introduce you to the possibilities!

Secretly hack someone else's cell phone

Method 1: hacking phone password

You can hack a phone more or less easily if you manage to crack the password. If you know the owner of the smartphone well, it's not that difficult. Most people use important birthdays, pet names, and the like as their password.

This not only applies to the mobile phone PIN, but also to the Google account or the Apple ID on the Android smartphone or iPhone. With it you can log into the cloud and hack the phone without even holding it in your hands.

Method 2: SIM card hack

How can you hack cell phones using other methods? The SIM card of a cell phone can also be hacked, which works with around a quarter of all SIM cards. Special knowledge is required for this, however, and software that supports SIM card hacking is also required to hack a cell phone. So no procedure for everyone.

Method 3: hack cell phone with laser

Anyone wondering how to hack a cell phone will be amazed that it can also be done with a laser. The microphones of smartphones, but also devices such as Siri and Alexa, are the weak point. They may react to light as if they were sound waves. With a laser, commands can be entered, even through window panes and over a distance of around 100 meters. If you want to protect yourself, you have to make sure that the device is always secured with a PIN in the idle state.

Method 4: Using spy app mSpy

The Handy Hack App mSpy provides reliable insights into other cell phones. The powerful spy app has been available since 2011. Once installed, the mobile app is invisible on the hacked device. MSpy was developed for parents who are concerned about the safety of their children, but you can hack any other cell phone with mSpy. The spyware is compatible with the operating system on Apple and Android smartphones and therefore runs on most Huawei and Samsung devices. mSpy has numerous functions:

  • Record and listen in on calls, listen to rooms
  • Hack mobile phone pictures and view other multimedia files
  • Hacking cell phone camera
  • Read SMS messages, chats and emails (e.g. WhatsApp chat)
  • Spy on internet usage
  • Block contacts, websites and apps
  • Track GPS location
  • Paralyze your cell phone with remote access

mSpy is available in basic mode for € 26.99 each. The premium version costs 59.99. In addition, mSpy offers users the opportunity to test the app for 7 days free of charge after installing it.

mSpy is a spying app with many helpful functions. Especially when it comes to the safety of your own children, you should download this app. But mSpy can also be a good solution for monitoring your own employees in a company. Download this app today to use the extensive features.

Cell Phone Spy App: How To Install And Use It?

How do you use a spy app to hack an iOS or Android phone? We'll give you step-by-step instructions for iPhone and Android:

  1. Select the espionage software and create a user account on the provider's website. All you have to do is enter an email and a password of your choice.
  2. You can test mSpy first, if you decide on a subscription, you pay conveniently by credit card.
  3. You will receive an email with detailed instructions and the download link for the app.
  4. In order to hack the phone, you have to get hold of it for a few minutes and unlock it - this is how you can download and install the spy app on it.
  5. After the installation is complete, the software is invisible so that the owner of the smartphone does not even notice the program or the monitoring.

You can now log into your user account on your own mobile phone or a computer and control everything that is going on on the mobile phone!

Install mSpy

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Hack cellphone without confirmation

What looks like this in many cases is not always clear. Cell phone hacked by phone call headlines some websites. It's not that easy. These are almost always attacks in which the recipient of a text or picture message is tricked into clicking on a link. This triggers the download of the malware with which hackers want to spy on critical data for online banking, for example.

But in some cases it is quite possible to hack a cell phone without confirmation from the owner - via the cloud login.

How can someone else's cell phone be hacked with tools?

Tools for hacking are already available for free or cheaply. An example of this is mSpy. This app can usually do a lot more than just listen to or read. It also enables the hacker to manipulate the cell phone. This includes turning on the camera and taking photos that are forwarded directly to the hacker.

The prerequisite is that mSpy is actively installed on the mobile phone. Hacking doesn't work without picking up your phone. Once the software has been installed, however, access is also possible over great distances.

Hacking mobile phones without access with spy app

With good spy software, the hack succeeds even if you can't get your hands on the cell phone, for iPhone or iPad. In this case, access is via the iCloud. This is possible with mSpy, the developers of the app offer their own version of the software for this, which is cloud-based. As long as the owner of the device does not use two-factor authentication and you know the Apple ID and login, the spy app makes the hack possible remotely - without any access. This also works without jailbreaking, but not on an Android device.

This is how you can protect yourself from a cell phone hack

Now you know that hacking a cell phone might not be that difficult. The question arises, how do you protect yourself from criminals or a hack from the cloud! You can install an antivirus program on the device to keep malware away. You can encrypt sensitive data on the SD card, so pictures or videos are protected against unauthorized access when hacking your mobile phone!

It also helps a lot to use a really secure PIN and a strong password for Google or iCloud. This effectively makes it more difficult for criminals and thieves to access your data. You can also use the Android device manager or the corresponding service from Apple to remotely delete sensitive data should the phone go missing.

If you have the feeling that a spy app is running on your device, you will not easily find it in the apps and settings - often only resetting the device to the factory settings and restarting all apps will help. With new passwords, of course.

Conclusion: only use proven tools

Anyone who wants to hack a cell phone and opts for a paid app runs the risk of becoming a victim themselves. Providers of the known apps warn against only making the purchase on the recognizable website in order not to buy fake software. The offers can be incorrect and then cause considerable damage. With our tips and tricks you always play it safe.