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Homura Akemi

Homura Akemi (暁 美 ほ む ら)
SurnameHomura Akemi
Age14 (estimated)
Hair colorblack
Eye colorDark purple
sizeapprox. 1.57 m
weaponProtective shield; Golf clubs; Pipe bombs; Pistols; Machine guns; Shotguns; Assault rifles; Stun grenades; Hand grenades; Fragmentation grenades; armored weapons; Explosive; Bow and arrow (from the twelfth episode)
Voice actress (Japanese)Khiva Saitō
Voice actress (english)Cristina Vee
Dubbing actress (German)Kaya Marie Möller

“From a certain point, friendliness turns into negligence and recklessness into recklessness. And no matter how much you sacrifice yourself, you won't be thanked. Anyone who cannot tell the difference is not suitable for a Magical Girl. "

Homura Akemi is one of the main characters Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She has her first appearance in a dream about Madoka, in which she fights a monster in a desolate environment. The next day she switches to the protagonist's school and sends her disastrous warnings.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

Homura has long, shiny black hair which she (almost) always wears open. This is adorned with a black headband. Her eyes are a blue-purple hue.

Like Madoka, she also wears a school uniform consisting of a cream-colored jacket with red decorations on the collar and sleeves, a white shirt, a black and white checked skirt and brown leather shoes. The only difference here is that Homura knee socks are black.

Her outfit as a magical girl is a bit similar to her school uniform. Only here the colors are different. Her jacket is cream too, but the sleeves don't come all the way down. Underneath, she wears a black and purple shirt, which is decorated with a long purple bow at the front. She wears a kind of purple cape over her jacket. She also wears a purple skirt, black tights (which, however, have diamond patterns on the sides) and black shoes with heels. Your soul gem is shaped like a diamond and is also purple. It mostly uses bombs, grenades or pistols as weapons.

Personality [edit | Edit source]

Since arriving at Mitakihara Middle School, Homura has been portrayed as very intelligent, athletic, aloof, and cool. In the fourth episode, the reason for her behavior is explained: As a magical girl, she has seen a lot of terrible things before. Despite her cold attitude towards others, Madoka is very important to her because she sees it as her goal to protect her from the myriad of blood, sweat and tears that she had shed in the various timelines.

In the actual timeline, however, she is shown as meek, shy and fearful. At school, she was known for her lack of self-esteem and physical ineptitude - meaning that even the smallest warm-up exercise would have made her sick. Unfortunately, this resulted in her becoming a victim of bullying. This is mentioned on the first drama CD.

By appearing to be useless, she begins to question herself. Until she gets to know Madoka and befriends her, these feelings don't change either. She and Mami Tomoe then show Homura the interrelated strands and dangers of a magical girl.

It is also noted that her own demeanor grows stronger with each subsequent fight. Ironically, the anime's timeline shows how fragile and meek Madoka is compared to the current Homura. Because of their experiences in the various timelines, their character has also turned 180 degrees.

Even if Sayaka Miki sees her as unemotional, she is far from it. She doesn't show regret, sadness or pity so quickly, but that's only because she has got used to the bad things she has been through several times. Homura herself has testified that she feels guilty when she knows that she is unable to save or change someone else's life. Despite all of this, she remains true to her goal of saving Madoka.

History [edit | Edit source]

background[Edit | Edit source]

Before the anime started, Homura was hospitalized for a long time due to a heart condition. Her family's whereabouts and status are unknown as they were never mentioned in the anime. In the actual timeline, she was physically fragile and weak, mainly because of this illness.

Homura in the anime[Edit | Edit source]

The Witches' Right Universe (Events in Anime and Movies)[Edit | Edit source]

Homura's time warp in the anime officially begins on the 16th of the month (it is speculated that this is sometime between March and April). She was released from the hospital that day and transferred to Mitakihara Middle School on the 25th. In the actual timeline she is attacked by a witch and rescued by Madoka and Mami. At some point in the month after that, during Walpurgis Night, she becomes a Magical Girl and wishes to repeat the encounter with her and Madoka, which gives her the strength to stop time and / or rewind time by a month.

It is believed that Homura repeated the same month and day about 100 times before the actual timeline in the anime. During these timelines, Homura was able to gradually improve her powers and acquire items (such as ammunition and weapons from the Japanese military) in preparation for the battle of Walpurgis Night. She was also able to memorize this and, through statistics, infer the big events that happened on all timelines. That gave her an incredible knowledge of most of her opponents.

However, Homura had to watch the deaths of many of her friends over and over again. Most of the time, they were pretty terrible. As a development, Homura became more and more aloof from Madoka with each repetition of the month.

In the anime's timeline, Homura seemed like a cold and calculating character who distances himself from the other characters. She failed trying to save all of her partners (with the exception of Madoka), and she was forced to face Walpurgis Night alone. She was then defeated by Walpurgis Night, and it seemed as if she felt inferior to despair before Madoka shows up and rewrites the universe with her wish.

Madoka's newly created universe (epilogue of the anime and the film Rebellion)[Edit | Edit source]

After Madoka's reworking of the universe, Homura is the only character known to have retained her memories of the previous universe. She owns Madoka's bow, and she also has a new black bow as a weapon, which is very similar to Madoka's weapon. It remains unknown whether she has regained her ability to manipulate time and space. Homura is so close to Kyubey now that she even entrusts him with a full account of how the old universe worked.

"There is no doubt that this place is a witch's barrier."

In the events before the Rebellion story Homura was captured by the incubators, and her soul gem was transported to an isolation field that did not allow the right of the circle to pass through. This strain caused Homura to partially transform into a witch without her realizing it. In this form, she unconsciously created a maze, which was an almost perfect replica of the Mitakihara city, and she unconsciously lured her previous acquaintances into it. She even dragged Madoka into it. She entered the barrier together with Sayaka and Nagisa Momoe. In this dream world, Homura unconsciously falsified almost all memories (including their own), so that they believed that they would live in the real world and fight new enemies (the Nightmares). To keep the incubators from achieving their goal, Madoka entrusted her memories and powers to Sayaka and Nagisa. Sayaka just pretended to have changed her memories while Nagisa disguised herself as Charlotte / Bebe.

Eventually, Homura realizes she's trapped in a witch's barrier and she tries to find out who's behind it. At the end of her trip, she has a conversation with Madoka. Homura realizes that she cannot allow Madoka to sacrifice herself. From then on, she begins to realize that she is the witch herself, and she confirms it by parting with her soul gem without any consequences.

From then on, Kyubey shows up and reveals the truth about Homura's behavior in the present and the plan to control the right of the cycle. Homura gets angry and curses her existence, after which she transforms into a witch named Homulilly. Madoka and the other Magical Girls manage to save Homura. You destroy the field and then come back to reality. Because of the isolation field, Homura only became a witch in her soul gem, and she allowed Madoka to save her.

The Ultimate Madoka arrives to get Homura out of the right of the cycle. Still, Homura touches Madoka first. Your soul gem first turns black, then it is filled with swirling colors, which Nagisa says are worse than curses. Reality begins to shatter after Homura separates Madoka from her divine self. The colors break out of the Soul Gem, and the cracks and colors engulf the entire universe.

Homura and Kyubey appear in the same place Madoka rose to in episode 12. Homura breaks the soul gem in her mouth and a new gem appears called "the dark ball". Kyubey exclaimed that Homura is rewriting the universe and asks what happened to her Soul Gem. Homura explains that she remembered both the times she repeated time and the pain caused by Madoka, who sacrificed herself for her for her sake. She says that it has even become important to her to pollute the Soul Gem with something bigger than curses. As she swallows the dark ball, she describes it as the climax of human emotions: love.

Homura transforms again and this time her black wings grow. Kyubey says that Homura is no longer a magical girl or a witch and asks what she is now. Homura says that since she overthrew the god and imprisoned him, it would only be appropriate to call her a demon (Akuma). Kyubey now knows that it was a mistake to experiment with human emotions and try to escape, but Homura grabs him and says that she still needs his existence to face the curses of the world.

Akuma Homura's newly created universe (epilogue of the film Rebellion)[Edit | Edit source]

“The way I am now, I'm no longer a witch. I am something that could overthrow a god and lock them up ... you should only call me a demon now. "

Homura becomes an effective goddess in the new universe. Despite her true demon nature, she still exists on earth in her human form and can converse normally with others. She seems to have the power to manipulate the memories of almost anyone she asks. But otherwise the extent of their powers are unknown. Homura is believed to be a deity who embodies love (while Madoka embodies hope).

Homura holds a fraction of the goddess Madoka with him - specifically, Madoka Kaname, before she became the right of the cycle. It is also implied that she is casting the world's curses on Kyubey. In addition to their own designation as demons, Madoka, Sayaka, Kyoko, Mami and Nagisa live happily in their new world.

Homura in Puella Magi Oriko Magica[Edit | Edit source]

"Madoka ... don't tell me not to save you. I am not powerful at all. I can't save anyone. But ... I want to save you. So never say something like that again! "
  • Homura appears for the first time in Chapter 3. When Mommy warns her about the Magical Girls murders, she doesn't seem to care. But she warns Mami not to get too close to her, Madoka, Hitomi and Sayaka.
  • In Chapter 4, she appears on a page with her friends. She shifts to Madoka's taste and she doesn't care where they go. Until then, she protected Madoka well and kept the Magical Girls' knowledge to herself.
  • From chapters 5 to 7, Mitakihara Middle School is enveloped by a witch barrier. Homura does her best to protect Madoka from the familial. After Madoka told her not to sacrifice others to protect her, Homura decided to find Oriko and Kirika and defeat them. Oriko reveals that she knows about the end of the world caused by Kriemhild Gretchen, Madoka's witch form, and that she has planned to kill Madoka before she can make the pact and begin its doom. Homura fights together with Mami, Kyoko and Yuma. After seeing Kirika turn into a witch, they were on the verge of losing when two of the three fell in despair while watching. Still, they managed to pull themselves together and defeat them. Homura kills Oriko. But since Madoka has already killed Madoka by gathering her last strength to shoot a piece of Kirika's witch form through Madoka's body, Homura cannot do anything other than restart the timeline.

Homura in the Different Story[Edit | Edit source]

  • Homura behaves like in the anime.
  • Homura tries to cooperate with the other Magical Girls to fight Walpurgis. But she still fails because all the other magical girls don't want to believe her.
    • When Sayaka becomes Oktavia, she warns Kyoko not to visit Mami or she would die, Kyoko refuses and sets a barrier so that she cannot follow her.
    • She brings the unconscious mommy home and seeks help.
    • She lies to Madoka by saying that Sayaka was killed by witches. She didn't want Madoka to know the cold truth.
    • When Madoka makes the pact, Homura doesn't immediately reset the time. She tries to convince Madoka to run away, but she refuses. After the other two Walpurgis Night went off to fight Walpurgis Night, the time starts anew.

Homura in the PSP game[Edit | Edit source]

  • When certain conditions are met, Homura Street will be available while playing.
  • Homura can save Mommy from Charlotte.
    • Homura can avoid being hung in bows by telling Mommy that she is leaving Charlotte for her. This is saved just in time by Homura.
      • Mommy apologizes to Homura for misjudging her and allies with her.
      • There is a scene with the living mom in which she fights Kyoko.
  • Homura is able to save Sayaka by letting Kyoko talk to her and stopping her from becoming a witch.
    • Sayaka will join the group in the fight against Walpurgis Night.
  • For the most part, Kyoko will team up with Homura.
  • If Homura successfully avoids Mami's death and none of the Magical Girls becomes a witch, it is possible that Homura can face Walpurgis Night with the four Magical Girls without Madoka making the pact with Kyubey.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Homura's protective shield is capable of storing innumerable amounts of weapons. This is demonstrated by the many pistols, alternator guns, shotguns, rocket launchers and boxes of ammunition hidden inside. The remarkable thing is that her shield is relatively small and she can wear it like a watch.
  • Because of their similarity to the Japanese names, Homura is often referred to as "homerun-chan" among western fans. Nevertheless, it is often called "Homuhomu" (ほ む ほ む) in the Japanese community.
    • “Homuhomu” can also be used as a verb (ほ む ほ む す る). It means something like "caress", "comfort" or "take care of something". The exact action of the verb is not precisely defined.
    • Sometimes she is also jokingly called "Homurika" because she shares a certain similarity in circumstances (traveling through time to avoid tragedy) with Rika Furude. (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni).
  • The first character for Akemi (暁) means "dawn", while the second means beauty.
  • If your full name is written vertically in Hiragana (あ け み ほ む ら) and the left half is obscured from a certain angle, it can be read as カ ナ メ ま ど か. So Kaname is written in Katakana and Madoka in Hiragana.
  • Your last name can also be used as a first name.
  • On one of the first sketches, her last name meant "Lake of Dawn" (暁 海) instead of (暁 美). Both can, however, be reproduced as Akemi.
  • Her first name is written in hiragana and has no special meaning. But when it is written in Kanji it has several meanings:
    • "Flame" or "Fire" (炎 or 焔)
    • "Burning heart" (心火)
    • "Mass of the flame" (炎 叢)
    • "Protector of the Villages" (保 村)
  • Actually, 焔, 炎, and 心火 are real Japanese names. The name "Homura" can also be written in the following ways:
    • "Striding approaching happiness" (歩 向 楽)
    • "Top of a huge village" (穂 邑)
  • In the official Chinese translation, the Kanji 焔 for her first name means “flame”. But the Japanese version doesn't have an official kanji for her name.
  • Due to the personality and actions of the Homura from the previous timelines, she is often referred to as "Moemura" among Western fans.
  • In the new timeline, Homura's appearance in the manga is different from that in the anime. In the anime, her clothes and hairstyle stay the same, and she wears one of Madoka's bows as an accessory. But in the manga she wears a new dress and ties her hair into two braids using the bows Madoka gave her.
  • In the report for the fourth episode, Urobuchi found Chiwa Saito suitable for the role because she left the impression of a "dark beauty".
    • In the report for the seventh episode, Khiva Saito stated that she only applied for the roles of Kyubey and Kyosuke until Gen Urobuchi convinced her to lend her voice to Homura.
      • Chiwa Saito explains that Homura's character is strong, but also weak / sensitive. Aoi Yuuki adds that Homura had no choice but to become strong.
        • Ryoko Shintani says that it would be good for a character who has something or someone important to protect.
  • Khiva Saito (Homura) admitted that the sad scene in episode eight made a lasting impression on her. She found that they portrayed Homura's feelings well. She especially liked the spot when Homura collapsed and her weak side was shown.
  • In the report for the eleventh episode, she found the confession scene touching and emotional. This also left a lasting impression on her. She admits that she cried while doing it.
  • Aoi Yuuki (Madoka) thought the scene was great and emotional. She found that she and Madoka were dubbed throughout the scene. Aoi also believes that Madoka would definitely have accepted Homura's feelings.