Where is Majorska Vodka made in USA


Vodka is Russian and means something like "little water". However, vodka is said to have its origin in Poland.

Various types of grain (barley, wheat and rye), potatoes and - more rarely - molasses made from sugar beets are used as raw materials. The most important production countries are traditionally Russia, Finland, Sweden and Poland. Meanwhile, however, vodka is also produced in Germany, the USA, Canada, Italy and France, among others.

Vodka is characteristically a pure and soft alcohol with no actual taste of its own. In addition to these pure or pure vodkas, flavored, flavored vodkas are now also produced by preparing the distillate or pure vodka with certain fruits or spices or with extracts or essences.

The production goes through the following steps:

1. Mashing: The raw material is crushed, mixed with water and heated. This converts starch into sugar.

2. Fermentation: Fermentation yeast is added to the now sweet mash (the wort). During fermentation, the sugar in the mash is converted into alcohol.

3. Distillation: The alcohol-containing mash is now burned several times, usually in a continuous process, and then filtered through charcoal. Both beautiful and unsightly accompanying aromas are removed. The result is a pure, soft and almost tasteless alcohol.

4. Bottling. Storage is not required. In a final step, vodka is diluted to drinking strength with water; in Germany it is at least 40%.

In the traditional manufacturing countries, vodka is often drunk neat. It should then be enjoyed chilled. In Germany and other western countries, vodka is often used to mix cocktails and long drinks.

My range

I offer you a wide range of vodka essences. With these essences you can make your own vodka easily and inexpensively.

Essences for pure vodka.

In order for the flavor note of these essences to come into their own, great care should be taken with the selection of the alcohol used for the preparation. This should be absolutely tasteless. This requirement is actually only met by the so-called Monopoly alcohol or neutral alcohol from the production of the federal monopoly administration.

No. 41040. Kasken Vodka Essence: For a high-quality Finnish grain vodka.
No. 41084. Swedish Vodka Essence: For a high-quality Swedish grain vodka.
No. 41087. Moskva Vodka Essence: For a traditional Russian grain vodka.
No. 41090. Vodka Essence: For an American vodka.

Essences for flavored vodka

No. 41007 Vanilla Vodka Essence: For one vanillavodka.
No. 41010 Fikon Vodka Essence: For one Figsvodka.
No. 41013 Guava Vodka Essence: For a guava vodka.
No. 41014 Kiwi Vodka Essence: For a kiwi vodka.
No. 41017 Cherymoya Vodka Essence: For a Cherymoyawodka.
No. 41026 Lingon Vodka Essence: For a cranberry vodka.
No. 41031 Gran Vodka Essence: For a spruce needle vodka.
No. 41038 Hallon Vodka Essence: For a raspberry vodka.
No. 41042 Khakivodka essence: For a khaki vodka.
No. 41047 Mandarin Vodka Essence: For a mandarin vodka.
No. 41052 Päron Vodka Essence: For a pear vodka.
No. 41055 Mango Vodka Essence: For a mango vodka.
No. 41056 Papaya Vodka Essence: For a papaya vodka.
No. 41059 Passionfruit Vodka Essence: For a passion fruit vodka.
No. 41071 Kummin Vodka Essence: For a caraway vodka.
No. 41074 Malört Vodka Essence: For a vermouth vodka.
No. 41076 Viol Vodka Essence: For a violet root vodka.
No. 41077 Currant Vodka Essence: For a vodka with black currants.
No. 41080 Melon Vodka Essence: For a melon vodka.
No. 41085 Bison Vodka Essence: For a buffalo grass vodka.
No. 41086 Lemon Vodka Essence: For a lemon vodka.
No. 41088 Peach Vodka Essence: For a peach vodka.
No. 41089 Lime Vodka Essence: For a lime vodka.
No. 41097 Cherry Vodka Essence: For a cherry podka.
No. 41098 Äpple Vodka Essence: For an apple vodka.
No. 41186 Lemon Vodka Essence: For a lemon vodka from the Black Label range.

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