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What does "banger" mean in German? Translation, meaning and word origin explained

Particularly good and extraordinary songs are called "bangers". These songs go straight to the ear. It is a pleasure to hear them and the text is almost imprinted on its own. The beat is fantastic and the lyrics are awesome. Listening to this song is like a little inner celebration. That's why fans call new songs that are very good bangers.

"Banger" is increased to "Absolute Banger".

The English plural of "Banger" is "Bangers". Sometimes “Bangers” is also written as “Bangerz”, ie with “z”.

Word origin and translation: What does banger mean in German?

"Banger" is English and means in German in this context: "Knaller!"

Editor's note: This means that the German word Knaller, which was used earlier, has actually only been replaced by the English expression. Anyone who used to say "This is a blast!" Now says "A banger."

The English word banger has other meanings:

  • Banger = firecrackers, fireworks, crackers, New Year's Eve crackers (These are sometimes very loud.)
  • Banger = name for an old and bad car; one would also call it cart, mill or box.
  • Banger = name for sausages and sausages (common in England; these sausages are called bangers because they tend to pop if they are not cut before grilling.)

"Banger" also means "gangster" and is a slang term for the female breast. "Pistols" are also called bangers. Sexually very active men are also called bangers.

"Banger" is the name for an origami figure that makes noises.

"Banger" are elongated balloons that are used at sporting events to make noise. They are also called "thundersticks".

The head movement of rock and metal fans is called "head banger" or "head banging".

Translation: "Old Banger" and "Six Banger" in German

The expressions "Old Banger" exist explicitly in the English language, which means something like "Old Klapperkiste", "Old Cart" or "Old Sleigh", as a name for an old car and it is said "Six Banger". "Six Banger" means in German: Sixpack of beer, so six beers.

Banger comes from "to bang"

The noun "banger" is derived from the verb "to bang". "To bang" means in German:

“To bang” is also a vulgar term for having sex.

"Bang" as a noun means something like:

  • Slash
  • Bang
  • Noise
  • Blow
  • shot

“Bang” is used in comics, among other things. When guns are fired or there is a bang, it makes a "Bang!"

Further meaning of banger

Label: Banger Music

"Banger Musik" is a hip-hop and rap label founded in 2012 by Farid Bang, Ralph M. Jacobs, Christ Bitter and Mohamed Elbouhlali. They founded the label with a start-up capital of 25,000 euros and used the title from the song "Banger Musik" from Farid Bang's album "Asphalt Massaka 2" as the label name.

Today the following artists are under contract with Banger Musik:

  • 18 carat
  • Farid Bang
  • Jasko
  • Majoe
  • Summer Cem

KC Rebell was a member of Banger Musik from 2013 to 2018.

Companies with "Banger" in their name:

  • "Ed Banger Records" - French music label. It was founded in 2003 in Montmartre Nord in Paris by Pedro "Busy P" Winter.
  • "Banger Films" is an American production company for music, documentaries, TV series, live concerts, children's television and digital media.
  • "NY Bangers" is an American provider of music and beats.
  • "Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden" is a restaurant and beer garden in Austin, Texas, USA.
  • "Bangers & Lace" is a bar and restaurant. Craft beers and sausages are offered here.
  • "Banger of the Day" is a service that presents extraordinary songs (bangers) on a daily basis.
  • Bangers and Bacon is a restaurant in Manchester.

Further meaning of "banger"

The following artists have released a song with "Banger" in the title:

  • Farid Bang Bangers live shorter lives
  • Farid Bang - Banger Empire
  • Farid Bang - Banger Music
  • Farid Bang - banger musician
  • Gucci Mane & Chief Keef - Banger
  • Jme - Banger
  • Lil Wayne - YM Banger
  • Kano - New Banger
  • KC Rebel - Banger Rebel
  • Kollegah & Farid Bang - Banger and Boss
  • Majoe - banger empire
  • Majoe - Prototype Banger
  • Miley Cyrus - Bangerz
  • Pink Guy - Club Banger 3000
  • Schoolboy Q - Banger
  • Wiz Khalifa - Banger

"Bangers" is an Australian film released in 1999.

"The Banger Sisters" is an American comedy released in 2002.

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