How to make kugelhopf cake

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This bundt cake surprises with a special ingredient that makes it particularly juicy. With this recipe, re-baking becomes child's play.

Status: January 19, 2021

6 eggs
300 ml of oil
300 ml egg liqueur
300 g powdered sugar
1 packet of vanilla sugar
150 g cornstarch
150 grams of flour
1 packet of baking powder

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Put the eggs with oil, eggnog, powdered sugar and 1 vanilla sugar in a bowl. Mix the ingredients with the mixer to form a smooth dough.

Mix the cornstarch with flour and baking powder. Gradually sift the mixture into the dough and stir in.

Grease the bundt cake tin and pour in the batter.

Bake at 180 degrees top / bottom heat for 60 minutes.

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