When your ex blocks you on WhatsApp

Help, ex blocked me! What you can do now [+ reasons & strategy]

In this guide I will reveal the secret of how your: e ex "unblocks" you again.

Because the question: "Help, my: e ex blocked me, what should I do?" we get asked several times a day with scenario-two.

For many, "being blocked" feels like the ultimate punishment.

On the other hand, if you know how to take it and what to do about it ...

... then it's still not super cool, but you have a perspective on how to get out of there and still win back your: n ex.

Then let's start straight into the topic!

Ex blocked me: you will find out in this article

The 3 most common reasons your: e ex blocked you

If your: e ex blocks you, it usually happens for one of the following 3 reasons.
(Reason # 3 is for sure the most common!)

It's best to take a quick look at the following infographic first:

Reason # 1: Your: e ex wants to end the relationship “virtually”

In the meantime, a relationship no longer only takes place in the “real” world, but also in the “virtual” world - that is, on various social media.

You post pictures together and show your love for one another in the virtual world.

If your: e ex blocks you, this could indicate that he / she now wants to signal virtually that you are no longer together and that your: e ex is distancing himself from the past relationship.

The message is here: "Hey, we're separated, I want to do this separation on social media too!"

Often times this happens in the context of your: e ex telling you that he / she has "definitely" closed.

You can see what that means in this video:

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Reason # 2: The breakup hurts your: r ex too

What is often forgotten when separating: Your: e Ex does not usually end the joke and frenzy.

This means:

The separation is probably difficult for your ex, too, and is probably closer to him / her than you think.

Now let's say you post a lot on social media.

Every time your: e ex sees this, it gives him / her a stab in the heart.

For this reason, your: e ex blocks you to get some distance and to be able to sort your own thoughts.

Nonetheless, these two reasons are rather rare.

By far the most common reason your: e Ex blocks you, however, is next.

Reason # 3: You were a "creepy ex" [MOST COMMON reason when ex blocked you]

Basically, you don't block anyone “just like that”.
(except because of the previous two reasons)

That's why I unfortunately have to tell you the hard truth:

In most cases, you did something that your: e ex blocked you for.

And that usually happens when you don't rest after the breakup.

Or if you don't believe the ex that the breakup is actually a "no".
(You can read all 11 ex-back mistakes that make you a Creepy Ex in this guide here)

I would like to tell you a short story from our daily practice here.

Recently someone - let's name Klaus - contacted us because his ex had blocked him.

And according to Klaus ‘story just like that, without any reason.

The "detail" that Klaus was initially hiding that his ex had blocked him after calling 17 times (!) The previous night.

I mean ... Seriously?

So again in summary:

In the vast majority of cases, you have something to do with it when your: e ex has blocked you.

If you NEVER should if your: e ex blocked you

You know, we at scenario-two have a lot of experience in ex-back coaching.

We hear so many individual stories every day from people who want to undo the breakup.

And in many cases the first thought is: "Hm ... my: an ex blocked me on WhatsApp ... I'll just try it on Facebook!"


"Then I'll just visit my: r Ex personally!"

I'm telling you something VERY important here.

If you try to somehow "get around" the blockade from your ex in this way, then it will backfire.

Your: e ex will then think:

“Wow… he / she has gone completely crazy now! It's good that the relationship is over! "

Checklist: What NOT to do if your: e ex blocked you

Here are the most important things you should NOT IMMEDIATELY if your: e ex has blocked you:

  • any form of communication (not even on another channel!)
  • Give gifts to your: r ex
  • write a letter
    (How to write a letter to your: n ex that really works can be found in this guide)
  • any form of stalking (online and offline)
  • try to get your ex a message through mutual friends

Ex blocked me: the good news and the bad news

Suddenly - out of nowhere - your: e Ex blocks you on Facebook, WhatsApp or other channels.

You think: “It's a little strange now. Why is my: e Ex blocking me? "

We just looked at the reasons.

Now the question is:

What do you do to get out of there and be "unblocked"?

In addition, I have good news and bad news for you.

Which one do you like to hear first?

You know what, let's do the bad one first ...

The bad news if your: e ex blocked you

If your: e ex blocks you, the message is:

"Please leave me alone, I need time for myself."

What should you do about it?

Exactly - as I just said: Grant your ex this space and this time to yourself.

And that's the bad news, too.

If you are blocked, there is not much you can do directly now.

But I promised you good news too ...

The good news when you're blocked

Lately we looked internally at all of our coaching cases where clients were blocked by the ex.

Do you know what we found out?

And that's the good news:

In almost 90% of all cases, the ex had lifted the block WITHOUT our clients actively doing anything.

(However, our clients had done a few "indirect" things inside - you will find out what these are in this guide.)

But first I would like to briefly explain to you why time is your "buddy" when your: e ex has blocked you.

Why time plays for you

If you were a "creepy ex" then your ex was probably a little mad at you. The breakup itself can also trigger negative emotions in your ex.

In both cases your: e Ex blocks you.

Now you have read this guide here and know that you should block contacts when you win back your ex.

Because your: e ex would expect that you still contact us - but you initiate the contact block.

Your: e Ex will usually notice quickly that it doesn't feel so good to have blocked you after all.

Due to the effect of the contact blocking, your: e ex will be curious about what's going on with you.

... and finally "unblock" you.

The right mindset if your: e ex has blocked you

To win back when you ex - and we see that in our coaching practice every day - the best thing to do is to get everything back on track right away.

The best thing to do after the breakup is to write a message or a letter to turn things around and undo the breakup.

Sorry that I have to give you a dose of "reality" here ... Unfortunately, that's not how it works.

Ex back is a process.

If your: e ex blocks you and you try to do everything NOW to get "unblocked" again, then you put short-term goals over long-term goals.

Because what is your long-term goal?

Exactly, getting into a relationship with your ex again.

However, this goal is usually not achieved in the first few days after the separation - it usually takes two or more months.


Give your: your ex the time now and at the same time know that time is also important for you.

And take this opportunity to become magically attractive and that version of you that your: e ex can fall in love with again!

The complete strategy for when ex blocked you

From now on, let's look at what you can do one at a time so that you can win back your: n ex, even if you're currently blocked.

First, take a look at the following infographic:

# 1 Be patient and initiate a contact block

I know what you are thinking now: "To be patient??? Are you crazy? How am I supposed to win my: n ex back if my: e ex blocked me ??? "

Even if everything in you screams that you have to do something NOW to get in touch with your ex again - remember earlier.

From our experiences from ex-back coaching, the ex releases the blockage after a certain amount of time without you having to actively do anything.

If your: e blocked ex, it means: "Please give me some time and space to process the breakup for me."

Anything but respecting that wish would be a shot in the knee.

So the first step if you have been blocked by your: r ex is:

Initiate a contact block.

I don't want to go into why the contact block is so effective - if that's what interests you, then take a look at this guide (click!).

# 2 Become the version your: e ex can fall in love with again

I mentioned earlier that you shouldn't do anything “actively” to get your: n ex to “unblock” you again.

But there are “passive” strategies you can use.

The idea behind it is relatively simple:

Show your: r Ex what he / she is missing and motivate him / her to get more contact with you again.

Your motto during the contact block should be:

“I don't care if I get him / her back or not. But I'll be so damn cool that my ex will bite his ass on his deathbed for not taking me back. "

In short: you have to become the best version of yourself!

In many cases it seems like a mammoth task - where is the best place to start?

If that's the way you are right now, then maybe I have just the thing for you.

In total, there are 4 factors in becoming the best version of you.

I explain these 4 factors and my tried and tested system, how you can become the best version of yourself, in this video:

# 3 Apply the social media strategy from scenario-two

There is an important result of a study that you should be aware of for your ex to win back.

88% of all people stalk their exes on Facebook.


So it means:

The likelihood that your: e ex will also check out your social media profile (despite the fact that you are blocked!) Is very high!

And you can use that for yourself.


  • Make sure you have a cool profile picture!
  • Don't flood your social media profiles with posts.
  • Post pictures of the things you are doing right now.
  • Make sure to only post positive things.

You can find out more about how you can use social media to win back your ex in this guide:

>>> Ex back with social media: The ultimate guide

# 4 Contact your: n ex when the contact block is over

These first 3 steps cover contact blocking. In the vast majority of cases, your: e ex should have unblocked you again by then.

If you are still blocked, then add another week of contact blocking.

The question then is: what do you do after the contact block?

It is now time for you to actively contact yourself.

How it works?

The best thing to do is to use a test question to see whether your: e ex is ready for contact with you again.
(especially important if you were previously blocked!)

You can read exactly how this works here:

>>> Write to your ex: How to write those messages that your ex wants to get from you

What this means for you now and how it will go on

Let's briefly summarize what you have learned in this guide so that you can win back your: n ex despite the blockage:

  • In most cases, you've done something that your ex blocked you in response to.
  • Avoid all typical "ex-back mistakes". Take a look at the checklist again on what you should NEVER do if your: e ex has blocked you.
  • You know that putting short-term goals above long-term goals is not productive. So that it is more productive that you concentrate on yourself now and give your ex space.
  • If your: e ex blocked you, then time is playing for you. In almost 90% of all cases, your: e Ex cancels the block WITHOUT having to do anything actively (based on our coaching experience).

You can almost say:

Even if you have been blocked by your ex, not much will change in your ex-back strategy.

And if you want to know exactly how you can recapture the heart of your: r Ex, then take a look at our bestseller now Recover Ex 2.0 Now at.

Here you will learn step by step how to draw your: n Ex back into your life!

>>> Yes, more now too Win back ex now 3.0 experience!

And if you have a quick question about the article, just drop it in the comments below.

All the best,