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  1. Ralibro - Go into your AH.sqf (if you can) and find limit = 5; Change that to a higher number. Question: My players can tag as friendly, but are unable to build at each others' bases. Any thoughts as to what or where I can look and determine the cause? We're running 2.33 (P4L and Snap Pro).

  2. Fairly certain you can do that with some edits to extra_rc.hpp files. Not 100%, but I am running a version of Overpoch Origins and I use that to build construction boxes to make the Origins houses.

  3. Not a problem. I know it's just a bandid fix, but for now it's working. Question to you sir. My players and I cannot tag as friendly. I mean, we can, but we cannot build in each others bases. Any thoughts on where to look?

  4. I fixed the issue of being banned for taking ownership. Open your AH.sqf, and search for limit = 5. Change 5 to whatever number you want (I have mine at 200). Yes it means a person could delete 200 items on your server; but you can take over bases. I have vigilant admins, so I am not worried.

  5. Yeah, I just got banned from my own server for taking ownership of my own base, lol! I tried increasing the limit in infiSTAR, since it think that you're base nuking by deleting so many items at once. I have mine set to 500, and got banned for taking ownership of 65 or so items. I'll e-mail infiSTAR about it. EDIT: Seems I forgot to put the limit back to 500 after I installed the new AH. I'll reply here when the next restart hits and I can up the limit. If it works, I'll post my solution here.

  6. Sorry to ask again, but is there a way to integrate this with Plot For Life v2.33 and Snap 1.41 (The dual download one). I have these working well, along with a merged coin system. Is there a step by step guide to install vectors, or possibly a way to merge everything together?

  7. If the cleanup is somewhere else, what about the remove object old event in the database? If you can't maintain, then you cannot update the timestamps, no? Won't it all vanish?

  8. Does the godmode base command stop you from being able to maintain your base? Would the items not be removed from the database event removing old objects?

  9. I have zero errors in my RPT logs. I had this issue, specifically with traders before. I know it had something to do with the self actions, but for the life of me I cannot remember. Also, the file I posted is a merge between your plot for life, and single coin currency (which worked fine before I added in the other things). I'll check out the file versus vanilla epoch / plot for life files and report back. Thanks. EDIT: FIXED I was missing a}; after a change I made to the path for maintain_area. SIGH! When I was using Notepad ++ compare with the files, it didn't pick up on the brace missing; Diffmerge did. Thanks a ton for the time, Rimblock!