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Funny WhatsApp pictures

We greet you with wit and humor! On this page you will find funny pictures that inspire. Enable all of your Whatsapp contacts to have a humorous flash in everyday life. Our pictures put a smile on your friends' faces. Our pictures with 1001 sayings make your everyday life brighter.

Live simply! Dare something. All of this is also possible at an advanced age. It's true, "it might not have been smart ... but awesome!" As in our first saying.

Just scroll down a little. You will find a saying that puts a smile on your face. It is best to send this on a journey.
Thick? No way! Also see what you can counter.

Our pictures are colorful and attractively illustrated. They can also be used as a status image via Whatsapp. You can decorate the attachment of your e-mail with it and apply it to all your social media channels.
Sweeten the day of your friends with a funny picture.