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The so-called eyelid margin is of particular importance for the health and disease of the eyelids and thus also the surface of the eye.

this is the narrow smooth strips of skinthat of the dry skin with the eyelashes Outside to the moist mucous membrane of the surface of the eye Inside leads.

The edges of the lower and upper eyelids thus limit the Cleft eyelid. Here is the one Tear film seen when the eyelids are open.

At the contact point of rear The edge of the lid with the eyeball forms the tear lake or Tears meniscus. This is the reservoir from which the watery tear film is renewed when you blink.

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The edge of the eyelid is perhaps best known for the fact that the kohl pencil can be applied here in cosmetics. This of course carries the risk of clogging the openings of the meibomian oil glands.