What is DSP sine wave inverter

SinePower DSP 1312T
Sine wave inverter, 1200W, 12V

Mount, connect and use the SinePower DSP 1312T inverter and set the energy-saving mode

Installation instructions for the SinePower DSP1312T sine wave inverter

  • Do not mount the product in areas where there is a risk of gas or dust explosion.
  • Make sure you have a secure footing!
    The product must be set up and secured so securely that it cannot tip over or fall.
  • Do not expose the product to any heat source (direct sunlight, heating, etc.). In this way you avoid additional heating of the product.
  • Set up the product in a dry place protected against splash water.
  • You will need the following tools for the electrical connection:
    • Crimper
    • 3 different colored flexible connection cables with a cable cross section of 35mm2.
    • Cable lugs and wire end sleeves
  • You will need the following mounting materials to fasten the inverter:
    • Machine screws (M4) with washers and self-locking nuts or
    • Sheet metal or wood screws

Please note the following when choosing the installation location:

  • The SinePower DSP 1312T can be installed horizontally as well as vertically.
  • The inverter must be installed in a location protected from moisture.
  • The sine wave inverter must not be installed in environments with flammable materials.
  • The inverter must not be installed in dusty environments.
  • The installation site must be well ventilated. For installations in closed small rooms, ventilation should be available. The minimum free space around the inverter must be at least 5 cm*.
  • The air inlet on the underside or the air outlet on the rear of the inverter must remain free.
  • At ambient temperatures higher than 40 ° C (e.g. in engine or heating rooms, direct sunlight), the maximum output power of the inverter is reduced. This can lead to the inverter being switched off due to overload.
  • The mounting surface must be flat and have sufficient strength.

Connection instructions for the sine wave inverter SinePower DSP1312T*

  • The inverter must not be used in vehicles in which the positive pole of the battery is connected to the chassis.
  • If a fuse is not placed in the positive lead of the battery, the leads can be overloaded and a fire can result.
  • The inverter must be connected to the chassis or ground for installations in vehicles or boats.
  • When setting up a socket distribution circuit (network structure), comply with the VDE 0100 regulations.
  • Use only copper cables.
  • Keep the DC voltage cables as short as possible (<1m).
  • Use a cable with a minimum cross-section of 4mm for grounding2
  • Maintain the required cable cross-section of 35mm2 and insert a cable fuse (200A)* as close as possible to the battery in the positive lead.
  • Before connecting the AC output line, make sure that the inverter is switched off at the main switch.
  • Make sure that the polarity is not reversed. Incorrect polarity can damage the 1200W SinePower DSP 1312T inverter.
  • Tighten the screws or nuts with a maximum torque of 15 Nm. Loose connections can lead to overheating.
  • No loads may be connected during the connection to the battery.

The SinePower DSP1312T is connected in this order*

  • Connect the battery
  • Connect the earth terminal
  • Connect the 230 V supply line
  • Connect the 230 V output line

Connect several consumers to the SinePower DSP1312T

The comfort sine wave inverter DSP1312T is equipped with galvanic isolation in the delivery condition. For the safe operation of several consumers, it is imperative that a circuit breaker (FI switch) is installed in the socket distribution circuit.

  • Install a FI switch in the socket distribution circuit.
  • Set the grid configuration of the inverter to "TN grid"*.
  • Check the inverter output for:
    • correct tension
    • Phase conductor
    • Neutral conductor
    • Protective conductor

Connect the remote control (optional accessory) to the 1200W, 12V premium sine wave inverter*

  • Only plug the connection for the remote control into the remote port. Incorrect connection can damage the device.

External switch for switching the SinePower DSP 1312T on and off connect

You can use the following as an external switch*:

  • external switch, power supply from the inverter
  • Control unit with relay or transistor circuit (TR)
  • external switch with power supply via the battery (BAT) of the vehicle
  • external switch with its own power supply (DC POWER), e.g. B. from the ignition

Sequence for connecting an external switch to the DSP1312T*

  • Set the main switch to "OFF".
  • Make sure that the connection for the remote control is not used.
  • Set the main switch to "REMO.".
  • Connect the external on / off switch to the terminal with the connection cable.
    Use cables with a cable cross-section of 0.25-0.75 mm2.

Connection of a relay to the SinePower DSP 1312T

You can connect a relay to this comfort sine wave cone with integrated mains pre-circuit, which indicates whether the 230 V input of the DSP1312T is connected
is. So you can z. B. implement an immobilizer so that the vehicle cannot drive off when the 230 V input of this SinePower DSP-T inverter is connected.

Use of the SinePower DSP 1312T inverter

  • Only when you have installed and connected the sine wave inverter in accordance with the operating and installation instructions, set the main switch of the inverter as follows:
    • "0": to switch off the inverter completely and permanently
    • "I": to switch the inverter on permanently (normal operation)
    • "II": to be able to switch the inverter on and off with a remote control (optional accessory) (operation via remote control)
  • √ The inverter carries out a self-test when it is switched on.
  • √ After the successful self-test, the LED of the DSP1312T lights up blue*

power saving mode of the 1.2kW sine wave inverter SinePower DSP1312T

The energy-saving mode can only be switched on and off using a remote control.



* Please observe the operating and installation instructions.