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Mucus-free health food Ehret Arnold 13.a 2006

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how a plant-based and low-sugar diet makes you slim and healthy


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how a plant-based and low-sugar diet makes you slim and healthy


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100% (3) 100% found this document useful (3 votes)
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how a plant-based and low-sugar diet makes you slim and healthy


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Well-tried and highly topical:

Prof. Ehret's mucus-free medicinal food is the healing method that is free of side effects and that nature cares for
People intended because it consists of "living" food: fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, nuts
and seeds! The "slime" he refers to are
the debris that was denatured in the body by


Foods, additives, artificial vitamins and


Minerals arise. With the mucus-free medicinal food

can these accumulations


and metabolic back

to be resolved and eliminated. There is a

internal purification.
Prof. Ehret explains the connections, gives easily understandable recommendations and recipes and clears up medical errors. With almost all diseases


sometimes even with those who are considered incurable) the
Mucus-free medicinal foods help restore health
to win back!

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after Professor Ehret

Prof. Amold Ehret

The mucus-free

Medicinal food

For everyone who gets well

and want to stay healthy.
A way to eat healthily.

Forest houses

Prof Arnold Ehret says: Our life today is one

Tragedy of nutrition. 99.99% of all diseases from
Humans and animals are food-related.
With the mucus-free medicinal food, sick people become
healthy again. It is the only healing method that nature can offer
intended for us humans.
Almost all modern foods are mucus-forming; H. They lead to the deposition of metabolic residues in the body, which in turn lead to all possible
Illnesses leading to cancer and AIDS. Only live foods like fruits, vegetables, salads and nuts are included
not mucus forming. They are also the ones who give the sick one
Helping people get well again by excreting the debris.
Prof Arnold Ehret clearly describes his experiences with himself and thousands of patients.
Fasting is the best way to cleanse the body, but fasting must be done properly, otherwise you can
Fasting does more harm than good. For sick people is
First of all, a transition diet is required that slowly moves in
the mucus-free medicinal food passes over. Prof Ehret writes:
It is a miracle that we defy: Jalscher nutrition and
trot: way too much food is still alive at all.
Everyone wants to stay healthy and get well again,
when he's sick. The mucus-free medicinal food is the healing method that helps you to recover and keep your body healthy!

The findings about the applications in this book

were reproduced to the best of my knowledge and belief. The information is in no way a substitute for the help and advice of an experienced fasting therapist or doctor
or alternative practitioner.
The publisher assumes no liability for any damage that occurs
resulting from improper use of the treatment methods presented, and assumes no responsibility for medical claims.

Table of Contents
Who was Prof. Arnold Ehret?


by Dr. David F. Fastiggi


of the editor

by Fred S. Hirsch

Introduction by Fred S. Hirsch
Short biography of Prof. Arnold Ehret
by Prof. B. W. Child
From today's perspective

by Hans Baumgardt

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Mucusless Diet Healing System
13th edition 2006
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Chapter I.

General introductory

Chapter 2

Latent, acute and chronic

Suffering is no longer a secret


Chapter 3






Chapter 5

The magic mirror


Chapter 6

a diagnosis? - Part One

The formula of life -

The secret of the life force

Chapter 7

The New Physiology - Part I.

Chapter 8

The New Physiology - Part 11

Chapter 9

The New Physiology - Part 111

Chapter 10 The New Physiology - Part IV

Chapter I I.


Criticism of other healing methods



Chapter 12 Confusion in Nutrition - Part I.


Chapter 13
Chapter 14

Confusion in Nutrition - Part 11


Confusion in Nutrition - Part 111


Chapter I S

Ragnar Berg's tables

Chapter 16

Transitional food - Part I

Chapter 17

Transitional food - part 11

Special transition recipes
Chapter 17 Transitional Food


Vegetarian recipes


Chapter 18

Fasting - Part I.

Chapter 19

Fasting - Part 11


Chapter 20

Fasting - Part 111


Chapter 21

Fasting - Part IV


Chapter 22

Stressful nourishment of civilization

and the mucus-free medicinal food that

natural food of humans
Chapter 23

Sexuality - Part I.

Venereal diseases
Chapter 24

Sexuality - Part 11

Chapter 2S

Chapter 26

Elimination through
physical exercise, sunshine and baths
A message for you



About the author




Keyword index

The book Die Schleimfrei Heilkost by Prof. Arnold

Ehret can really be considered a masterpiece.
It is a complete treatise on health. Prof. Ehret teaches that our belief in a natural
Way of life must be strengthened - so that we can become our own
become aware of divine origins. Denial of this
Kinship leads to sickness and suffering. Everybody can
reach the worthwhile goal - pulsating life force at
good health; however, it requires faith and determination - and willpower! The work on yourself
itself is medicine for the soul! Make that yourself
Joy and do something to maintain your health.
We know more about illness than health!
Expand your knowledge of health. Obey
the teachings of Prof. Arnold Ehret, the champion for the
Fred S. Hirsch
Editor of the American edition

Who was Arnold Ehret?

by Dr. David H. Fastiggi
What is the basic cause of disease? Why are degenerative diseases taking in our time of great scientific medical advances
always more to? This is a serious question that the reader should ask
think to understand the nature of disease - its cause and its damnation.
Heart and circulatory diseases
demand more today
Life than all other causes of death put together. Over 25 million people have arthritis
affected. Diabetes claims over 5 million victims and stands
third in western countries as the cause of
Blindness. Cancer has become an epidemic, and the
So far, medical scientists have been fighting in vain
a solution. Why?
The link between diet and illness
is ignored by medicine. For others
however, it means a matter of common sense.
Over forty years, you take about 42,000
Meals to yourself. It is not to be assumed that this is the case
Have an influence on the human organism? The
Nutrition is the basis for blood formation, and the
Blood quality is vital to your cells. Show scientific evidence from around the world
the undeniable connections between
poor nutrition and poor health.

Prof. Arnold Ehret already taught at the beginning of this century, since nutrition is the most important influence
Diseases and their prevention. He brought clarity
in the field of health and introduced the essential
Principles on Diet and Health
Respectively. In our age of medical-technological progress, observance of the laws of nature is essential. Science without these signposts is like sailing without a compass.
Prof. Ehret's teaching of the inner impurity of the human
Body is largely due to low levels of vital substances,
demineralized, refined, with chemical substances
falsified foods of modern civilization
(Factory food). The degree of internal body impurity is inconceivable to the average person. Autopsies clearly show arterial obstruction as well
old feces in the intestines, so that the body is constantly
is in a state of inner impurity. Foul
smelling bloating and bad breath odor are
Signs of contamination.
Biochemistry, physiology and nutrition make it to us
possible, the details of the atomic molecular process
(Molecular biology) as well as the function of
Organs of the organism. We learned about enzyme-influencing functions, the pathways of biochemistry, the citric acid cycle, and internal cell physiology and chemistry
to understand. But that's only half the story.
The observance of the laws of nature is essential to the
to direct scientific progress. Modern biochemical thinking should be based on the essential principles of nature, the truths of which are inevitable
are. So, in order to be healthy, we have to

recognize and follow these principles. One of

The most important principle is: Everything we eat becomes a part
of our body, for better or for worse.
Order and harmony is a result of the laws of nature.
Disorder, illness of the mind or the body, it is
Result of failure to apply these principles that
rule all creatures on earth.
Professor Ehret's direct, challenging and common sense attitude in his teachings is what brings people back to their senses
Thinking can bring. The personal belief of
His work is an outstanding feature of this man, whose uniqueness is recognized only by a few.
The truths of nature are so clear and simple that many professionals cannot and do not want to see them.
Professor Ehret has a very valuable insight into the
Given importance of natural foods and the importance of cleansing the body. Medicine can
take great advantage of these insights.
His writings will appeal to every reader
help you better understand health. The
Laws of nature are inalienable and therefore are Arnold
Ehret's fundamental truths for us today as well
Meaning as in its time.

by Fred S. Hirsch
In 1922, Professor Arnold Ehret completed his now world-famous teaching on the mucus-free medicinal diet. Since Professor Ehret's accidental death, various
medical discoveries notoriety and importance
to which Ehret would certainly have vowed. Examples of these discoveries are the so-called miracle drugs, concentrated or artificial vitamins, concentrated minerals, sulfonamide preparations, antibiotics
and antihistamine supplements.
Another example is the much vaunted advancement that
in arable farming and horticulture through the introduction of chemical
Fertilizers and chemical sprays have been made,
which enable the farmer to double and even triple his yield. The gradual realization of the serious consequences for the soil
and the harmful effects on human
Body through the production of such food
grows more and more. Although man continues to exist and will not be completely destroyed, we must
recognize the limits of what he can endure. Our
The goal is optimal health and a long life without it
In order to make Professor Ehret's work up-to-date, we put
here is a new, revised edition.
Given these developments, publishers believe
to make a consistent contribution to this book. We
would like to emphasize, however, that Professor Ehret
would never have been convinced of a development

which is not the essential basis of his philosophy

observed - d. H. since nature alone is the most important remedy! The fact that most of the so-called
Remedies and cures only temporary popularity
delight and controversial by medical authorities
considered, would certainly have helped Professor
To hear Ehret's point of view.
Professor Ehret studied at well-known universities in Europe and achieved excellent results as a student
different fields of science. Although he is very
good knowledge of German, French and
Having Italian, he brought English to his own
Arrived in the United States by yourself. Despite the
Language difficulties it was soon possible for him to be very
good to express what by its many in english
Language written scriptures is proven.

Fred S. Hirsch
Editor of the American book edition

by Fred S. Hirsch, naturopathic doctor
Professor Amold Ehret, founder and teacher of the healing process with mucus-free food, was born on July 29, 1866 in
St. Georgen born near Freiburg. On October 9, 1922, in
best of life, enjoying the best of health, suffered
he had an unfortunate accident in which he suffered a fracture of the base of the skull, which caused almost instant death.
It was an unusually damp night, with an almost impenetrable fog. The oily streets and sidewalks were dangerously slippery when it was wet. The
fatal accident occurred on the sidewalk at
the entrance to a public garage. Obviously
he slipped on the muddy ground, and when he fell backward he landed on the back of his head with as much force as he did
suffered a fracture of the base of the skull. He was immediately rushed to the Los Angeles hospital, where the doctors on duty pronounced him dead on arrival. The autopsy
resulted in a fracture of the skull base as the cause of death.
From the earliest manhood he was destined to die
To carry out the humanitarian task of the doctor. The disease,
from which he suffered was considered incurable by doctors of the time
designated. That death sentence served before his eyes
but only to awaken his indomitable spirit, what
turned out to be the outstanding character trait of this man. His resolve to heal himself
It turned out to be so successful that he was practically forced by fellow sufferers to help them regain their health.

One could say that Professor Ehret had to become a doctor because of his family tradition. His father was
a very successful veterinarian, his grandfather was a doctor, and
Arnold Ehret followed her example.
The very extensive knowledge of health issues
as shown in the following chapters
he through contact with thousands of sick people who were cured in his Swiss sanatorium, mostly from
so-called incurable diseases. Its clarity in the
Expression, the emphatic, logical representation of
Facts in its easily understandable, compelling way
Art was proof enough that his mind was at its best.
His work has always been his ideal. Financial considerations were not what he had in mind, because his claims were extraordinarily low. Here he was a master who actually practiced what he preached, so there
His extremely humble way of life did not cause him any financial worries. Fearless in speaking and writing
and recognizing nature as its chief judge,
Arnold Ehret moved among the people, clearly distinguishing himself from the crowd, and yet he only carried
goodwill and love for his fellow man in himself. Him
to know meant to honor and respect him - with
getting to know him better meant loving him.
The core of his knowledge is contained in his book The mucus free healing food. Although it's a
Summary is this book in every way
thoroughly. The previous veil of mystery over
Illnesses are revealed in the characteristic clear and concise manner of Professor Ehret! Simplicity is that
The basic tenor of all his teachings because he reminds his readers
constantly remembering that what is not simple and easy to understand cannot be the truth !. All diseases

have only one origin and therefore are names

the individual diseases are actually superfluous. One
Recognizing the diseased condition and knowing how to deal with it
Being able to remedy this condition is far more important than knowledge of scientific technical terms.
In the chapters of this book you will be introduced to a revolutionary, entirely new physiology.
For example: our lungs, not the heart as is mistakenly taught, are the pump and this is done by
undeniable evidence evidenced. The physical, mental and even emotional phases of a natural
Life are explained to the reader in a simple and understandable way.
Influence our being and our state of mind
the body, just as the body affects the mind.
Clear, pure blood circulation is therefore absolutely essential for clear, pure thoughts.
It is often difficult for a sick person to believe. Self-pity makes the sick doubt the divine omnipotence,
because it was precisely he who was affected among thousands of sinners.He knows of others as they are much worse against those
have broken man-made laws that
to be called sins by the church, and yet
escape the punishment of a vengeful god. The sins
against nature are unforgivable and the inevitable law of balance affects each of us. Nothing what
used as an excuse is accepted by nature. Giving up wrong habits is the only kind of sons possible. It's extremely difficult to get too
focus when in pain. From it
follows the need to retrain the mind and brain,
as long as you are in good health and not waiting,
until you are sick. You have to learn how to use the rules
who applies health constructively to keep you prepared

are able to withstand an unexpected illness, are prepared for any emergency.

We need health to be the best here today
to make of life. The Bible tells us: According to your faith it is in you, but in managing your own health, man has in the past 5,000
Unfortunately little progress has been made over the years. He learns how to
Animals feeds, but he doesn't know how to feed himself
Ehret's philosophy proves to be extremely valuable to the thinking man, since the days of pure theory
to come to an end in science.
Old doctrines and beliefs are replaced by provable facts. Prejudice, bias and
Wrong conclusions always stood for progress
in the way, and what the world needs most today is a
healthy, safe, sensible, easy to use
Knowledge of the laws of life. The results of the
World events in recent years have clearly demonstrated the use of pure belief, presumptuous claims and scientific hypotheses in solving the problems of the
Have failed in life.
Everyone is endowed with the power to heal, and
as long as there is a single spark of life left
there is still hope. To have fear and doubt
since you cannot be well, since you are not healthy,
To be happy and successful is unnatural and
will prevent you from achieving your goal and making your desires come true. You will notice there professor
Honors goes out of his way to get you into theirs
make your own thoughts as he very well knows the fact

realized that we basically need to heal ourselves. Just

the knowledge of how to attain excellent health can be imparted. The main difficulty
in many people of today's civilization is there
just refuse to think. They are based on
what the crowd thinks. What everyone does has to be right! The
But reality shows that the opposite is the case
The real principles of healing are simple and it
are few; they are really that simple as the so-called scientific analytical mind tends to
to overlook the crucial points. Youthfulness,
Strength and happiness do not have to belong to those who alone
are young in years. Those who are still young in ~ erlic ~. can also have the youthfulness so much desired.
Never allow the fact out of sight
lose because as long as there is still a spark of life in your body, it can become a bright flame again.
Power arises from the desire for it.
In addition to the formation of slime, Professor Ehret recognizes one
Number of other causes that cause disease. Non-slime foods are clearly labeled. The reader is instructed accordingly. It
There are cases in which, during the transitional diet, scum-forming foods are permitted for reasons that are in the
Chapters are listed. The same food that builds up
can destroy if used incorrectly. Likewise can
exactly this food that normally lives ~. received in
destroy a sick, damaged body, if
it is received incorrectly or at the wrong time.
If you are in good health, then live
You a super-life, the birthright of every human being.

The joy of life may again be owned by the whole

Become humanity.
That was Prof. Ehret's passionate wish!

Short biography
About Prof. Arnold Ehret
by Prof B. W. Child
I first knew Professor Ehret as an author and later as
Owner of a sanatorium and as a lecturer. Now
I value him very much as a friend and as a pioneer of the natural, scientific process for the cure and prevention of diseases. I do not hesitate to say since he is
reveals and has developed what is now the final word in
In terms of health and longevity
He was born on July 29, 1866 in St. Georgen near Freiburg,
Germany, born and was 56 years old. Of his
From his father he inherited the natural inclination and extraordinary talent to investigate causes and causes of events and results.
Ehret received his training at a university. The
A long way, together with other work on a farm with a mediocre diet, brought him a serious one
Bronchial disease. Despite this burden, he passed
the final with distinction. He was most interested in physics, chemistry, drawing and painting. He took an academic course and at the age of 21 became a drawing teacher for high schools and colleges. He
taught at a college until he was called up for military service, but was dismissed after nine months
Period of service due to neurasthenic cardiac disorders, and
he took up his profession as a teacher again. At the age of 31
For years he was well fed and looked good like the others

said, but he had a kidney disease called Bright's

Kidney disease, with progressive physical decline.
To put it in his own words: five times
I took cures to recover, but ultimately became
declared incurable and resigned. Endured for five years
I did a lot of many doctors (total of 24), and part of this benefit was because it was very costly to do
finally to be declared incurable. Physically and
also almost mentally ruined I thought of suicide, but
I happened to hear about naturopathy and became three times in
treated in a Kneipp sanatorium, which brought relief and the desire to go on living, but none
Cure. I've been to five or six other sanatoriums
Treated with naturopathic treatments and tried everyone else
Methods that were known in Europe made a lot of money
out with the result that although I wasn't sick, I wasn't healthy either. At least I learned something
From experience: the main symptoms of my illnesses were mucus, pus and proteins in the urine
as well as kidney pain. Assuming there is a clear one
Indicating urine health, the doctors tried to prevent these excretions with drugs and that
(by protein excretion) lost protein means
Substitute a diet of meat, eggs and milk. The
but only amplified the devastating results. What I
Inferring from these methods seemed to shed some light on the problem: Proper nutrition should be devoid of
mucus-forming foods and protein. My
Treatments deprived my body of some of the
Slime from baths, exercise, etc., but it became
generated over and over again by wrong nutrition.

I was determined to defy what happened to me

Seemed to be tragedy (and it is today for the ~ .most chronically ill people after receiving no from doctors
getting real help). What I made from past
Having learned experience, I wanted to try it out myself:
Wrong food was the cause of the disease and right
Eating could be the cure. There was the vegetarian one
Lifestyle, fruit and nudit, numerous diet regimens, and tips on how fasting would help. I
went to Berlin to study the vegetarian way of life, because there were more than twenty vegetarian restaurants there at the time. My first observation was there
Vegetarians weren't very much healthier than meat-eaters.
Many looked sick and pale. By starchy
I was slowly getting on with food and milk
worse. I took lectures at the university for fr
Medicine, physiology and chemistry. I attended a naturopathic school, learned about spiritual healing,
Christian Science, Magnetic Healing, etc. Me
did all this to try to find the real and fundamental truths of perfect healing.
I was more or less disappointed and went to Ascona to Monte Veritas and tried a radical fruit diet
with the exception of half a liter of milk a day. I believed then that I needed the protein. I set them up
Fruit diet doesn't specifically target my condition, like almost all of them
neither did others and was of little use
from that. Some days I felt good and others I felt very bad, so I soon drove home, returned to the so-called good
Eat as it is from well-meaning friends, relatives
and doctors was exemplified and recommended. I had something
Learned about fasting, but all my friends and relatives were opposed to it; even my former-

ger naturopathic doctor told my sister that there were a few

Fasting days would be disastrous for someone with Bright's Kidney Disease.
The next winter I went to Algiers in North Africa. The
mild climate and wonderful fruits improved
my condition and gave me greater confidence in the
Methods of nature and a better understanding of them. I
got the courage to try short fasts to avoid the
purifying properties of fruits and the climate too
assist with the result, since one morning I arrive
a day when I was feeling good, happened to be in the mirror
discovered that my face was completely different from that of a young, healthy-looking person. But the day I feel bad again
felt the old, sickly-looking face returned, but did not last long. These changing changes in my face impressed me as one
Revelation of nature. I partially had their procedure
figured out and was on the right track. Well was
I determined to research this more thoroughly and
to live more strictly according to it in the future.
An indescribable, previously unknown feeling of better health, of more vitality, greater efficiency, of more endurance and strength came over me and
brought me a lot of joy and happiness in life
be. Not only did this affect the body, but it also took place
a big change in my mental abilities
instead of. Better perception, clearer memory I had
more courage and hope, and most importantly, I got one
Insight into the spiritual that is like a sunrise
worked and threw a light on all higher and spiritual problems. All of my skills were improved, far better than during my healthiest and best youth.

end time. Physical fitness and endurance

gained wonderful weight. I went on a bike tour of
about 800 miles from Algiers to Tunis, on which I
was accompanied by a skilled cyclist who ate normally. I was never behind him, but towards evening
when endurance has been tested, most of the time
in front of him. Do not forget the doctors had me before
called death row inmates, but now I rejoiced
because I could accomplish the greatest achievements. I
enjoyed the joy of escaping the slaughterhouse of mankind called Scientific Medical Clinics.
When I got home again, I proved my ability
and perseverance in doing the toughest agricultural work and in testing my strength, which was greater than that of the well-trained who ate normally. But I was surrounded by friends and relatives
who lived the usual way. I came into contact with professionals who feared that my discoveries might be real principles and that they might be successful. They feared that mine would
Principles and discoveries exceed principles
who practiced it. I was fought and laughed at. So I gradually went back to a normal diet. I hadn't been researching the scientific reasons WHY fruit was an effective one
Slime-forming food was not neglected
and found out because it was during the digestive process
develops something known as grape sugar and
what was called carbohydrates in analyzes.
My experiences, tests and experiments as well as cures
all showed that the glucose in fruits is the most important component of human nutrition, brings the highest level of productivity and endurance and at the same

tig is the best means of eliminating waste

and is the most effective remedy for the human body.
This was in direct contradiction to the nitrogen-protein theory of doctors and scientists and also to
the more modern theory of mineral salts. In 1909
I wrote an article publicly condemning metabolic theory, and in 1912 I learned that Dr. Thomas Powell made the same discovery in Los Angeles
would have. He went on substantial regimens on foods that contained what he called organic carbon. This is the same food ingredient that is
Converted into glucose during the digestive process. With the seeds of these discoveries in mind and
with my experiences i left my friends and
Relatives who with their well-intentioned kindness
shortened my life. Accompanied by a boy
Man who was won over by my experience with me because of his ailments, of which stuttering that
Worst of all was trying a new diet and fasting
to try out, I went to southern France. While
a few months of experimentation I renewed my experiences there that I had made in Africa and believed more than that
always because fruit-eating and fasting are nature's infallible methods of becoming and remaining sinner than
it is civilized humanity.
The results obtained have often been described as miracles,
but were only wonderful because of their rarity. The knowledge that I had gained of the marvelous methods that nature uses to cleanse impurities from improper food and then renew,
Repair and strengthening through proper nutrition
creates that was amazing, but it wasn't a miracle.

The results were particularly important for this comparatively young man who was ten years younger than
I. After a cleansing fast, we made experiments
with all common foods of civilization. Our organs, much more sensitive now, leaned
immediately against these undesirable substances, especially
against combinations of what makes us the most compelling
Proof was provided by the modern kitchen with its mixed diet
and little knowledge of their qualities, which was the main cause of all diseases. 2) 3) It is impossible to know what food really is and its effects too
know before not the body with the method of nature,
Fasting, has been purified. I have never heard that such attempts had ever been made. The facts gained became more thorough and over many years
difficult practice so abundantly proven as my knowledge
undoubtedly the views of others on nutritional issues
far exceeds.
In order to increase our efficiency during exhausting work
try out, we made a trip to northern Italy, there
we hiked non-stop for 56 hours without a break
Sleep without a break and without food. We just drank
something. This after a seven-day fast, after which
we a single meal of two pounds of cherries to ourselves
took. Professionals who heard about it called this one
wonderful test, from their point of view. Where came from
the power for this achievement? Through the nitrogen that
Protein, organic salts, fats, vitamins or
what? After a 16 hour march I made
Squats and arm extensions, 360 in minutes.
Later brought numerous strength tests with athletic
Participants get even better results. All of this after
I had been declared incurable, and my father and
my brother died of consumption. As a full see also: 2) Harvey and Marilyn Diamond Fit for Life
3) Food combination table

When a changed person comes, I longed for a higher one

Experiences, not just physical but mental and
mental. It was the same with my young companion. He
had recovered wonderfully in many ways, only his stuttering hadn't changed. It occurred to me that there
this was even caused by physical exposure to debris. We drove to a lonely place
the island of Capri and made longer fasts there and
took sunbaths for four to six hours daily
Duration in a heat of 49C. We were cleaned so well
since we didn't sweat. On the eighteenth day it became mine
young friend so hoarse that he feared his voice too
to lose. He ended his fast on my suggestion with three pounds of figs, with the result that he was almost
a large amount of mucus out of his for an hour
Neck, and his body cleaned itself in too
other direction himself. His voice was soon restored and his stuttering disappeared and never came back
back. He had achieved what his rich father had in vain
had tried practicing almost every known type of treatment
for him, without even the lightest
permanent improvement had been achieved.
Fasting, since nature's greatest remedy so far has been so
Implicitly applied and so is most of the time
Thoroughly misunderstood as it is very important to get it right
to explain. Through my long experience, myself with
To cure fasting and mucus-free food and by directing fasting cures for many hundreds in my sanatorium in Switzerland for a period of more than ten
Years ago, I can prove with certainty how wonderful they are
Effect and benefit when used correctly.
My first experience brought such beneficial results,
since I perfect the methods used and
wanted to prove. That's why I went with my observations

genes and studies of all phases of life continue. I

made many and very detailed experiments. Then my fully restored young friend left
and me on a long journey. First through southern Italy, where
we hiked and looked almost entirely from grapes
nourished. Then it went by ship to Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, Romania, Austria and home. On
During this trip we learned a lot about the diet, habits, mentality and health of the different peoples,
especially in the Orient, with the result that my belief in the superiority of European civilization was seriously shaken and my belief was strengthened since I was on
The right way was all about excellent health with better mental development and a more active one
and get to know longer life.
In Egypt we saw extraordinary people
Strength and perseverance, most of which ate a full vegetarian diet, but two probably had bad habits - they smoked cigarettes and drank strong ones
Coffee; and yet we didn't see a single nervous or
sick person. To see how little different varieties
and what small amounts of food they ate, too
experienced as they are almost the same foods to themselves
took like their ancestors, showed us the reason for that
Properties of the ancient Egyptian
We stayed in Palestine for a few months, studying them
local customs and the history of past life circumstances, with the result that my understanding of the true meaning of the New Testament teachings changed greatly. I learned since life and the
Christ's teachings were exactly in accordance with the laws of nature. This gave him high intelligence and excellent disposition

health. But then about 150 years later that of the
general hearings of acquaintances was written down, it was written down through oriental expressions and metaphors
and falsified by imperfect knowledge of natural phenomena. What was so incredible
was considered a miracle. His forerunners, his fasting,
his diet and his way of life, like his
Companions, all of this reveals the natural way of life,
which helped him to the best of health without there being any
in need of special divine help. He confirmed this with
the assertion that future generations will grow larger
Perform works than he did, for they would gain a greater knowledge of the natural - God's - unchangeable laws and methods. My present
Book will provide convincing evidence that Christ
Descent, so-called miraculous healings, the apparent changes in the laws of nature, his resurrection
and the ascension was in accordance with the law of nature, but was not fully understood then or now
were. The ignorance of the laws that the
Underlying normal health is greater this century than it has been in all previous centuries.
This is evidenced by the decline in health of the
so-called civilized people, although they are advanced in so many ways. What I mean by
Investigations and experiences have learned and through
the possibilities of mankind again a better one
Giving health is like opening a book with
seven seals. To show the life of Christ in the light of truly natural and scientific and therefore eternal and truly divine laws identical to
our own, inspiration and hope is shared by many
People have joy now and nobody misses it

The other countries we visited revealed stages of development and facts about natural health principles. With more confidence and enthusiasm than
ever before have I continued to improve my health through fasting and better diet. I instinctively understood - and soon proved it - that certain natural, properly prepared foods were not
only generated the highest possible energy, but also achieved an outstanding cleaning effect when used correctly. If they were combined with prudent fasting,
could they prevent all sorts of diseases, yes, they
even heal. This happened individually tailored to the
respective exposure of the patient to toxic waste
- not bacteria! - and their age, occupation, climate,
Season, etc., then you could even use the so-called
Get rid of incurable diseases, and a cure
was safe, assuming there were lifestyle habits and
Age were not too great an obstacle. Right kind
and less food in preparation for shorter or
Longer fasts give the digestive organs a break or vacation from their constant overwork. The
Re-eating afterwards with a selection of the right foods (this is very important) produces wonderful surprising results. I fasted for 24 days
not only with such great, gratifying results
for my physical condition, but also for mine
spiritual and spiritual aspirations since I am full
Enthusiasm burned my friends and others
of my discoveries, experiences and those
Telling results. I couldn't see my feelings
describe and tell them they did all of this themselves
experience what some did. I started my training work with public fasts and lectures,
did twice in large German cities and

Fasting cures twice in Switzerland. I was locked in a room and closely guarded by notaries and
controlled by doctors, without any interference
and connection from the outside. I fasted 21 days, 24
Days, 32 and 49 days in Cologne, all in a period of
14 months. During these fasts and afterwards
I test my physical and mental ability at lectures to prove the value of
what I had learned and experienced. This made me
to guide and advise others to write articles and
to open my sanatorium in Switzerland. Besides
I started with written consultations.
I wrote my first article after my 49 day
Lent in Cologne. It was published in a vegetarian magazine. He described completely new experiences
About fasting, nourishing and curing diseases, about life itself, its joys and its prolongation. It had a sensational and revolutionary effect. He brought me inquiries from all over the world
World, especially from Europe. Health seekers, reformers and medical professionals were soon into opponents and enthusiastic