Bible, which biblically means fame

200 biblical symbols

based on the book of the same name by Adolf Heller

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Preface to the book

of Prof. D. Dr. A. Köberle

Scripture has an immortal life force. This book touches the hearts of all peoples. It has an unchanging freshness over the centuries and millennia. Where did the Bible get this amazing fortune from?

The first response that must be given can always only be: In this book of books the living God himself spoke, and with the power of his spirit he confesses to the present day again and again to the testimony of those who he once called himself as instruments of his truth and his will. The Bible is like a high-voltage system that the living God has placed in this world. The Holy Scriptures do not remain dead for those who long for light and strength with a poor and hungry heart, they shine with glorious clarity.

The imperishable life force of Scripture is not only explained by its unique divine content. The mystery of the Bible, its power, its attraction to the highest and greatest spirits of mankind is also based on the miracle of its language. The divine message has created and given itself a form that is truly equal to the sublime content of testimony.

Our modern speech has become abstract. The imageless, unspectacular, conceptual speech, however, appears thin and powerless, it tires the reader and the listener much more quickly, and above all, it does not stick in the depths of the soul, it only reaches the top layer of our being in the rational consciousness. The language of the Bible speaks in bold, colorful and rich images. This language lives from sacred symbols and signs, the meaning of which needs to be properly understood if we are to find full access to the biblical testimony. Because of this image-saturated abundance, the biblical word penetrates quite differently into the depths of the human heart and can take root there.

The present book would like to draw new attention to the meaning of the bilic symbols. Based on a long-lasting preoccupation with the texts of the Old and New Testaments, it shows us how rich and varied the visual language of the Holy Scriptures really is. Our modern speech, which, especially in sermons and the preaching of the words, is often alarmingly "ailing from the paleness of thought", could therefore learn a lot from studying this book. The reader may disagree here and there on the details of the interpretation. So let no one be deprived of the joy of gaining new access to the understanding of the Holy Scriptures through this contemplative work.

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The first 20 pages of this book can be found here as a reading sample:

  1. Aas = a symbol of distance from God, rot, spiritual death
  2. Field = a symbol for the world, present world system
  3. Eagle = a symbol of height, speed, care, eradicator of evil
  4. Egypt = a symbol of oppression, bondage
  5. Ear of wheat = a symbol of fertility
  6. Altar = a symbol of worship
  7. Face = a symbol for turning, present
  8. Anchor = a symbol of hope
  9. Arm = a symbol of power, protection, strength
  10. Ashes = a symbol of worthlessness, sadness, transience
  11. Aue = a symbol for blessing, benefit
  12. Eye = a symbol for present, attitude
  13. Leprosy = a symbol of sin
  14. Ax = a symbol of judgment, extermination
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  15. Baker = a symbol of the enemy's activity
  16. Bear = a symbol of rage, anger
  17. Barefoot = a symbol of lawlessness, disgrace
  18. Belly = a symbol for lower instincts
  19. Tree = a symbol for man in his natural growth
  20. Cup, chalice = a symbol for presentation, mediation
  21. Mountain = a symbol for divine messengers, alliance
  22. Circumcision = a symbol for purification
  23. Bed = a symbol for rest, refreshment, illness
  24. Lead = a symbol of base, worthlessness
  25. Blindness = a symbol of stubbornness, hardening
  26. Lightning = a symbol of sudden judgment of anger
  27. Flower = a symbol of earthly beauty and loveliness
  28. Bock = a symbol of malice, impurity
  29. Bow = a symbol of power, strength, the unexpected
  30. Born, well, source = a symbol for blessing, salvation, purification
  31. Bread = a symbol for the communication of strength and life
  32. Heat = a symbol of burning, desiring affection
  33. Chest = a symbol of love, community, blessing
  34. Castle, fortresses = a symbol of security, refuge
  35. Diamond, gemstone = a symbol of hardness, steadfastness, glory
  36. Thunder = a symbol for a terrible display of power
  37. Thorns = a symbol of curse and sterility
  38. Dragon = a symbol of tyranny, desolation, enemy
  39. Threshing = a symbol for judicially, weed out
  40. Thirst = a symbol of desire for God

  41. Eckstein = a symbol for example, perfection
  42. Marriage = a symbol for the loving union of God with his creation
  43. Iron = a symbol of sin
  44. Pus = a symbol of envy
  45. Weaning = a symbol of spiritual maturity, inner growth
  46. Earth, loam, clay = a symbol for earthly-carnal attitude, transience, worthlessness
  47. Harvest = a symbol of the aeonic conclusion
  48. Firstfruits = a symbol for the beginning, promise for all others of the same kind, guarantor
  49. Ore = a symbol for judgment
  50. Donkey = a symbol for bearing a load

  51. Fasting = a symbol for renouncing carnal and spiritual pleasures, mourning
  52. Fig = a symbol of fertility
  53. Fat = a symbol of value, excellence, greatness, wealth
  54. Fire = a symbol for consuming punishment, purification, purification
  55. Fishing = a symbol for luring, collecting and winning
  56. Wings = a symbol of care, providence, speed
  57. Fox = a symbol of cunning, malice
  58. Foot = a symbol of change, readiness, message, domination

  59. Galle = a symbol of bitterness, injustice, poison
  60. Sheaf = a symbol of joyful full strength, maturity
  61. Garden = a symbol of care, fertility, joy
  62. Prison = a symbol of violent restraint, sphere of influence of the enemy and disbelief
  63. Vessel = a symbol for corporeality
  64. Scourge = a symbol for spicy dishes
  65. Smell = a symbol of pleasure, loveliness
  66. Gold = a symbol of faith, loyalty, truth
  67. Grass, herb = a symbol for people in their transience
  68. Pit = a symbol for a place of ruin, grave, realm of the dead
  69. Belt, belt = a symbol of justice, strength, loyalty, truth

  70. Hair, beard = symbols for natural growths, jewelry
  71. Hail = a symbol of vengeance and punishment
  72. Hammer = a symbol for crushing
  73. Hand = a symbol for effectiveness, presentation, power, preservation, alliance
  74. Laying on of hands = a symbol for canning, mediation of blessings
  75. Harp = a symbol of praise and thanks
  76. Main = a symbol for rule, leadership
  77. House, hut, tent, building = symbols for the place of dwelling and revelation, body shell
  78. Helmet = a symbol of hope, salvation, salvation
  79. Heart = a symbol of affection, desire, love
  80. Hay, straw, stubble = symbols for transience, worthlessness
  81. Limping = a symbol of indecision, weakness
  82. Heat = a symbol for tribulation, distress
  83. Wedding = a symbol of joy, union
  84. Wood = a symbol of natural humanity
  85. Honey = a symbol for creature kindness and sweetness
  86. Horn = a symbol of power, strength
  87. Hort, rock, place of rescue = symbols for protection, security
  88. Shell, ceiling, veil = symbols for uncertainty, inability to understand
  89. Dog = a symbol of impurity and nations

  90. Hunter = a symbol of persecution, stalking
  91. Yoke = a symbol of servitude, bondage
  92. Jordan = a symbol of death

  93. Camel = a symbol of greatness, impurity
  94. Wine press = a symbol for anger, distress
  95. Dress, skirt = symbols for physicality
  96. Kneel = a symbol of humiliation, submission
  97. Feces, mud = symbols for sin, dirt, insecurity
  98. Cross = a symbol of shame, shame, curse
  99. Crown, wreath = symbols for fame, honor, joy
  100. Kiss = a symbol of homage, union, love

  101. Lameness = a symbol of the inability to walk in a godly manner
  102. Lamb = a symbol for vicarious atonement, innocence, purity
  103. Land = as a symbol for Israel in contrast to the world of nations
  104. Canvas = a symbol of just, holy walk
  105. Loin = a symbol for mind, disposition, origin
  106. Leo = a symbol of domination, violence

  107. Wall, fence = symbols for preservation, divorce
  108. Milk = a symbol for the beginnings of faith
  109. Moon = a symbol for the rule of darkness
  110. Morning star = symbol for an angel prince
  111. Moth = a symbol of destruction
  112. Myrre = a symbol of suffering, bitterness, fragrance

  113. Night = a symbol of distance from God, absence of God

  114. Oil, anointing oil = symbols for God's spirit
  115. Furnace = a symbol of servitude associated with misery and judgment
  116. Otter = a symbol of cunning, shamefulness

  117. Palm = a symbol of victory, peace
  118. Panzer = a symbol of justice, faith, love
  119. Trumpet = a symbol for message, announcement

  120. Raven = a symbol of unclean spirit
  121. Smoke, steam = symbols for anger, impermanence
  122. Incense = a symbol of prayer, worship
  123. Rain = a symbol for mediation of blessings or judgment
  124. Rainbow = a symbol for God's thoughts of grace
  125. Ring = a symbol of authority, appreciation, election, inviolability
  126. Rust = a symbol of gradual decomposition
  127. Ross = a symbol of thirst for battle, pride, lust for the flesh
  128. Tail = a symbol for chastisement, anger

  129. Sow = a symbol of devotion in anticipation of future fruit
  130. Salt = a symbol of incorruptibility, a sharp fight against rot
  131. Sand = a symbol of uncountability, unreliability
  132. Sourdough = a symbol of secret malice, false teaching
  133. Hem = a symbol for the edge of divine sphere of activity
  134. Whispering = a symbol of the grace of the Spirit of God
  135. Sheep = a symbol of defenselessness, patience
  136. Bell = a symbol for external preaching
  137. Ship = a symbol of belief, dependence
  138. Shield = a symbol for cover, protection
  139. Slag = a symbol of reprehensibility, worthlessness
  140. Sleep = a symbol of unconsciousness and immobility in relation to God
  141. Snake = a symbol of cunning, depravity, Satan
  142. Key = a symbol for opening, making worlds and truths accessible
  143. Melting = a symbol for cleansing, parting
  144. Blacksmith = a symbol of judicial power, devil
  145. Shoe, sandal = a symbol for freedom, aspiration, self-determination
  146. Shoulder = a symbol of strength, servitude, obedience
  147. Pig = a symbol of impurity
  148. Sword = a symbol of war, death, ruin, divorce
  149. Lake, sea, water = symbols for nations, peoples, lawlessness, fear
  150. Seal = a symbol for confirmation, certainty
  151. Silver = a symbol for atonement, redemption, purification
  152. Sitting = a symbol for ruling, judging, living, having come to relax
  153. Sun = a symbol of light, life, justice, bliss, Christ
  154. Chaff = a symbol for worthless remnants, passing away and passing away
  155. Rod = a symbol for wandering, belief, trust
  156. Dust = a symbol of innumerability, desolation
  157. Standing = a symbol of awe, willingness to serve
  158. Stone = a symbol of lovelessness, hardness of heart, spirit world
  159. Star = a symbol of abundance, majesty, glory, Christ
  160. Taurus, strong one = symbols for strength, angelic world
  161. Knitting = a symbol for bondage, bond
  162. Electricity = a symbol for conveying a curse or a blessing
  163. Chair, throne = symbols for rule, judgment

  164. Day = a symbol for the presence of light or judgment of God and Christ
  165. Tal = a symbol of fear, fear
  166. Dew = a symbol for blessing, beneficence
  167. Dove = a symbol of purity, simplicity
  168. Baptism = a symbol for going to death, dying
  169. Depth = a symbol of fear, judgment
  170. Animal, cattle = symbols for the natural, the creative and the instinctual
  171. Table = a symbol for supply, blessing, community
  172. Potter = a symbol for the Creator God
  173. Gate = a symbol of judicial dignity and violence
  174. Door = a symbol for entry, entrance into worlds and truths, possibility of service
  175. Tower = a symbol of strength, protection

  176. Weeds = a symbol of satan children, curse
  177. Wither = a symbol for failing, failing, perishing
  178. Bird = a symbol of evil spirit, fear, flight
  179. Foreskin = a symbol of natural malice, impurity

  180. Dare = a symbol of power, strength
  181. Forest = a symbol of carnal and spiritual glory
  182. Washing = a symbol for cleansing from sins
  183. Woman = a symbol for inclinations, principles
  184. Willow = a symbol for refreshment, supply
  185. Wine = a symbol of joy
  186. Wheat = a symbol of divine fruit, Christ
  187. Wave, wave = symbols for impetuosity, instability, doubt
  188. Wind, storm = symbols for the flow of spirit in judgment or grace
  189. Widow = a symbol of loneliness, misery, shame
  190. Wolf = a symbol of persecution, cruelty
  191. Cloud = a symbol for the presence of blessings, volatility, transience
  192. Wool = a symbol of purity
  193. Worm = a symbol of contempt, poverty, being disgraced
  194. Root = a symbol for origin, stability remnant
  195. Desert = a symbol of sterility

  196. Cedar = a symbol of bliss, beauty incorruptibility
  197. Scepter = a symbol for violence, authority, regency
  198. Taskmaster = a symbol of law, angel
  199. Tongue = a symbol for language, creed, testimony
  200. Branch, scion, tzemach = symbols for life after death