When can you call misere in 500

Check when you can see it!
Where is Starlink right now?
Sorry, the newest Starlink isn't very visible at your location during the next 5 days. This might change in the coming weeks, due to changing orbits. The older Starlinks might still be visible (please see below).
Please note, these timings are not 100% accurate, since the orbit of the satellites change often, and without warning. Even if the satellites pass over you, many things need to go right for them to reflect enough sunlight to be seen. I apologize if there are failed attempts. Thanks!
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Actual times may vary by 10 mins. Please let me know if you see Starlink using this page (or if you don't).
Timings with good visibility
Sorry, no timings found with good visibility in the next 5 days!
Timings with average visibility
Timings with poor visibility
{entry.start.time}, {entry.start.date}
{entry.title}, {entry.brightnessText}({entry.brightness}) for {entry.mins} mins
Look from {entry.startDirText} ({entry.startDir} °) to {entry.endDirText} ({entry.endDir} °)(details)
Elevation (from horizon): start: {entry.startElev} °, max: {entry.maxElev} °, end: {entry.endElev} °
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