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Fred Jay

Fritz Jahn
Real name
Friedrich Alex Jacobson
July 27, 1914
March 27, 1988
00014995075 21 works
00015195204 25 works

Songs written by Fred Jay

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
At the station of the many tracksFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Jürgen Marcus1976Covered by Cliff Carpenter and his orchestra
Everyone drives at the same speed on the carouselFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Jürgen MarcusAugust 1975Covered by Cliff Carpenter and his orchestra
Bahama momFrank Farian, Fred JayBoney M.September 21, 1979Covered by (3 artists)
Blue nightFred Jay, Kurt Hertha, Rolf Arland, Tex ShultziegMarkus Wendorf1985Covered by (4 artists)
Bonjour mon amourFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Lena Valaitis1974Covered by (2 artists)
Cindy LouFred Jay, Christian AndersChristian Anders1973Covered by Love and Tears
Crystal ballFred Jay, Joachim HeiderJane Palmer1978Covered by Eija Sinikka
... so he took his guitarFred Jay, Howard CarpendaleHoward Carpendale1974Covered by (2 artists)
Thank you, it was lovelyFred Jay, Ernest Sennhoffer, Egon GoldbergCovered by (5 artists)
...then just goJoachim Horn-Bernges, Fred Jay, Howard CarpendaleHoward Carpendale1978Covered by (7 artists)
The ship of great illusionsFred Jay, Christian AndersChristian Anders1973Covered by (2 artists)
The grand prix d'amourFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Jürgen Marcus1974Covered by (3 artists)
The Tingler sings for all of youFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Jürgen Marcus1976Covered by (3 artists)
This worldFred Jay, Dieter ZimmermannKatja EbsteinMarch 1971Covered by (3 artists)
The stars above meFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Nina & Mike1974Covered by (2 artists)
The world will not endFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Lena Valaitis1973Covered by (3 artists)
You are not the first loveFrank Farian, Fred Jay, Wolfgang KeilhauerGilla + Seventy Five MusicSeptember 1975Covered by (3 artists)
You never catch the windFred Jay, Howard Carpendale, Wilhelm BrechHoward Carpendale1974Covered by Hugo Strasser and his dance orchestra
A new love is like a new lifeFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Jürgen MarcusJune 1972Covered by (15 artists)
A ring with your name on itFred Jay, Joachim HeiderAnna-LenaOctober 1969Covered by Gert Timmerman
A festival of loveFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Jürgen Marcus1973Covered by (5 artists)
Another day - another happinessFred Jay, Dieter ZimmermannLuminizaNovember 1971Covered by (3 artists)
Loneliness has many namesFred Jay, Christian AndersChristian Anders1974Covered by The Air Mail - Orchestra Udo Reichel
A sleeping bag and a guitarFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Renate and Werner Leismann1973Covered by Dillinger's traveling musicians
El LuteFrank Farian, Fred Jay, Hans BlumBoney M.September 21, 1979Covered by (23 artists)
El ParadisoFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Nina & Mike1976Covered by Cliff Carpenter and his orchestra
There's a train going nowhereFred Jay, Christian AndersChristian Anders1972Covered by (10 artists)
Traveling musiciansFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Nina & Mike1973Covered by (9 artists)
Foreign manFred Jay, Joachim HeiderMarianne RosenbergNovember 1971Covered by SaBrina [DE]
Give Me Your LoveFred Jay, Irving Reid, Charles AlbertDon CornellFebruary 1955Covered by The Admirals
I burnFrank Farian, Fred JayGillaMay 1976Covered by Gilla
I'll serenade you todayFred Jay, Jack White [DE]The German national football team1973Covered by (2 artists)
I didn't invent loveFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Jürgen MarcusAugust 1974Covered by (3 artists)
I never promised you heavenFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Tanja BergDecember 1971Covered by Lena Valaitis
I still have sand in my Hawaiian shoesHeinz Meier, Fred JayBata Illic1975Covered by (3 artists)
I only live for you aloneFred Jay, Christian AndersChristian Anders1974Covered by (2 artists)
I know what I wantFred Jay, Udo JuergensUdo Juergens1979Covered by Orchestra Udo Reichel
I would do it againFred Jay, Udo JuergensUdo Juergens1981Covered by (3 artists)
I cried a tearFred Jay, Al JuliaLaVern BakerSeptember 11, 1958Covered by (8 artists)
I Had a Heart When I Came InFred Jay, Irving Reid, Charles AlbertBetty Ann Grove - Orch. Conducted and arranged by Joe LeahyMarch 1955Covered by Betty Madigan - Orchestra conducted by Joe Lipman
I'm born againFred Jay, Helmut RulofsBoney M.September 21, 1979Covered by (5 artists)
I saw the lightFred Jay, Joachim Heider, Joachim RelinAlfie Khan1971Covered by Alfie Khan and the Cornehlsen Singers
I See a Boat (On the River)Frank Farian, Fred Jay, Helmut Rulofs, Gilla WingerBoney M.April 1980Covered by (6 artists)
It's lonely out thereFred Jay, Ralph SiegelThe sweetJuly 1968Covered by Jaimie Vernon
Every color is beautifulJoachim Horn-Bernges, Fred Jay, Howard CarpendaleHoward Carpendale1977Covered by Dieter Thomas Kuhn & Band
KathmanduFred Jay, Dietmar KawohlGlen Moray and The Mantras1981Covered by (2 artists)
Children of the sunFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Nina & Mike1974Covered by (2 artists)
Come back when you're freeFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Tanja BergDecember 1971Covered by (3 artists)
my best friendFred Jay, Dieter ZimmermannRicky ShayneAugust 1970Covered by Henry Spider
Mona LisaFred Jay, Dieter ZimmermannGerd BöttcherJuly 1968Covered by (2 artists)
Monsieur le généralFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Severine1972Covered by (2 artists)
Never Change Lovers in the Middle of the NightKeith Forsey, Fred Jay, Mats BjörklundBoney M.1978Covered by (2 artists)
Nosy RosieFred Jay, Uwe StelzmannJérome1971Covered by Springbok
Oh my lordFrank Farian, Fred JayBoney M.November 1978Covered by (2 artists)
ParisFred Jay, Joachim HeiderRegine1969Covered by Marianne Rosenberg
Plantation BoyFred Jay, Anthony KingBoney M.May 2, 1977Covered by Gina, Dale Haze & The Champions
RasputinGeorg Reyam, Frank Farian, Fred JayBoney M.1978Covered by (33 artists)
Tell her i love herFred Jay, Christian AndersChristian Anders1973Covered by outliers
Don't say once upon a timeJoachim Horn-Bernges, Fred Jay, Howard CarpendaleHoward Carpendale1978Covered by (2 artists)
Give me a life with youFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Nina & Mike1974Covered by Lena Valaitis
Señorita por favorToto Cutugno, Fred Jay, Gerd ThumserMarion [FI]1978Covered by (6 artists)
... and I'm waiting for a signJoachim Horn-Bernges, Fred Jay, Howard CarpendaleHoward Carpendale1975Covered by Dieter Thomas Kuhn & Band
Because we love each otherFred Jay, Tex ShultziegAndy Borg1983Covered by (2 artists)
Who loves you moreFred Jay, Christian AndersChristian Anders1972Covered by (2 artists)
What Am I Living ForFred Jay, Art HarrisChuck Willis with Reggie Obrecht Orchestra and ChorusFebruary 14, 1958Covered by (63 artists)
We don't let ourselves be banned from singingFred Jay, Jack White [DE]Tina York1974Covered by (4 artists)
You gotta moveFred Jay, Ralph Maria SiegelEtta Cameron1977Covered by Paula Koivuniemi
Take me offFrank Farian, Fred JayGillaJanuary 1977Covered by Queen of Japan

Adapted songs

Title Written by OriginalsOriginally by Covered by
A Bridge of LoveFred JayA song can be a bridgeJoy Fleming
Alone (... on the big hacienda)Fred JayAloneTony Marshall
Everything the lady wantsFred JayWould You Be So KindSandra & Andres
Amigo Charlie BrownFred JayCharlie BrownBennyCovered by Dieter Thomas Kuhn & Band
Build your house on loveFred JayThis House Runs on SunshineCovered by (2 artists)
BelfastFred JayBelfastGilla
stay with meFred JayVado viaFrank FarianCovered by Gilla + Seventy Five Music
Everyone likes to take partFred JayVade rétroRenate and Werner Leismann
Then it's loveFred JayInnamoratiPeggy March
You are thatFred JayEres túMocedades
The world has not yet seen thatFred JayGiramondoRicky Shayne
I love to do that for youFred JayQuando m'innamoroFlorian HaidtCovered by Fresi Fresdorf
It wasn't a dreamFred Jay, Joachim RelinI saw the lightAlfie Khan and the Cornehlsen Singers
Your tracks in the sandFred JayLu-le-laHoward CarpendaleCovered by Dieter Thomas Kuhn & Band
Don't think I'm a part of youFred JayDon't Play Your Rock'n Roll to MeTanja Berg
The ballad of Johnny GuitarFred JayLoch LomondSiw Malmkvist
The legend of BabylonFred JayRivers of BabylonBruce LowCovered by (4 artists)
Love comes overnightFred JayDown on the Beach TonightHoward Carpendale
These dreamsFred JayHe Ain't Heavy, He's My BrotherBuddy CaineCovered by (3 artists)
donnaFred JaydonnaHoward Carpendale
Donna Carmela GonzalesFred JayDoña CarmelaBata Illic
Don Pedro's wedding nightFred JayLe temps des coloniesCovered by (2 artists)
Dream loverFred JayDream loverHoward Carpendale
You're thereFred JayReach Out I'll Be ThereGilla + Seventy Five Music
A carriage with four horsesFred JayGypsy and the Midnight GhostRenate and Werner Leismann
Another morningFred JayIt's good to see youRoy Black
Lonely - togetherFred JayOnly the Lonely (Know the Way I Feel)Howard Carpendale
A beautiful dayFred JayNew Britain, St. Mary's, Hymn XLI [poem]Lena ValaitisCovered by Andrea Berg
A southern countryFred JaySouthHoward Carpendale
El LuteFred JayEl LuteMichael Holm
It's about you, it's about meFred JayI'm on my wayPaola
It is easy...Fred JayLe chemin de papaJoe Dassin
The wind of the new time is blowingFred JayThe Beat Goes OnHoward Carpendale
It starts all over againFred JayMaking Up AgainHoward Carpendale
Question after questionFred JayWe're All Playing in the Same BandDaliah LaviCovered by Tommy Körberg
Strangers or friendsFred JayNova Flor (Os Homens Não Devem Chorar)Howard CarpendaleCovered by Dieter Thomas Kuhn & Band
Joy in pleasureFred JayGood old fashioned musicMinou
Go with GodFred JayHere's to youRenate KernCovered by Agnetha
Ginny oh GinnyFred JayGinny Come LatelyBrian HylandCovered by (2 artists)
Go if you canFred JayWho loves you moreChristian Anders
Gotta go homeFrank Farian, Fred JayHello little trainBoney M.Covered by The Gray Chapters (Open Records Studio Artists)
Happy JourneyFred JayWhen you come homeHank Locklin
Hasta mañanaFred JayHasta mañanaLena Andersson
Hot wheels send their regardsFred JayReach Out I'll Be ThereBenny
Help! Help!Fred JayI burnGilla
heart of GlassFred JayHeart of Glass, Once I Had a LoveMarianne Rosenberg
Hey JewFred JayHey JewMark summerCovered by (2 artists)
Honey, honeyFred JayHoney, honeyFlood [DE]
Hooray, Hooray, It's a Holi-HolidayFred JayPolly Wolly DoodleBoney M.Covered by (17 artists)
I plead guiltyFred JayKissin 'in the Back Row of the MoviesHoward Carpendale
I'm thereFred JayI can helpWolfgang Sauer
I am JürgenFred JayI'm not LisaJürgen Marcus
I'm going to be Alice for the next weekFred Jay, Dieter AdamLiving Next Door to AliceAdam and Micky's
I see a countryFred JayLa riva bianca, la riva neraSiw Malmkvist
I want you for me foreverFred JayLet Me Love You Like BeforeSandra & Andres
In ChicagoFred JayIn the ghettoRicky ShayneCovered by (3 artists)
I put my life in your handsFred JayTheme from "Serpico"YolandaCovered by Lena Valaitis
Jambali-jambala-jambalayaFred JayGrand Prairie, Jambalaya (On the Bayou)Thomas Scholl
JohnnyFred JayUomoGilla
JohnnyFred JayUomoGilla
I can never forget youFred JayThat same old feelingTanja Berg
Not a man far and wideFred JayNo woman, no cryGilla
Knock on meFred JayClap Your Hands and Stamp Your FeetBonnie St. Claire and Unit Gloria
Leave me my senseless dreamsFred JaySagapoChristina HarrisonCovered by Jürgen Marcus
Ma BakerGeorg Reyam, Frank Farian, Fred JaySidi Mansour, Sidi mansourBoney M.Covered by (22 artists)
Let's do it in loveFred JayGarota de IpanemaGilla
Don't make life so difficult for meFred JayElenoreRicky Shayne
Girls from ArbanvilleFred JayLady D'ArbanvilleFrank Farian
Mamma MiaFred JayMamma miaSabine Sauvant
Money, money, moneyFred JayMoney Money MoneyTina YorkCovered by Julia Lindholm
Take my loveFred JayDon't just stand thereKarel Gott
You still have plans for your whole lifeFred JayRock and Roll LullabyHoward Carpendale
No me hablesFred JayNo me hablesNina & Mike
Wheel of luckFred JaySpinning wheelTanja Berg
RasputinFred JayRasputinGilla
Rock'n'Roll and ElvisFred JayRock 'n' rollHoward Carpendale
Call toFred JayCall meMarianne Rosenberg
The song of love goes around the worldFred JayLet's hang the moon in the front room, momNina & MikeCovered by (2 artists)
SailorboyFred JaySailor boyChristina Harrison
The time was goodFred JaySealed with a kissBrian HylandCovered by Frank Farian
My heart is bump bump againFred JayPump-pumpFredi & Friends
Señorita por favorFred JaySeñorita por favorChocolat's
She's comin 'backFred JayShe comes todayCovered by Alfie Khan
She was only seventeen (And new in town)Fred JayNew Kid in TownFrank Farian
So close (strange)Fred JayHold onGilla + Seventy Five Music
sunsetFred JayL'ultima neve di primaveraLena Valaitis
SOS.Fred JaySOSLena AnderssonCovered by (2 artists)
SunnyFred JaySunnyGillaCovered by Dorthe Kollo
The WallFred JayThe wallChristian Anders
The WeddingFred JayLa noviaAnita BryantCovered by (18 artists)
Ti amoFred JayTi amoHoward CarpendaleCovered by Dieter Thomas Kuhn & Band
Train to Nowhere LandFred JayThere's a train going nowhereChristian Anders
Next door to AliceFred JayLiving Next Door to AliceHoward CarpendaleCovered by (4 artists)
You hug me, i hug youFred JayOn danse au bord de l'eauTina York
And that's what he called lifeFred JayJ'ai oublié de vivreHoward Carpendale
Wander, my darlingFred JayWarmed over Kisses (Left over Love)Brian Hyland
Why my fatherFred JayPourquoi mon pèreGérard Lenorman
What is happening to meFred JayQuanto é bella leiRoy Black
What can be nicer?Fred JayWhen you've gotta goFrank FarianCovered by (2 artists)
What's over is overFred JayKiss and say goodbyeGillaCovered by (2 artists)
When it comes to both of usFred JayRun to meTom Hagen
Who stands in the waiting room of loveFred JayAnother town, another trainBjorn & Benny, Anna & Frida
Who loves you half as I doFred JaySarà perché ti amoJürgen Renfordt
who of usFred JaySu di noiCovered by (2 artists)
When a Child Is BornFred JaySoleado, Le rose bluMichael HolmCovered by (68 artists)
Why Can't I Remember (To Forget You)Fred JayEven the best day comes to an endSamantha JonesCovered by (2 artists)
As you wishFred JayCome aheadHoward Carpendale
How free do you want to beFred JayForseHoward Carpendale
How can it be otherwise?Fred Jay