Andrew Martin Minister who killed his wife

Andreas Martin: First Facebook statement about the death of his wife

For 23 weeks, Andreas Martin feared for his wife's life. Now the sad certainty: Juliane Martin-Krause is dead. The pop star made a statement on Facebook for the first time.

On June 15, Juliane Martin-Krause disappeared from the family home completely surprising. For months there was no trace of the 64-year-old. Public calls and police investigations also came to nothing.

Last weekend came the decisive tip: Walkers had discovered a heavily decayed woman's corpse in a forest just 650 meters from the family's house. Five days later, the police confirmed the sad news that many had already seen: The body was 64-year-old Juliane.

"We mourn our wife and mother"

Since the disappearance of his wife, Andreas Martin lived completely withdrawn. Updates on his Facebook page were only available from his management. The musician himself never commented on the tragedy. Until now. "We mourn our wife and mother Juliane Martin-Krause. Andreas and Alexander Martin," wrote the musician on Facebook on Friday evening.

His son Alexander also spoke up on Facebook. "Mom, we miss you so much. We miss you, you were the greatest mom ever, you were always there for us and had the biggest heart. You loved the stars and now shine as a star for us. I will always love you. Your son Alexander "

Cause of death still unknown

The cause of death has still not been clarified, and the investigations are far from over. A spokesman told "Bild" a few days ago that Juliane was dependent on medication. The pop singer and his wife were married for 30 years.