South African rappers who are Illuminati leaders

The Daily Beast: How the Illuminati Took Over the Music Industry

The Daily Beast published an article on Rapa's fascination with one of the most popular conspiracy theories: How the Illuminati Stole the Mind, Soul, and Body of Hip-Hop. The magazine briefly sums up the history of the Illuminati together - founded, banned and died, resurrected as a conspiracy-theoretical spirit - and ends up with the question of how the Bavarian secret organization from the 18th century came to be associated with all the pop stars today.

The dumb videos, in which songs, interviews and artworks by various celebrities are searched for hidden signs of membership, have probably been seen by everyone. It's not just - but often and often - about rappers. They also make it easy for the clue collectors. Attacked in Germany Sido and Bushido the popular topic for her collaboration album 23 on. Reacted in the USA Jay Z on the allegations that his diamond hand signal was one Illuminati-Pyramid by feeding it with ever new allusions. Currently calls arrest warrant the conspiracy uncoverers as well as the anti-Semite hunters with his Rothschild Theory out.

Why would rappers do this if they weren't part of a secret society? Where there is smoke, there must be fire too? The Daily Beast explains this with a quote from Jay Z: "Good rap should contain various unclear levels that you don't understand when you first listen to it." The quote is from Jay Zs book Decoded: "Good rap contains something mysterious. [...] It challenges you." So the master is looking for something that sounds funky and mysterious. You can remix old conspiracy theories just as well as you can find drum loops for the beat The Daily Beast.

That the article is the return of the Illuminati Attributing rap goes a bit far. There have always been conspiracy theories. The fact that they are so extremely popular again is less due to rap than to the confusing situation in world politics, mistrust of all institutions in society, the Internet and a lack of media skills. People see that there is a lot going on in the world. They want to know why, but do not believe that politicians or the condemned lying press can give them the answer. You go on the internet and you are faced with an incredibly complex amount of information. And when they are overwhelmed, they throw themselves at the neck of the next best world explorer, who connects the dots to an entertaining picture. Pegida, ISIS, Ken Jebsen, somebody who gives out the irrefutable facts that the newspapers hide, which in fact you have never read.

The story of the Illuminati in rap music starts for The Daily Beast With Prodigys Line "Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body - Secret society trying to keep they eye on me"from 1995. Further quotations come from Goodie mob, AZ, Ras Kass, the Wu-Tang Clan, Dr. Dre, Canibus. Why do you find something like that with rappers?

Rap and conspiracy fans share a distrust of society and its institutions. Why? Rap comes from the edge of society. Anyone standing on the edge has every reason not to be a friend of society and to wonder who is actually responsible for the whole ****** e. Next Chuck D becomes Questlove cited with the sentence that Hiphop's strength lies in providing portraits of real people and tackling real problems up close.

While rappers are good at exposing the grievances, in most cases it is too much to ask for complex, in-depth analysis. The strength lies in tackling problems up close. When it comes to topics that are not very close, strength is usually lost. On the other hand, rappers are less afraid than other musicians to blow out opinions that offend. Few indie bands would talk about their reptilian beliefs as openly as Olexesh.

The article also mentions that this does not apply to all rappers. 2Pac is quoted as being his last album Killuminati called to go with that Illuminati-Tid up nonsense. An interview is linked to the Pac shortly before his death. He had realized what the feeling of wacky conspiracy theories is: they make you deal with abstruse junk instead of thinking about the real problems of society and looking for solutions.

Another anti - ******** quote comes from Talib Kweli - Another rapper from whom one can actually expect complex, well-founded analyzes: "Of course there are forces against you and that's a fact / don't get caught in the distraction, it's bigger than any rapper" (The wormhole). Don't be distracted by fairy tales about reptilian alien creatures. Rather ask yourself how you live your life in a market economy society or what you can do to prevent political figures, corporations and religious leaders using your fear and anger to make you fight for their power interests.

It is quite possible that in 2016 some clever columnist would come up with the idea of ​​blaming rap for the conspiracy boom in Germany. Rappers didn't invent the theories. They show you that they exist and that far too many people believe in them. The credibility of political rap can easily be shattered when rappers throw around hints that sound like they want to go far, blaming the Jews for IS and Merkel reveal as a lizard. The classic that Illuminati, are almost out again. The connoisseur knows pre-astronautics, Deutschland-GmbH and chemtrails. Why has the Bavarian secret society become a classic that only anti-Semitism can compete with? The question leaves The Daily Beast of Rakaa Iriscience and DJ Babu of the Dilated Peoples answer: "There were a lot of organizations that existed. That one [the Illuminati] just happened to rhyme with body, party, naughty and a lot of other things. It sounds cooler than some of the other ones do."“Yeah, Templars doesn't sound cool. Illuminati is way tighter. "