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Chrono Trigger - Guide and Walkthrough

CHRONO TRIGGER Version 0.98 (March 21, 2003) 1. Introduction 2. Characters 3. Walkthrough 4. Side-Quests 5. Techs 6. Opponents 7. Items and Equipment 8. Shops 9. The Seals 10. Story 11. FAQ 12. Credits 13. Copyright 14. Mail me 1. Introduction ==================================== ======================================== 1. 1. First words _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Chrono Trigger, a game loved by many. One of the best RPGs of all time, but which never made it to Europe. This RPG is really unique because of several aspects, it has to be played before. The dual and triple techs are an ingenious aspect, they shouldn't be found in any other game. The journey through time is also fantastic, in no other game that I know it is used as it is here. Two more top aspects are the "New Game +" and the whole 14 different endings. Of course there are also negative aspects to the game, but these are really minimal. One such aspect is the character design on the upper world map. They don't look particularly good, but it's only minimally annoying. There are certainly more, but I can't think of any more. I have to add that I use the English words for certain things and translate them. The problem is that the game doesn't exist in German, the best is still English. 1. 2. Control _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Well, who needs it .. .but i think everyone will be fine with the controls of this game. Nevertheless, for the sake of completeness ... 1. 2. 1. Dungeon, building and other space controls This applies to the controls in dungeons, buildings, or the like. Control pad up = go up Control pad right = go to the right Control pad left = go to the left Control pad down = go down A button = talk to people, operate switches, pick up objects, etc ... B button = walk when moving , answer in the negative to questions X button = open the menu Y button = call up party change screen L button = not assigned R button = not assigned Select = not assigned Start = start / end game break 1. 2. 2. Oberwelt control Affects the control of the world outside of the houses, dungeons, etc ... D-pad up = go up D-pad right = go to the right D-pad left = go to the left D-pad down = go down A button = not used B button = not used X -Button = open the menu Y-button = calls the party change screen L-button = not assigned R-button = not assigned Select = not assigned Start = not assigned 1. 2. 3. Menu control Affects the controls in the menu. D-pad up = moves selection up D-pad right = moves selection to the right D-pad left = moves selection to the left D-pad down = moves selection down A button = confirm selection B button = cancel selection X button = not used Y button = not assigned L button = not assigned R button = not assigned Select = not assigned Start = not assigned 1. 2. 4. Epoch control This is how you control the epoch, the time machine. Control pad up = fly up as soon as it can fly; Move time selection to "later" Control pad right = fly to the right as soon as it can fly; Move time selection to "earlier" Control pad left = fly to the left as soon as it can fly; Move time selection to "later" Control pad down = fly down as soon as it can fly; Move time selection to "earlier" A button = mount epoch; Confirm time selection B button = exit epoch; Exit time selection menu X button = not assigned Y button = open time selection L button = not assigned R button = not assigned Select = not assigned Start = not assigned 1. 2. 5. Combat control This is how you control the battles . D-pad up = moves selection up D-pad right = moves selection to the right D-pad left = moves selection to the left D-pad down = moves selection down A button = confirm selection B button = cancel selection X button = move selection screen up / down Y button = confirm selection L button = not used R button = not used Select = not used Start = take a break / end 1. 3. Combat basics _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1. 3. 1. Beginning of fights An exception to other RPGs is the fact how the fights are started. In other games you can usually not see any opponents, they simply surprise you, appear when the computer has intended it for you. This is different with Chrono Trigger. You can almost always see the enemies, at least if they are normal enemies. These only attack you when you enter a certain point. But this is usually quite large, which makes it quite difficult to avoid it. But the fights give you money and experience points, you need both, so fight as often as possible. 1. 3. 2. Attack time The battles in Chrono Trigger are more action-packed than in many other RPGs. The system can be compared to that of Final Fantasy. Instead of simply choosing an attack, spell, etc ... with each character in turn, there is a bar on the right that charges up over time, at different rates for each character. When this is done you can choose how to attack. But while one is voting, the bars of the other are also charged. And if you are not finished with choosing the attacks, you can also choose the technique or something else of another character. But of course the opponents do not remain idle during this time. They can also attack again and again after a while, but with them you cannot see when the time has come. 1. 3. 3. Attack You can perform the following different actions in a fight: Att. = Attack Comb. = Use techniques / spells Item = Use items If you set "Wait" at the beginning of the game, the game stops as soon as you Comb. or item selected for the other characters and monsters, and you can choose in peace. 1. 3. 4. Techniques The first techniques that you can choose are the single techs and you can easily choose them as soon as it is your turn with the respective character. However, if you want to use Dual or Triple Techs, you have to wait until the respective characters have charged the bars. With whom you choose the technique does not matter, but as soon as it has been chosen for one character you cannot do anything with the others either. 1. 4. Objects _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Here I put the various objects and Objects that you find in the game and with which you can interact. 1. 4. 1. Save points The most important objects in the game. You can save it (what a surprise;)) and heal yourself with a shelter. This will also give you the MP back. They look like a small area full of stars. 1. 4. 2. Chests Various items can be found in the chests. However, they are also hidden in the stupidest places, the better the content, the more stupid the hiding place. They also always look different, each era has its own chest with its own look. 1. 4. 3. Doors What can I say about doors? Actually nothing, everyone knows everything about doors. Well, they always look different, but that was all. 2. Characters ========================================================================== ============================ 2. 1. Playable characters _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2. 1. 1. Crono He is the main character and the hero of the game. You have to play with him most of the time, only at the end you can leave him out of the group. His hair is quite noticeable, it sticks out on all sides. Until the day he met Marle and travels through time for the first time, he lived quite normally in Truce Village. In combat: As the main character, Crono is of course (as is the case in almost all RPGs) an all-rounder. He has decent stats and has useful spells and techniques. He's also pretty fast, which has to do with the fact that his element is "Lightning" (light, flash, electro, whatever you want to call it). His strongest technique is Luminaire, a lightning spell that injures all enemies at once and is quite useful for destroying an overwhelming number of normal enemies. 2. 1. 2. Marle She is the second controllable character. She lives in the "Kingdom of Guardia" (Kingdom of Guardia), in the year 1000 A. D. She has a friendly character and immediately befriends Crono. Since a woman cannot be missing in any game, someone has to take on this role, and that is Marle. In combat: One thing first: It is completely unsuitable for fighting in the advanced game. But that doesn't mean that she doesn't fit into any group. There are many who find Marle absolutely useless because it only serves the purpose of a healer, but can only heal one person at a time. But I don't see a problem in this, because it rarely happens that it is necessary to heal everyone. She is my favorite healing chara. But you really can't use them sensibly to attack, at best their dual techs can be used well, but there are also more useful ones with them. 2. 1. 3. Lucca Like Crono, she lives in Truce Village and is good friends with him. She is a technical genius and builds a teleporter at the beginning of the game. In the event of an incident, however, Marle is sent to another time. In combat: She's a very good fighter, but she's not my cup of tea. Above all, it has one major disadvantage: it is incredibly slow. But she has sensible techniques for that, especially her last, strongest technique, Flare, is interesting. It also has useful dual and triple techs. By the way, your weapon is a firearm. There is still one disadvantage with Lucca, it is too weak. But with their most powerful firearm the problem is solved, the damage varies here, so with a single attack, if you are lucky, they can inflict more than 1000 points of damage. 2. 1. 4. Frog Frog is a .... FROG. Surprise! Nobody would have thought now, would they? *G*. He lives in the year 600 A.D. He used to be human, but his best friend and teacher of combat, Cyrus, was killed by Magus. This then turned Frog into a frog. But he had survived and is now protecting the royal family. In combat: He is not a bad fighter and also has useful healing techniques. But the most interesting are the dual and triple techs. Still, he's never been one of my favorites, there are simply better characters out there. Frog's weapon is a broad sword, ideally even the improved version of Masamune, a legendary sword. He is most useful in the first fight against Magus, where he reduces his defense with the Masamune. 2. 1. 5. Robo Those are really great names ... it doesn't matter, Robo is (well what?) A robot from 2300 A.D., i.e. from the time after Lavos appeared. It is found broken by Crono, Lucca and Marle, Lucca then repairs it and also installs feelings that make him a friendly robot. His series name is R66-Y, his real name, as you might find out later, is Prometheus. In combat: He's not bad, his attacks are pretty powerful, and his multiple heal techs (technique that heals all three charas at once) are quite good. But it has one disadvantage in common with Lucca: its (so-called) speed. I don't like him, he just looks stupid, but that's just my opinion. And that's why I almost never have him on the team. 2. 1. 6. Ayla Ayla comes from 65,000,000 B.C., that is the Stone Age. She is the strongest woman in her village, Ioka Village, and is therefore the "chief" there. Their competitor is Kino, which, if it weren't for Ayla, would be Chief of Ioka Village. In combat: Ayla is the strongest character when you play her for the first time, but over time she becomes weaker, not weak, but weaker. One point of criticism should be noted right away: She only masters techniques, but NOT a single magic. In my opinion, that is offset by their dual and triple techs anyway. They are really awesome. A big plus point is in any case: She is the fastest Chara and can attack twice as often as Lucca or Robo in a longer fight. Well, everything has actually been said now, but I would like to quickly draw your attention to a special technique: Charm. With this technique you can steal ingenious things from opponents, especially bosses. 2. 1. 7. Magus As a child he is called Janus and lives in the year 12,000 B.C., in the Dark Ages. There they experiment with Lavos. When a problem arises, Janus is sucked into a time hole and ends up in 600 A.D., where he is picked up by Ozzie. He changes his name to Magus, and he becomes king of Ozzie and his subordinates. From this he is trained to become a black magician. I'm not very familiar with Magus Story, so I don't explain everything. But one day he will be defeated by the heroes. Later he tries to stop Lavos, but fails. Soon afterwards, but in a different time, you have the choice to fight it or to leave it. If you let it be, he becomes a playable character. In combat: Magus is, in my opinion, the most interesting character. He is a passionate magician and therefore does not do much damage with his weapon, a sickle. He also only masters magic, but not a single technique. You could call it a counterpart to Ayla. The special thing about him is that he has at least one of EVERY kind of magic. He has mastered FIRE 2, ICE 2 and LIGHTNING 2 right from the start, all of his other techniques are those of the "Shadow" element. He may not be a must-have in combat, but I think he's awesome, especially because of his shadow techniques. There is only one opponent he is absolutely incapable of: the "Lavos Spawn" (a Lavos baby). It also attacks the shell with every spell, and that has catastrophic results. 2. 2. Supporting characters _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2. 2. 1. Lavos Lavos is a being from space who hit the earth in the Stone Age, 65,000,000 BC, and crawled into it. There he was waiting to become strong enough to destroy the world, so he withdrew the energy from it. The kingdom of Queen Zeal tried to awaken and control him, and Caspar, Melchior, Baltasar and Janus were sent to other times. Queen Zeal was finally stopped, but Janus took over her work, but under the name Magus. He too was stopped. However, in 1999 AD, Lavos had enough energy on its own and appeared to destroy the world as it was before and destroyed nature. Then he disappeared, but he was finally defeated by the group. 2. 2. 2. Janus Janus is none other than Magus and is therefore already described above. 2. 2. 3. Queen Zeal She is the queen of the "Zeal Kingdom" and with the help of her daughter Shala and some other Lavos tries to revive him, then to control him and thus to rule the world at all times. 2. 2. 4. Shala She is the daughter of Queen Zeal and helps her awaken Lavos. But she only does that because she knows that her mother is very powerful, but Crono and his friends try to help her defend themselves. 2. 2. 5. Melchior He used to live in the "Zeal Kingdom" and was one of the colonels there. In an accident, however, he ended up in another time, namely 1000 A. D. There he lives as an arms dealer. But he helps Crono and the others to get the Masamune to beat Magus. 2. 2. 6. Gaspar Gaspar is the guru of time and, after the accident with Lavos, lives at the end of time and monitors it from there. He hands the heroes the Chrono Trigger to bring Crono back to life. 3. Walkthrough =============================================== ============================ Ok, you wanted a walkthrough, otherwise you wouldn’t read this whole nonsense here. Here you can see a lot of Word pages in which THE WHOLE is described here. Woe to you don't read it completely, the work here is sure to be extremely difficult. 3. 1. The Millenial Fair _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A beautiful world is on Beginning to see. A little bird's eye view of a small part of this world. The next thing you see is the inside of a room. A boy with a strange hairstyle sleeps in a bed. It's Crono, the main character in the game. His mother is just coming up to wake him up. After she has opened the curtains, the sunlight shines into the room and Crono wakes up. The mother says that he was looking forward to Leene Square and that he couldn't sleep properly because of it. Now it should be clear that you should go there. After the mother has gone down, Crono gets up and you can control him. Go down the stairs and talk to the mother. She reminds you that Lucca has prepared something. Talk to her again afterwards and you will get 200 gold. Now go out of the house. You can now go to Leene Square, it's the place with the balloons, or you can get some more gold and a shelter. To get the stuff you go downstairs from Crono's house, to the left, to this well thing and then downstairs.Now enter this house and open the box that you can see on the top left of the screen. Then go up the stairs and open this box too. Then go out of the house. Now all the way to the left and over the bridge below. Then cross the desert down and you will see more houses. You have to go to the far left, and up the stairs, you will find another box. You can also see two black ones, but you cannot yet open them with these means. So leave her alone. If you still want to train before you go to Leene Square you have to go back over the bridge and into the forest where you can also see the castle. Here you will find some opponents, but you do not have to defeat them yet, there is no hurry. Now go to Leene Square where you just run up to the next level. There is a girl walking around there that you have to run into. It loses a trailer, which it is now looking for. Pick it up and give it back to the girl. The girl thanks her and introduces herself as Marle. She asks if she can go, she answers with yes. Now you can do some extra things and collect silver points. You can get them in different ways, but you won't need them until later in the game, where you can easily get them. But if you want it now, here are some options: You could go to the "Hau den Lukas" square on the first level of Leene Square. You can also go all the way to the left on the second level and fight the robot there. It's like a real fight, you can win but you can die, but that will probably only happen if you haven't played a single fight in an RPG before, and even then it won't be too difficult. There are a few more things, but I can't think of them now, I'd rather continue with the normal game and talk to the woman who is sitting on the fountain. Then go to the next level and then go all the way up. Marle now looks at the flowers with you a bit, if you go too quickly she will hold you back. Just wait, she'll say something when she's had enough. Now go up the stairs. You will find a machine and a lot of people here, including Lucca, she is working with her father on her machine, a teleporter. Talk to Lucca, then go to the left podium. From there you will be teleported to the right pedestal by Lucca and her father, who is called Taban by the way. Go down and talk to Marle, who will try it a moment later. But suddenly her follower reacts. Marle dissolves into individual lights and loses the trailer. Suddenly a portal opens into which Marle is sucked and which immediately closes again. Lucca thinks the trailer has something to do with it. Go to the podium with Crono and you will automatically take the trailer. Lucca and Taban then send Marle after you. 3. 2. The Queen Returns _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ You come in a small one Level. Go left, but before you get out you are attacked by three Blue Imps. Just attack, you can't lose. After the fight go to the left, there climb the ladder, go to the left, destroy the two Blue Imps. Then you go further to the left and get the contents of the box. Then go a little to the right, then down and open the box. Then climb down the ladder and face the fight with a new, but weak, opponent and two old friends. Then leave this place. Go to the Guardia Forest in front of the castle and enter it. It's not a maze, but there are two or three ways too many. You just have to fight a few fights, none of which are special, so why not. If you are looking for items go to the right, where you have to fight immediately, win him, and then choose the path below. At the stone above you see something shimmering, stand on it and take it. It's a power tab. If you also pick up the lower light, however, two Rolly Riders appear. When you have the forest behind you go to the castle. There you will be mistaken for a terrorist by the guards until the Queen, Meele, stops her. She says that Crono is a friend of hers and then leaves. You can now move around the castle. When you talk to the king you will learn that everyone thinks you saved the queen. Don't ask me, I don't know what this is about. You can sleep in the castle, do that, you just have to go left from the entrance and down the stairs. Talk to the woman by the bed and you can sleep. Next go to the top right of the king and up the stairs. There are also boxes in the individual rooms. A security guard holds you upstairs and you just have to speak to him and he leaves. Go to the queen and speak to her, she will scare away the maids. During this conversation it turns out that it is Marle, but that cannot be, because it is the same Marle who also lived in Crono's time, but here it is her ancestor. Well, I'll probably confuse you with the talk, so I'll leave it :). We'd better keep going. Suddenly you stop talking, walk closer to Marle and she disappears. 3. 3. The Queen is Gone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Now go the Down the stairs and Lucca is already running towards you. She explains to you that Marle is a descendant of Leene (Now I understand. The real queen was gone before, and Marle pretended to be this) and that she is really Princess Nadja. It also turns out that Leene was kidnapped and that is why Nadja no longer exists. (Your ancestor is not able to father a child and therefore no descendant can arise, logically, right?) Lucca then decides that you both should find her. Well then, continue with the text. You now go out of the castle and again through the forest, then you go left to this monastery. Go to the very front and talk to the nun at the organ. Then you go to the light that appears in front of the pedestal and select it. Lucca now realizes that this is "Guardias royal crest", whatever that means, it is an evil place. The nuns are now turning into naga-etten. Not a tough fight, but probably the toughest so far. Just hit it and they'll go away. Suddenly another appears behind Lucca, but it is destroyed by a frog with a large sword that has just appeared. He asks if you want to help him save Leene, but Lucca says she hates frogs. He is about to go when Lucca stops him and apologizes. Then the frog stays. Lucca asks Crono what to do. You can choose whether you take it with you or not, take it with you, it is a good help. Now go to the organ and press the A button. After some play, a secret door appears that you have to enter, because the first maze is waiting there. If you go to the left and defeat the beasts you will also find a chest. Then go into the door on the far left and up the stairs. Go into the first door and you will find more chests. Go out of the room and all the way upstairs, where you will find a new sword for Crono. Then go back and down the stairs. Then to the right and up the stairs. Go upstairs and into the second door you see. Go into the right passage and then all the way up, where you will find two more chests. Then go out the door again, but before that the three people turn into Gnashers, then go down and down the stairs again. Then to the left and following the carpet upwards. If you go to the wall, the Gnashers won't attack you. Go through the door and save on the little place with stars. Go up the stairs and to the left where you can open the chest. Then step onto the stairs, which are about to turn into a slide and therefore you can no longer go up here. Go through the door, go to the skull and press A. Then go through the door in front of you. If you then go to the right, three Henchs and a Mad Bat attack you. After the fight you have to go all the way to the right and through the door below. Press the skull here too and go downstairs. Then you go up the stairs. Go left and straight into the door. There you will be attacked by some monsters after they are finished you open the chest. Then you go to the organ and play it. Go back through the door, to the left, down the stairs, through the two doors, and into the middle of the corridor where there is a door. Just walk down the corridor here, if you don't touch the enemies they shouldn't attack you. If you have one, you should use a shelter at the storage space, then you save, because you will soon have to fight against the first boss. In the front of the room you will find Queen Leene and the Cancellor. Frog sends Leene away so you can fight in peace. After a short talk, the Cancellor turns into Yakra, the first boss. 3. 3. 1. Yakra No special fight, you shouldn't have so many problems. If you attack yakra and stand close enough to him, he will attack all charas. Its strongest attack is the "needle attack", it attacks a chara. He has about 1000 HP, just attacks with the X Strike and the Flame Toss, and you have him done after a short time. If Yakra is knocked out is Leene comes back to you. She says you should come to the castle. Then she goes again. You can now open the two chests. On the right there is a Mid Ether and on the left the real Cancellor. Yakra held him prisoner to kidnap Leene. If you talk to Leene at the door you will come back to the lock. When the little talk is done and Frog is gone, go to the room where Leene disappeared and go to the glow. Marle then reappears. She was in nowhere, it was terrible for her. Well, what the heck * g *. Marle admits to being the princess and says she has taken a false name to be able to walk around with Crono. She asks if you wouldn't have taken her with you otherwise, answers as you like. Then you can go back to the place where you appeared here, i.e. in the Truce Canyon, where a portal has appeared again. Press it and you will travel through time again. Oh yes, you meet Frog again in the castle, but it's not worth mentioning. Forgot something, Lucca invented a time key with which you can always open the time portals. 3. 4. We´re Back _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ You are back in your time. Marle offers you to come to the castle, but Lucca still has things to do and is leaving. With Crono and Marle you now have to go to the castle. Just like in the other time through the forest, and you're there. As soon as you reach the castle, the Cancellor comes towards you and is happy that Marle is back. He says that they have even been searched for. He next assumes that Crono kidnapped Marle, but Marle defends him. However, this is of no use to Crono and so he is captured. Next, you're in the courtroom. After Crono is brought into the hall, various matters will be brought up by Leene Square, which will depend on whether you are found guilty or innocent. Among other things, whether you brought a cat to a little girl or dragged Marle away from the flowers. In the end it comes to the same thing, if you are guilty you will be locked up for a long time, if you are innocent you have to be behind bars for three days because you knocked Marle over. So, on to the next maze. Incidentally, Marle tries to do something again, but that doesn't work again, she's just a little silly princess to everyone. Crono is led away and later knocked out with a sword. beaten. 3. 5. The Trial _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ So, a new labyrinth awaits to you. First you take the bag on the couch. Then you go to the jug in the top right of the cell to regenerate HP and MP. Then you save. To get out of the cell you go to the bars, then again and then a third time. The gate is pulled up, a guard hits you with his sword against the wall and walks towards you. As soon as he warms up again, you stand on your feet again. Walk up to the guard, stand behind him and press A. You knock him out with your sword. The next thing is a fight with the other guard. No problem. Then go up the stairs on the right and go down to the right to collect a few items. Down the path, in the door. Go to the right, stand behind the opponent and press A. He is knocked out. Press the lever and the grille will open. Here you will find four chests with 2 ethers and 2 mid tonics. Go back again and to the left. An Omnicrone awaits you in front of the door. Bring him down. Go through the door, then all the way to the left and then up to the right. Then go to the far right, further right, to the second guard, kill, and press the switch. Then into the cell. Save the guy in the Giutine there by talking to him and saying yes. I don't know what that’s supposed to do either. There is a mid tonic in the box on the left. Then press the switch next to the grille. Go inside. When you open the box that contains a bronze mail, the decedents come to life and fight Crono. Not an issue, just hit it. Now go back through the two grids, to the left, straight up, and to the left. Through the door, down the hall, through the door. Then go down the stairs opposite on the left and press the switch. In the room there is then a chest with a shelter. Behind the second is someone who looks like a bum, if you press A on him, he becomes a skeleton. Go back up the stairs and up the door. Then you go up to the left. At the left grille there is a hole in the wall that you go into. Now go right, climb down, go left, climb down, go left, climb down. Go into the hole. There's a shelter in the grid. In the room there is also a small hole in the floor that you climb into. In the boxes below are 1500 gold and a Lode Sword. To come back you have to climb the wall that you came down from. Climb up the wall and go down the stairs. Then you go up the right stairs and also the one that follows immediately. Continue a paragraph later. to get directly to the next boss, go to the front of the wall and up the stairs on the right. If you go through the critters exactly in the middle, they won't attack you. Go down the long path and finish off the two guards. Go through the door and you will find another guard. In order not to have to fight, go to him when he turns his back on you and press A. You can do that with all guards. Go up, then left and through the door. Then go all the way to the left, forward to the wall, then up the right stairs. Also up the second flight of stairs and through the door. Get the two guards ready. Go through the gate and the supervisor will try to warn everyone about you. But Lucca is already there and knocks him out. Save at the save point and go up the stairs, then all the way to the left to kill the boss. 3. 6. 1. Dragon Tank This opponent is actually not particularly strong, but don't be surprised if you lose. I usually need a tonic or two for each character. Well, you'll see. The machine consists of three parts, the head, the wheel and the body. The head must be destroyed first, it has more energy than the other two combined, but it heals the rest. Put it down. If it says "Wheel restore energy" the cattle will run over you soon, this is the strongest attack and takes about 40-50 HP away. It hits Crono and Lucca. Missiles sometimes come out of the body, they hit a person, and it is not an attack that is too dangerous. So the order to kill the beast is: head - wheel - body. When the monster is done Crono jumps on his back and puts the sword in briefly, pulls it out again, and while the monster starts to explode he jumps back again. The Cancellor reappears and is agitated. He calls in two supervisors to repair the dragon tank, but just as the three have reached him it explodes and the bridge collapses, the three hold on to each other and form a new bridge. You can go over her and through the door. Open the chest in the next room, then go further down. As soon as you see the door with the two supervisors in front of it, go through. They will chase you, just go to the exit of the castle. You'll soon be surrounded by these idiots, but that's when Marle appears. She's stopping the guards. Suddenly the Cancellor and the King appear. After Marle had an argument with him, she took off her dress and ran out of the castle with Crono and Lucca. The supervisors will then follow you. In the forest the idiots are blocking the way to the left, so you have to go right. There is a gate there, after thinking about it for a while, the weirdos come back from the castle. As soon as you can move again press the gate. 3. 6. Beyond the Ruins _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ You are back in one landed another time. You won't find out until a little later, but it is the year 2300 A.D. As soon as you walk out of the building you land in, you will notice that it looks pretty terrible here. When you enter the building below you can heal yourself and buy items.There are a few people here, too, but they're all in dire straits. They live in the worst of conditions. They have no food, only a healing machine, which you can also use for healing, keeps them alive. This is located on the far left, you just need to select it. Then go out again and past the first building to the ruins "Lab 16" and enter them. The first thing you will notice is the "rat" that is running around wildly. As soon as you touch it, it steals a tonic from you, so bypass it. First go all the way to the right, there you will find a rat that runs from left to right, there is a chest with a "berserk" in it, this item lets you strike normally, but increases the attack and defense greatly . Now go down again, then all the way to the left, if you go up in the middle you have to fight a man eater and two octopods. So go up to the left, where you kill three craters and a man eater. Get them ready, then go right. When you approach the chest above, two octopods and a man eater attack you. There is a Lode Sword in the chest, but you can also buy it. Now go up and then to the left, avoiding the two rats. After the second you will find a chest with a lode bow in it. Go left and finish off the opponents, then continue upstairs. Then go right to the next level. Here you will find three blue paints on the far right. As soon as you go to the right they will attack you, but you can only defeat them with magic, which means you have to use one of Lucca's fire techniques. Once they are done go downstairs. On the far left you will find a chest with an ether, then go to the right. You can choose two ways, with the lower one you have to destroy three Shadows, above a mutant. I'd rather kill the mutant, he's stronger but doesn't have to be destroyed with magic. Then go upstairs and kill the next mutant, then you go up even further and you're outside. Now go into the building that you can reach next. Walk along the path and you will reach some more people. The elder asks you where you are from. When he finds out that you have the lab. 16 he is surprised and he calls the others. Then you can go again and should heal yourself in the Entertron. Then you can buy something from the girl on the left. Then save at the save point. Then go to the ladder that leads down and the elder will speak to you again. He warns you of the dangers down there, ignores him and goes downstairs. There you go up the passage on the left and climb the ladder. Now go right, up, right, up, left to the edge, up, right and up again. Then enter the room. Now go forward and you will be attacked by a monster from a robot who wants to eliminate you. 3. 6. 1. Guardian First destroy one of the two little robots, otherwise they will attack you with extreme counter-techniques. One bit, one of the two small robots, has around 200 HP. Have you killed the two bits you have to hurry, because they will be restored soon. The Guardian won't attack you during this time, it only counts from 5 to 0, and if it says 0 you should wait for the bits and then destroy them. Then you go back to the Guardian, who is defeated after losing around 1250 points. In the next room you will find a lot of rotten supplies. A dead person is lying in front, he is holding a seed in his hand. Afterwards press A again on him and you will read a note that says that the rat has to be caught beforehand, it will tell you what to do. Then open the chest, there you will find a Mid Ether. Then go back, past the room with the Guardian, and chase the rat that is now running around. You have to press A as soon as you touch the cattle, then you have caught them. You then go back one more room. Here you will find a glowing spot, with this you do what the rat asked. Press the L and R buttons together and then the A button. Now you can enter the right door. There you will find three opponents, but you can easily avoid them. If you run forward, but you have to kill the enemy, you will find a box with a Mid Ether. Then go back and up the left stairs. Go to the very front and down the stairs. With a little skill you can avoid these beasts again. Go down, up the stairs, up and through the door. Defeat the Proto 2, then you decide which way to go, if you go straight to the right you will find some opponents in front of you, you go up the stairs in front and then there are no paths for a while. But if you go to the right you will meet two shadows, three rats and another monster. Next you will meet another Proto 2 that you can easily avoid. Then go left and up. You continue the way to the door. Behind it you will find a control center. Go forward and Lucca looks at the headquarters. She finds out where a time gate is, in the east. You have to go there next. But when Marle suddenly presses a button the picture changes and a vision of the "Day of Lavos" emerges, in 1999 A. D. There you can see that a monster emerges from the earth and puts everything to rubble with one attack. That explains the situation at this time level. After processing this message, Marle decides that the story needs to be changed. Lucca agrees and asks Crono if he is too, selects OK when asked. And then you can go to the Proto Dome I, where there is a time gate. Now go back until you are back with the people, Marle gives them the seeds that they have found. You will then receive the "Bike Key" from the oldest, with which you can drive the vehicle in the "Proto Dome 32". But save next, then leave this place and go back to the upper world map. Take the path to the right and you will come to "Lab 32". Enter it. On the right you will find a chest with a mid tonic. Then go upstairs to the vehicle and four Proto 2s will appear. Just as the fight is about to begin, "The Man" appears. It should be something like a mutated giant rat that has somehow merged with a vehicle. It keeps the Proto 2 from fighting and challenges you to a race that you have to win, otherwise you won't get to the other side. Before the fight he will explain to you, if you want, how to control the vehicle, more about it in section ???. Win the race. It's best to use the turbo just before the end. You can challenge him again at any time, but only if you want to. Next go down from the picture. Go to the right on the upper world map and you will see two buildings. Go to the lower one, you saw this on the screen before, it is the Proto Dome. You have to destroy three buggers first, shouldn't be a problem. Then go forward and you meet four more of them, kill them. Then heal yourself in the Enertron. Then go forward and you see a robot just lying there. Pressed A. Marle examines something and wonders what it is, Lucca realizes that it is a kind of humanoid robot. She tinkers with it a bit and realizes that she will fix it again. Marle is afraid that he will attack, but Lucca explains that this can only be human's fault. He won't attack. Then Lucca sets about getting it to work, you have to wait a little. During this time, Marle realizes that the door behind the robot does not open. After a while he gets up and suddenly he begins to spin around in circles. When he comes to, he stands up and asks Marle, whom he calls the Mistress, what he should do. But this makes it clear that she is not a mistress. She introduces herself, Crono and then Lucca. The robot says it is impossible not to name them by the title, but Marle and Lucca make it clear that they hate them. Hence the robot fails to do so. Lucca now asks him for his name, but he only has one serial number, and this is R66-Y. But Marle is not satisfied with that, and so she asks Crono to give him a name. I call him Robo. Marle likes the name and Robo saves his new name immediately. Now Lucca changes the subject and asks why there are no people here. Robo looks around, he explains that there were a lot of people and robots of his kind here. Lucca thinks something bad has happened, whereupon Robo asks why Crono, Marle and Lucca survived. The latter explains to him that they came through a time portal from the year 1000 A. D. They also tell that they found Robo because they were looking for a time portal here. Next they say that the door is locked, Robo tries to get it open, but the energy is too high. You have to go to the laboratory in the north to turn off the electricity. But you can only take three people with you, and since you cannot change Crono and have to charge Robo, you have to choose between Marle and Lucca. With Marle you can already heal them all at once by performing a Dual Tech with Crono. But you can also heal with Robo, but currently only one person per round. With Lucca you can use better techniques to attack. But no matter, choose for yourself. I choose Marle, precisely because of the healing techniques. But you can always go back and speak to Lucca to change. 3. 7. The Factory Ruins _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Now go out of this building out and to the factory, the building above and enter it. You have to go up, but a laser is blocking the way. Go to the computer screen and press A. Robo will turn the laser off on it. Then suddenly an acid will attack you, but you can also kill it with normal attacks, it only has 10 HP. After the fight go right up. There, however, do not go to the left but all the way to the front on the green circular area. It is an elevator that takes you down when you press A on it. Go down the first ladder here and then the left. Go all the way to the left and you will find a chest with a Robin Bow. Then go back and climb down the right ladder. Go down the path and then to the left and you will come to a gate that you enter. Go on the treadmill and run against a Proto 2. You are being carried away by a crane and you have to fight some fights, but these are not a problem I think. After the three fights you will be dismissed. If you go back on the assembly line you come to a chest with an ether, but then you have to repeat the three fights. So when you get dropped off the assembly line, just go straight down and you will find yourself in a new room. If you are skillful you can avoid the bugs. Climb up the ladder on the right and enter the door. Go down the aisle behind it and all the way to the right where you will find a mid tonic. Then go straight into this door by the chest and open the two chests, in the upper one there is 400 G and in the lower one there is a Mid Ether. Then go to the screen and press A, you will see two codes that you will need in a moment. Code 0 is X A, code 1 is B B. Once you have pushed this away, the protos start to run, but with a little skill you can leave the room without having to fight. Then go left and enter the door. Here you will find a chest with a shelter and a second one. Then go left out of the room. Here you go all the way to the window and you will be asked to enter a code. Here you need the two from just now. Press the text away and then press the first code, first press X and then A. The crane will put a barrel on a conveyor belt. As soon as the crane is up again, do the same thing again, but use the second code. Just press B twice instead of X. This will carry the second barrel away. When the crane is back you can go back again. Go out the other door. By the way, if you still fight the Proto 2 in the room, you have to fight against 2 debuggers afterwards. So, get out of the room and climb down the left ladder. Then you go to the far left and go through the door. Get the Bolt Sword in the chest and click on the screen A. You will get a code for later, this time it is more difficult. It reads: X A B Y. Now go out of the room and climb the ladder on the far right. At the point where you can go down or right go down. You come back to the room with the bugs. Go through the door and then onto the assembly line. Follow him, you can also open the chest. At the point where you entered the conveyor belt for the first time, you now leave it and go back to the elevator. On the left side you will find another elevator, you have to go to it, but on the way there you have to have three debuggers