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Berlin-Neukölln: 15 people step on men and throw stones

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7:24 p.m .: 15 people kick men and throw stones

In Berlin-Neukölln, two men were attacked and injured by a group on Sunday evening after allegedly attacking a woman and her child. The police announced on Monday.

According to this, a 31-year-old was standing on the platform of the Neukölln S-Bahn station with her four children and a friend when she was suddenly insulted by a man who was accompanied by another man. The offender then jumped into the track bed and threw stones at the 31-year-old woman and her one-year-old child. Then both groups left the platform, the police said.

A short time later, residents alerted the police because they had seen a group of around 15 men and women beat two men, aged 18 and 20. The attackers are also said to have kicked and thrown stones. The attacked men were the duo that previously insulted the 31-year-old mother. The 20-year-old was admitted to hospital with severe head and upper body injuries; the 18-year-old refused treatment despite pain in his head. A 23-year-old passerby was reportedly also beaten and injured.

According to initial investigations, family members of the woman, who is said to have been insulted and attacked at the Neukölln S-Bahn station, belonged to the group.

6.10 p.m.: Tierpark Berlin opens the first part of the Africa landscape

The first part of an Africa landscape was opened in the Berlin Zoo today, in which in future visitors will be taken on a journey to the distant continent. The enclosures of the vultures, leopards and penguins were rebuilt for this purpose and, according to the zoo, now appear "African". The conversion took six months and so far has cost 1.2 million euros, according to the zoo in a press release.

5.15 p.m.: Man injured with knife at private party

Bloody end of a party: In an apartment in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the police discovered a 46-year-old with a cut on his back on Sunday evening. The police are investigating dangerous bodily harm, a spokesman said on Monday. Accordingly, there are two perspectives on the event: Several witnesses had testified that the man was injured in an accident. A witness stated that the man was injured by a knife.

When the police arrived, there were around 25 to 30 people in the apartment on Graefestrasse and in front of the house, who apparently had attended a celebration. So far, there is no urgent suspect, the spokesman said. The injured man was taken to hospital for treatment.

4 p.m.: Bookings in the hotels in Berlin are increasing slightly

Bookings in the Berlin hotels are picking up again, but still at a modest level. For weeks they were as good as empty or even completely closed. The few guests were usually business travelers who could not postpone appointments in Berlin.

During the Corona crisis, the Hotel Park Inn on Alexanderplatz lit some windows so that they form a heart together: In Berlin, the hotels are now allowed to reopen, but bookings are only increasing slightly. (Source: Zensen / imago images)

Since Monday, tourists have been allowed to stay in hotels and pensions again. This is an important step towards normalization for the industry. "We will never reach the figures for 2019 by the end of the year," said Gerrit Buchhorn, Deputy General Manager at the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga) Berlin, on Monday of the German Press Agency. This is also shown by the numbers for Whitsun: "The occupancy over Whitsun is between 5 and 15 percent." And that will hardly change anytime soon. Because around half of the Berlin hotel industry is made up of tourists from abroad, said Buchhorn. "They're still missing." You can read the whole news here.

3.30 p.m.: Four-year-old runs in front of the car and is seriously injured

A four-year-old boy was hit by a car in Berlin-Oberschöneweide and seriously injured. The child is said to have suddenly walked onto Greek avenue on Sunday afternoon, where a 49-year-old driver could not brake in time, the police announced on Monday. The boy was admitted to hospital for inpatient treatment with head injuries. The police are now determining the exact course of the accident.

2.29 p.m.: Alba Berlin is no longer fighting for European titles

The basketball Euroleague has been canceled. That also affects the professionals from Alba Berlin, who were still in the race for the European title. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the league had been interrupted since mid-March. Now the organizers decided to cancel.

Despite the cancellation, the league guaranteed the 18 teams the right to start the league in 2021. So Alba is back with us.

1.30 p.m.: Petition calls for the head of the ballet school to return

Representatives of the dance scene have started a petition. In it they demand from the House of Representatives the re-employment of the headmaster and artistic director of the State Ballet School Berlin. These were exempted because there was a suspicion of a child's well-being at the facility - reported on the "culture of fear".

The accused spoke of "slander, false allegations and accusations". The petition says: "We ask to keep the State Ballet School Berlin in its current structure!"

12.29 p.m.: Ax attack on Alexanderplatz

Two young men were attacked on Monday night at a tram stop in Berlin-Mitte. Three alleged robbers are said to have approached the 18 and 22-year-old men at around 11 p.m. on Alexanderstrasse and then robbed them, the police announced on Monday.

According to the information, one of them is said to have swung an ax and sprayed another irritant gas into the eyes of a victim. Then the trio fled with their prey, a fanny pack and headphones. Police arrested three suspects, all aged 20, shortly after the attack.

10.17 a.m.: First Berlin Corona traffic light shows red

The R value in Berlin is said to have risen above 1.2 for the third time in a row. This value provides information about the number of people who are infected with the coronavirus. Currently the value is 1.37 - and the first traffic light is red - reports the "Tagesspiegel", citing SPD health senator Dilek Kalayci.

Read here how the Corona traffic light works. If two of the three traffic lights show red, new measures to contain the coronavirus must be decided.

9.09 a.m.: Partly rain today - some sun tomorrow

A dense cloud cover in the sky and light rain showers at times: This is how Monday begins according to the German Weather Service (DWD) in Berlin and Brandenburg. Towards the evening it should loosen up from the Prignitz and the Uckermark. The maximum temperature is between 14 degrees in Niederlausitz and 17 degrees in Berlin.

According to the forecasts of the meteorologists, Tuesday will be cloudy again, but the sun can be seen longer in the afternoon hours. The maximum values ​​climb to 19 to 22 degrees.

8.35 a.m.: Berlin Recycling Volleys flirt with the Polish league

Moritz Reichert from Berlin Recycling Volleys with a ball: The volleys have contacted the makers of the Polish league. (Source: Neis / Eibner-Pressefoto / Archivbild / imago images)

The German volleyball champion Berlin Recycling Volleys is toying with a move to the strong elite league in Poland in the medium term. "Now the plans are more concrete than ever," said manager Kaweh Niroomand to the "Tagesspiegel". Most recently, the capital club had denied media reports about the submission of a license application for the PlusLiga. According to Niroomand, the mind games are now becoming more and more concrete, as the Bundesliga is expected to lose more of its quality in the coming years following economic problems for many clubs.

7.49 a.m.: Berlin clinics could treat Moscow corona patients

Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) has offered the twin city Moscow to treat corona patients in Berlin hospitals. "Our university clinic accepted patients from France, for which President Emmanuel Macron thanked us in a letter a few days ago," said Müller to the "Tagesspiegel". "We would like to help if our clinics see opportunities. I have also sent an offer to our partner city, Moscow." So far there has been no reaction.

7.33 a.m.: Police close dozens of shops for criminal business

After police controls in the area of ​​organized crime, 86 pubs and other shops were closed in Berlin last year. A total of 702 objects were checked - two thirds of them were restaurants, bars and shisha bars. This emerges from the 2019 annual balance sheet for combating clan crime, which rbb24 research was available to. The Berlin Senate wants to publish the balance sheet on Monday.

7.11 a.m.: These Berlin baths open again today

After the compulsory Corona break, eight Berlin baths are opening today. These include the summer pools in Wilmersdorf, in the Olympic Stadium and in Spandau-Süd as well as the beaches in Wannsee, Jungfernheide, Lübars and Friedrichshagen.

However, the usual bathing fun will not yet exist. For the facilities of the swimming pools it is only possible to book online tickets for a certain time slot in advance. The cards cost 3.80 per visit. In order to track infections, visitors are asked for their name and telephone number.

7.02 a.m.: Fire in the S-Bahn workshop

A fire broke out in the Schöneweide S-Bahn workshop early on Monday morning. According to the fire department, a workshop in a warehouse and parts of the roof structure burned on the site. The fire brigade was on site with 85 emergency services. Details were not known at first.

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