How to beat elven anti-magicians


Negative Timmy

What do you do when the parents decide to spend a little more time raising their son? Timmy asks his elves to help him without further ado. He wishes to always do the opposite of what his parents tell him to do. But the whole thing threatens to get completely out of hand ...


Little man - great love

Because Timmy is not allowed on any device in the amusement park, he wishes his elves could slip into the body of a 16-year-old. Does that have consequences?


Tell the truth, Cosmo!

Elves also go to school and have class reunions later when they grow up. Timmy's helping elves Cosmo and Wanda are invited to such a meeting. Cosmo poses as a show-off and reinvents his life. He doesn't even hesitate to pass his wife Wanda off as his secretary. But when the Spanish Don Juan Juanissimo makes violent advances to his former classmate Wanda, Cosmo reflects on the truth ...


The seaweed monster

A day at the beach! That could be so nice, but for Timmy and his helping elves Cosmo and Wanda, the trip becomes a horror trip. School rascal Francis annoys Timmy incessantly, Cosmo and Wanda almost end up in the saucepan and to top it all off, a seaweed monster is spotted ...


Healthy - so what

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to eat sweets all day long? Timmy wants his elves to turn all the food there is into sweet treat. At first it's funny. But then Timmy gets sick, he gains weight and other problems arise ...


Remote controlled

School bully Francis gives Timmy a hard time. One, two, three, the elves conjure up a 'impertinence doll' for him. This doll is always the perfect representation of a particular person. And everything that is expected of the doll, the real person must also endure. However, Timmy uses the doll incorrectly. He quickly has the appropriate doll for every person in his life and does not shy away from manipulating everyone to his heart's content ...


The crime fighters

Timmy worships the superhero Catman. But it can hardly inspire anyone in the real world. So with the help of his elves, Timmy unceremoniously ships the cartoon character into the cartoon series of Kinn Crimson, also a superhero. Too bad that Kinn doesn't feel like a rival ...


A ghost gives up

Timmy's teacher Crocker does not give up - he tries for the umpteenth time to prove the existence of Cosmo and Wanda. But as hard as he tries, it doesn't work. Crocker's gifted lava lamp, which houses the genie in a bottle, is just in time for Crocker. Norm still has a chicken to pluck with Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda. But because Crocker only wants to proceed according to his plans, the two soon get into each other's hair.


The masked magician

There's a street party going on in Timmy's neighborhood. Some homeowners have organized sensational performances. Only the wannabe magician Bicklelini, who was employed by Timmy's parents and whose main job is a teacher, does not go down well with the people. Timmy tries to save the honor of the Turners and makes himself a magician with the help of his magic godparents. The audience is thrilled and Timmy becomes a star overnight. However, the new fame goes to his head. Next, he wishes he was a superhero. But that also calls well-known opponents onto the scene ...


The scavenger hunt

Cupid throws a scavenger hunt for unusual things. The winner may express wishes that are not subject to any restrictions. In addition to Timmy and his helping elves Cosmo and Wanda, other children also take part in the competition with their magic godparents. Timmy goes head-to-head with Remy, who hires Wanda's long-term admirer Juandissimo. Everyone can live well with the result ...


Sister love

After a long time, Wanda meets her dissimilar sister, the television star Blonda. Both women have little understanding of the other's lifestyle. So they make a wise decision: they switch roles. Both learn a lot from it, and Wanda even wins a prize ...


Five days of party

In order not to run into his future bride, the alien Mark Chang has hid on earth. But now his favorite festival is coming up on his home planet Yugopotamia. Mark blackmails Timmy and his helping elves. He threatens them with destroying the earth if Cosmo and Wanda do not make it possible that he can celebrate the festival on earth - just as it is celebrated in his home country?


Bad luck

Timmy visits Adam West aka Catman. He complains that he never had a real childhood. Timmy wants his elves Cosmo and Wanda to give Catman a second childhood. Wanted, done! But Catkid is anything but a dear child. And Timmy soon notices that too.


The birthday wish

Timmy is plagued by guilt. He didn't accept Trudi's invitation to her birthday party. And her big sister Vicky promptly messes up her birthday. He decides to leave little Trudi his elves Cosmo and Wanda for the time of their birthday party. Trudi wants to tell the whole world about her happiness. But rule number one says that no one should ever find out about the elves ...


Uninvited guests

Timmy is to blame for Vicky's home being destroyed. Now his archenemy and her parents move in with Timmy. His and Vicky's parents get along great! Timmy's life is going to hell. Timmy can no longer accept that!


Where is the gratitude

Because Timmy doesn't get the gratitude from his friends and parents that he expects, he wishes he'd never be born. He hopes that with this trick the others will finally realize how important Timmy is and that nothing works without him. But his calculation does not work out.


The island of the unwanted

now it's going to be tough for Timmy. Because several characters from Timmy's many undone wishes want to get back at the boy and kidnap his friends and parents. With the help of his helping elves Cosmo and Wanda, Timmy travels to the Bermuda Triangle on the Island of the Unwanted to free the prisoners. Only gradually does he understand why the figures are so mad at him because of his undone wishes. In the end he can still satisfy her ...


Rescue for Cosmo

What a pitty! Magic godfather Cosmo has a serious problem. His metamorphosis gland, which allows elves to take on another form, no longer works. Now only a transplant will help. But where should Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda get a donor from? They find what they are looking for in the prison of the elf world, because this is where Anti-Cosmo is serving his sentence ...


Zoff in the castle

How do Cosmo and Wanda live in their fishbowl? Timmy would love to visit her, but his godparents refuse. When they are out, Timmy just sneaks into their apartment. And he sniffs around a bit. That has bad consequences ...


Who is planning what

What a sensation: Remy Buxaplenty, the long-lost heir to millions, reappears. Timmy feels very guilty about him because he once made sure that Remy's helping elves disappear. Remy doesn't seem to have annoyed that, because now he's vying for Timmy's favor. He names Timmy his best friend. Cosmo and Wanda appear to be unemployed and are being recalled. A light goes on for Timmy. Remy planned it all ...


Lazy spell

Timmy is responsible for the garbage disposal at home. But Wanda finds out that Timmy has the garbage removed from Cosmo out of sheer convenience. Since Cosmo doesn't really know where to put it either, the mountain of rubbish is now rotting under the house and with it the magic that was necessary for disposal. From this, 'lazy magic' develops and turns everything in the Turner house on its head. This calls for Wanda's father Big Daddy, who is a garbage disposal specialist in the world of elves. And eating cherries is not good with that ...


Timmy, the TV star

By chance, Timmy discovers that he flickers every evening without his knowledge on the television screens of the audience in the elven world. He's a star there because his life is the subject of a reality show. When the producer promises him even greater fame, Timmy willingly signs a contract, the small print of which contains clauses with serious consequences ...


The power of milk

Timmy is training hard for the big burp competition. Thanks to the magical support of Cosmo and Wanda, his mom is making a career as a broker. It is so successful that the family can afford to move into a neat new home just outside the city. Unfortunately, all of the former neighbors already live there and are acting even stranger than usual. Timmy quickly finds out that the well-known building contractor Doug Dümerdom is responsible for the strange happenings in the new housing estate ...


Big Wanda

Wanda is in a state of excitement: Her father Big Daddy has been kidnapped in the fairy world. Nobody knows who is behind it. While Wanda takes over the helm at Big Daddy's garbage disposal company, Timmy and Cosmo go in search of Big Daddy. First of all, they suspect Big Daddy's competitors. But it soon turns out that Cosmo's mother plays an essential role in this opaque matter. When Timmy and Cosmo overhear that Wanda is about to be 'taken around the corner' by Big Daddy's people, things get highly dramatic ...


A tommy for Timmy

Timmy witnesses several times with his friends how beneficial it is to have a big brother. Without further ado, he wants his magic godparents Cosmo and Wanda to have an eight-year-old brother: Tommy. At first the two get along brilliantly, but it soon turns out that Tommy is too perfect - he is simply vastly superior to Timmy in all respects. Timmy wants to get rid of him as soon as possible, but there is a small problem: Meanwhile, his annoying admirer Tootie has a crush on Tommy. The elven rules state that true love must not be disturbed. So it happens that Timmy first has to win Tootie's love back so that the elves can free him from his big brother ...


He who seeks finds

Timmy finally wants to get out of the daily grind and looks for suggestions in the school library. He especially enjoys reading a book with picture puzzles in which hidden objects have to be found. He persuades Cosmo and Wanda to turn the whole school building into a big picture puzzle. Many items are now very well camouflaged. Unfortunately also the wands of Cosmo and Wanda, which cannot be found. Now, of all times, the extraterrestrial Mark appears, who is on the run from his rabid bride Allwut. The terrible alien lady threatens to blow up the whole of Dimmsdale if Mark doesn't finally say yes. Unfortunately, the elves are completely helpless without their wands - and so a feverish search begins ...


Smarter than Smart!

Timmy has problems solving his homework. His father seems to be overwhelmed with that too. But that gives Timmy an idea: He just wants Cosmo and Wanda to be the smartest dad in the world! From now on, homework is done in no time, and good grades are hailing. But the enormous intelligence of Timmy's father is almost doomed for Cosmo and Wanda. The super dad is tracking down her camouflage ...


The F.U.N. academy

At the end of the Easter break, Timmy surprisingly meets his ex-adversary Remy Buxaplenty, who has meanwhile changed schools. Remy reports that he is now going to the elite F.U.N. academy and describes life there in the brightest colors. Timmy is so impressed that he wishes his godparents Cosmo and Wanda to go to this school with his friends Chester and AJ. But at the F.U.N. academy there is no sign of paradisiacal conditions - on the contrary. In fact, it's the worst school the three of them have ever known. Timmy realizes that the insidious Remy took it for granted. Now the friends are forging a plan of revenge ...


Timmy Dorado

Timmy is looking forward to trying out his new snorkeling gear on the beach. But it quickly becomes too boring for him to swim just a few centimeters below the surface of the sea. He wishes his godparents Cosmo and Wanda to swim in the water and breathe like a fish. From then on, Timmy shoots through the depths of the sea like a shark. He decides to use his new skills to pay a visit to the legendary Atlantis. Cosmo thinks little of the trip to the submarine metropolis, but eventually comes along. When his companions ask him why he is in such a bad mood, Cosmo meekly confesses that he caused the downfall of Atlantis at the time. And the city's residents haven't forgotten that either: Cosmo is recognized and unceremoniously put in dungeon. In a large show trial, he is to be sentenced for sinking. There is probably only one person who can help: Timmy, who has to prove himself as a criminal defense lawyer for the first time in his life ...


In the body swap frenzy

Timmy wants a device from Cosmo and Wanda that can help you slip into someone else's body. Not without ulterior motives, of course, because he once again forgot to study for an upcoming school test. At school, Timmy only has to push a button and - whoosh! - it is in the body of the smart AJ. He doesn't notice anything about the body swap and, as always, passes the test with flying colors - as Timmy. The fraud seems to have been a great success, and the reconversion also works without any problems. But Timmy soon realizes that the body swap also has its pitfalls. In the meantime, the apparently suspicious body-swapping machine was discovered by his teacher, Mr. Crocker. When Crocker tries to confiscate the item, he and Timmy swap bodies ...


Yesterday's fun

As an exception, Timmy's grandpa takes over the evening care of his grandson. Although the senior annoys with 'everything was better in the past' slogans, Timmy senses the chance to get rid of his nasty babysitter Vicky once and for all. So that Grandpa is available for future appointments, Timmy is looking for something they could have fun with. Grandpa's passion for old cartoons finally gives Timmy an idea. He would like his magic godparents Cosmo and Wanda to have a world like something out of a 30s cartoon! No sooner said than done: it will soon be teeming with crazy things like dancing cars or bouncing houses - and Timmy and his grandfather enjoy a luxury life as rich playboys. Cosmo and Wanda have a harder time: their wands come to life and run up and away ...


Quickly away from the future

Timmy helps his father clean up the attic. He comes across a book that describes the adventures of a superhero in the distant future. Timmy would love to see this vision of the future with his own eyes - so he lets his elves Cosmo and Wanda charm him into the world of books. At first everything looks idyllic, and Timmy enjoys the fact that hard-working robots do all of his work for him. But the science fiction paradise soon turns out to be a sham ...


Timmy the barbarian

The flu is circulating in the elven world. The sick Binky gets a visit from the squat guardian of law and order, Jean-Claude van Ramme, who tells him a bedtime story. Like everything with Jean-Claude, this fable turns out to be quite martial: It is about the barbarian Timmy, who went out with his helpers Cosmo and Wanda to find Mome's goblet. On the way, the trio encounters strange characters such as the evil troll Francis, the bird witch Vicky and a real wizard. What Binky has no idea: Everything that Jean-Claude thinks up becomes reality instantly - and so Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda have to endure hair-raising adventures ...


It can always be worse

Timmy's teacher, Mister Crocker, was injured while hunting elves and has to be represented. This is done by the incredibly nice Mrs. Sunshine, who takes the hearts of the students by storm with her friendliness. Timmy is also blown away - until Mrs. Sunshine reveals her true identity: She is the dreaded elf hunter Miss Doombringer! With a surprise attack, she succeeds in robbing Cosmo and Wanda of their magical powers. Everything looks like the last hour has struck for the elves. But then they receive unexpected support ...