M300 permobil how to change the battery

Change car battery - guide for do-it-yourselfers


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  1. A thousand answers that are sure to be well-intentioned, but not one of them applies to my question. No, I don't want to change the battery myself. I am looking for a mobile service that will do this in my parking lot. Despite my request, my workshop did not change the old battery. So, less text instead of concrete help.

  2. Sorry, but then look for another workshop.
    My goodness, instead there is complaining in some comment column on some website, incomprehensible ...

    My battery was empty today, I talked to someone who could bridge my car and then I just drove to the next workshop without registering beforehand, where I was never a customer before and today for the very first time.

    And they just changed my battery, hard to believe or ...

    I hope this tip was sufficient for you.

  3. The article is called “Changing the car battery - guide for do-it-yourselfers”. Why did you even read it if you don't want to?