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The hotel

Since the beginning of the 19th century, the Villa Fiorita has risen on the inland terrain of the seaside town of Guilianova, a stately and at the same time sober building, as befits the large country houses of the era. Since 2000, the Oliveri family has transformed this property into a superb setting where you can enjoy the Adriatic whenever you like, as the sea is just a 15-minute walk away. The main buildings of the property, which are surrounded by open gardens with some tall pine trees, stand on a hill outside the city. Its original features and peculiarities have remained intact to this day. The restaurant hall is characterized by a magnificent brick vault, the wooden crossbeams on the ceilings have been completely preserved and the facades clad classic windows with wooden frames, behind which cotton curtains can be seen. Behind the gardens are the swimming pool and the church. The hotel complex has 37 romantic rooms, which are just a stone's throw from the liveliest beaches of the Adriatic Sea.