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Check out this blog for tips to help you get pub quiz questions. So that you can give your friends, colleagues and family the best quiz ever. But ... there is more!

1. Free quizzes:

To help you find ideas for putting your questions together, we have several quizzes on our quiz questions page, in which you can take the pub quiz questions for free.

3. Ordering a pub quiz:

Do you want it to be easier? Are you looking for a pub quiz? The order of a finished pub quiz / pub quiz can easily be done online. You can play a very nice quiz with your group of people via for a total of 29.95 euros. And this quiz can also be played online, for example with zoom.

Organize your own pub quiz

More and more people have heard about it. But most people in Germany have never played one thing before: The pub quiz. More and more sports clubs, music clubs, community centers, cafes and pubs organize this fun quiz several times a year. And why?

The answer is simple. Because testing your knowledge together with your team in a variety of pub quiz questions is a lot of fun. A group game in which the teams compete on a wide variety of topics and with very different pub quiz questions.

But if you want to take a quiz yourself, there are a number of things you need to think about before you start taking pub quiz questions.


Asking bar quizzes about topics

Before you start thinking about the pub quiz, the first thing you should do is determine what are the funniest topics for your group for the various rounds of the pub quiz. This primarily depends on the average age of the participating players. If you're playing it in a nursing home, doing music rounds with top 50 music doesn't make a lot of sense. And with children, you shouldn't include history in your quiz. In football canteens, the majority of participants will be men, while in tennis canteens it is more mixed.

The level of the group also determines the level of difficulty of the questions and answers published. Usually you will find that you have a mix of age, man / woman, people with more and less general knowledge. Then it is important to include something in the quiz for everyone that they enjoy.

Our first pub quiz / pub quiz had the following topics: Sports, Art, Nature, Food & Drink, 2018, Unnecessary Facts, Topography, Film and TV Series, 'All Kinds of' and Music. Very different in terms of topics and within these different rounds we have chosen as many different parts as possible. The pub quiz questions in the field of sport therefore not only consist of football questions, but also questions about 10 different sports. In the meantime we did several quiz questions and also expanded the topic types. So think carefully about what your group wants in relation to the topics and ask your pub quiz questions accordingly.

13 frequently asked questions about our pub quiz

Several times a year we create a new pub quiz and update the older quizzes so that you can order a ready-made, immediately playable and very inexpensive quiz for group games at any time. If you want to know more about it, please click on the picture below.

Topics and subtopics

For each topic, think about which subtopics you can ask questions about. With Food & Drink, for example, you can choose between: vegetables, fruit, snacks, desserts, juices, alcoholic beverages, foreign dishes, recipes, etc. It is best to brainstorm for them. Paper and pen on hand and write down. First the topics and then the subtopics that can be imagined in them.

And last but not least, it is of course nice to have a round of questions and answers to the pub quiz about your own group or club. Example tennis club: Who won this year's men's individual games at our club championships? Who was the employee of the year? How many members does our club have? Or how many children are members of our club?

Types of pub quiz questions

Once you've decided which topics to choose, it's time to dig into the types of pub quiz questions and answers. Our standard pub quiz that we offer is a real general knowledge quiz, but besides the content it is also important

that they are funny pub quiz questions. Laughing is very important during a quiz because people want to be entertained.

Within the types of pub quiz questions you can choose from:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Questions with two sentences (e.g. about a picture): are they both correct, both wrong or is 1 of 2 correct?
  • open questions
  • Estimation questions; this is also a very nice way to ask questions on your pub quiz. The team that has the best rating for a certain question wins 2 points, the team that comes in 2nd: 1 point. The rest of the team wins nothing.
  • 1 to 1 questions; You can have a round in which the teams have to answer questions against each other in a kind of knockout. If there are 16 teams, this continues until 1 team remains. The teams that win (number 1, 2 and 3) then get points. So the team that has the best treasure of the 2 goes to the next round. If you have more than 16 teams, e.g. 18, then you play a kind of preliminary round. From 16 you will automatically reach 2 finalists in a knock-out system. You can do this between the teams or by one representative per team.

A small variation in the types of pub quiz questions is of course the most fun.

Music in the pub quiz

The music round is the round in which you can really create a good atmosphere with your pub quiz questions. Try to play fragments of music on every quiz question, and if you have a few songs with you that can be sung along, you're sure to win! You can easily add a fragment in a PowerPoint. Make sure the fragments are short (about half a minute). You can do this easily with all kinds of music editing programs. For this we useAudacity.

In pub quiz questions about music, you choose whether you want to listen to a fragment and then ask:

  • which band, singer and song you listen to.
  • stop the fragment and let the teams finish the sentence.
  • Mix 2 fragments together
  • play a song backwards

But you can also display just a lyrics or part of the lyrics and then you ask: who the artist is and which song it is. Mixing texts from 2 songs always makes for funny quiz questions.

Last but not least: not everything should be difficult. Some of the ten questions should be easy to answer. But of course there are also a few pub quiz questions that few people can guess. If the music is a little less familiar, consider making it a multiple choice pub quiz question.

A pub quiz without music questions is unthinkable. Always position the music round at a point in time in the game when you want to bring the energy back into the game. Not at the beginning of the quiz, because then everyone is still concentrated, but somewhere halfway, for example.

Pub quiz questions - pictures and videos

A projector helps you to pass on the questions and answers about your pub quiz to everyone present. Some quiz nights easily attract a few hundred people. So it is important that your sound is good (microphone!) And that the players see a screen where the question can be read. Otherwise you will get the comment for each question: “I didn't hear the question” and you can then repeat each question. That takes a lot of time and that would be a shame.

And a screen is of course useful if you want to use public pub quiz questions and answers that show pictures and movies. Visualization makes a quiz easy and also a lot of fun. There are many beautiful pictures and films to see.

Make sure the images are compressed so that your PowerPoint works quickly. Very large images (we mean in MBs) or films can slow down or, in the worst case, not work at all. And that's a big frustration for you as a moderator and also for the players.

Also very important: Make sure that you are using images that you are allowed to use in terms of copyright law. Otherwise, you risk a fine.


You can use pictures to ask many different types of pub quiz questions:

  • Pictures to which you can ask a question: For example: what country is this river in and how long is it?
  • Logo: What brand logo do you see here?
  • partially covered photos: who or what is shown in the part of the photo that is covered? Or what is missing in this photo?
  • zoomed in on pictures: what kind of object is that? You zoom in so far that only part of the object is visible.
  • 4 pictures; which of these pictures is not included?

Pictures can be used in your pub quiz questions, but of course they are also very useful in a pub quiz for completing questions. The funnier the photos you choose, the greater the mood of the people.

Note: Pictures and movies slow down your documents. So decide in advance how big you want the pictures to be. You can also use a free Photo Shortener (Google on it) to reduce the size of your photos.


You can also do fun things with movies.

If you want to incorporate a Youtube movie into your pub quiz questions, you can do so with a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the film on Youtube.
  2. Click on "Share" below the film.
  3. The link to the film is displayed and underneath is the word ’Copy’. Click on it.
  4. Go to your PowerPoint and add the film to your pub quiz.

You can also download a Youtube movie and insert it into your pub quiz powerpoint. It's easy with the website. The advantage of this is that you don't need an internet connection when you play the pub quiz.

Nice questions you can ask about films are for example:

  • What is the name of this film?
  • Name 2 actors who star in this film.
  • Which of the following actors is not in this film?
  • How does this fragment end? Especially in the field of sports, there are of course very nice films to be seen here. But there are also many blooper movies on the internet that are good.
  • What sound do you hear This is a question to listen carefully to in order to find out what note you heard. Teams have to guess what they think they hear.

You can find more sample questions by playing with our free quiz questions, click the picture:

Make pub quiz questions fun and exciting

A general knowledge quiz and trivial questions that not only sound like a lot of fun but are also fun about exactly what you want to achieve with your pub quiz. And that's why there are a few things you can do to make the quiz even more fun and drive the people in the audience crazy. The common denominator is: surprise the people in the room.

  • Using jokers; it's nice when teams can use a joker for a round. Ask the teams to bring a mascot that evening. You can put them on the table for a round so everyone can see that their team gets double points for each correct answer in the pub quiz round.
  • Reduce points: Pub quiz questions and answers usually receive 1 point for each correct answer. But what if you can take 1 point per round from a team of your choice? This way you can slow down the good teams a bit, which keeps the game exciting for longer. And of course it's really nice to see how they react to each other and then slow down the other team by getting a point from them on the next lap as well.
  • Don't give all of the answers to the pub quiz questions yourself, instead walk around the room as you go through the answers. Ask individual players what their team answered there. It creates interactivity.
  • Play a few questions between the rounds. All participate at the same time. The first person to shout the correct answer into the room wins a point for their team.

But the following things are also important for your best quiz of all time:

  • Play nice music between rounds to keep the atmosphere nice.
  • Move between the tables so the players can see and hear you. Get in touch with the people in the room.
  • Ask if they're ready for the next question.
  • Throw in some humor, such as a funny picture from a previous club party that still makes everyone laugh. And then tell them the picture came by accident.
  • When certain players start looking at you weird or difficult, you know it's time for a quick pee break.
  • Let the teams deceive each other. For example, the team that ended up at the bottom of the table in the previous round will get a candy / bonus or whatever you want to call it. This allows you to see the answers of a team of your choice or part of the answers (first questions).

We wish you a super cozy pub quiz

We hope that by now a lot of good ideas have come to mind that you can use to create a super fun quiz with funny pub quiz questions. This doesn't make your general knowledge quiz boring, but it does make it very sociable.

Don't you feel like taking another quiz yourself after reading this one? Then you can make it easy for yourself. You can order our pub quiz for only 29.95. More information about our pub quiz. A general knowledge quiz full of fun questions for your group.

This will make your birthday party or your evening at the sports club a great success.

Play a free training session. To get a first impression of what a pub quiz can look like and how it works, we are offering you a free round of a quiz.

It contains 10 questions that you can also use for your own pub quiz.

The free pubquiz questions can be requested here.

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