What not to wear Tenessa haircut

Corona: What hairdressers are allowed to do now - and what not

Anyone who needs a new haircut can now go to the hairdresser again.

If you look around the streets, this news should make many citizens more than happy: The hairdressing salons are open again after several weeks of compulsory break in the Corona crisis. To ensure that as no one is infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus when visiting, some guidelines apply to both the customer and the hairdresser themselves. COMPUTER BILD will tell you what you have to be prepared for.

Mask compulsory for customers and hairdressers

Probably the most conspicuous measure to minimize risk: When operating, the hairdresser and customers must wear mouth and nose protection. The customer can bring it himself, but the salons will probably also provide one. There shouldn't be any problems with cutting, says Jörg Müller, General Manager of the Central Association of the German Hairdressing Trade. If necessary, the loops can be briefly removed from the ear. The customer could hold onto it during this time so that the mouthguard does not fall off.

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Visits to the hairdresser from now on without a drink

Another measure that is likely to reduce customer comfort: From now on, drinks may no longer be offered when visiting the hairdresser. If you want to have a new haircut, you have to bring your own drink with you in case of emergency until further notice. Reading a magazine while cutting your hair or blow-drying, however, is allowed - it can be made available "subject to hygiene requirements".

Services close to the face are prohibited

A much more drastic regulation for the hairdressing trade is, however, that it is not allowed to offer all services. According to the new protection standard, all "facial services such as eyebrow and eyelash tinting, shaving and beard care [...]" are currently not permitted. The latter mainly affects the so-called "barber" shops, which are often specialized in beard care. You can currently only offer men's haircuts. From now on it is also mandatory to wash your hair in the salon. This is to kill possible viruses in the hair.

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Hairdressing trade announces price increases

Most customers are really bothered by the fact that a visit to the hairdresser is becoming more expensive due to the regulations passed. After all, the measures in the new protection standard mean additional expenditure of time for the companies. Furthermore, hairdressing salons have to spend more money on protective equipment such as disposable gloves, masks and disinfectants. According to the central association, all of this leads to a moderate increase in prices. Most customers are happy to pay them if they can go through everyday life healthy and good-looking. (With material from the dpa.)

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