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We are made up of light and shadow

Last update: 23 May, 2018

Light and shadow are our constant companions and fill our inner being. They are part of who we are and what we don't want to be. You are what we can be in the future. Light and shadow, that is the battle between what we recognize and what we avoid. What we let into our lives, what we ignore and what we don't want to see. And in this small but complicated balancing act, we try to live our lives without anyone telling us anything.

Our intuition tells us that the balance between what we know and what we don't want to know is difficult to achieve. In order to be able to live with ourselves, we have to be able to accept the truth. We are made of light and shadow. So there will always be parts of us that we don't want to accept.

Get to know our light and our shadows

Accepting the darker sides of our life can be painful, but at the same time it can also mean growth, change, and self-acceptance. This means that we should get to know ourselves and develop a healthy sense of self. Not everything is light, but the lights are still shining in our lives. Sometimes they even blind us and the shadows give us the answers we are looking for.

“It is not possible to awaken your conscience without pain. People are able to do anything, however absurd it may seem, to avoid having to face their own souls. Nobody is enlightened by fantasizing about figures of light, but by becoming aware of their dark side. "

Carl Gustav Jung

Do you know your own shadows

Carl Gustav Jung defined our shadows as the combination of frustration, shameful or painful experiences, fears and insecurities that are in our subconscious. These shadows contain all the negative aspects of our personality that our ego cannot always accept. Because of this, they can actually prevent us from living and expressing our true feelings.

Evil, selfishness, envy, cowardice, jealousy, greed and many of our emotions and fears are variants of the shadows that lurk within us. We often become aware of them when they lead us into conflict with other people. On other occasions, they show up in feelings of guilt or even inexplicable bouts of sadness. In the end, we don't even recognize the image we're conveying to others.

We are programmed from childhood to hide our mistakes, our despair, and every negative aspect of our life. We are able to project these shadows onto others because we do not want to accept that these feelings, thoughts or ideas belong to us.

But it is human to have these shadows within us, just as we keep our light at the same time. Light and shadow go hand in hand.

“A man who has not gone through Hell because of his passions has never overcome them. As far as we can tell, the only purpose of human existence is to shed some light on the darkness of our being. "

Carl Gustav Jung

Have you ever been blinded by your own light?

The light that we are made of, the lights that surround us and emanate from our inner being, are all these qualities, virtues, emotions, behaviors or desires that we like to show others. How easy it is to wear them like a mask all the time, as if they were our only true identity. We want to be heroes, intelligent, understanding, sociable, brave. We choose how we want to introduce ourselves to others around us so that this impression is conveyed.

In this day and age, the lights of our personality shine through more and more our appearance in social networks on. We live a second life in which the shadows not only hide, but do not even exist. What at first seems like a good thing and protects us from the misery of our lives actually becomes the epicenter of the expression of modern day narcissism.

We let our own light blind us. We are so obsessed with thinking that they are the only way to express ourselves to the outside world that we stop being human.

That is why it is so important to know what our shadows are. They help us to maintain an inner balance. We are fallible, we feel jealousy, envy, or guilt, but we also rebuild. We are human and accept the true reality, and not a fictional work that helps us develop healthy self-esteem and lead a better and more fulfilling life.

Therefore do not deny your shadows, but accept them. Do not blind yourself with the lights - pay attention to your inner balance.

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