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Dog owners who use Innotek Automatic No-Bark Collars will have peace when they endorse this product because of its limited lifetime warranty, customer service, and free professional training. In the event that the covenant malfunctions, the consumer can more easily follow troubleshooting steps located in the product manual to repair the problem. However, if these steps fail to attach the collar, Innotek advises against product owners attempting to disassemble or repair any internal components or system. Interventions in the construction of the product or the EDP circuit would lead to the guarantee in full. What you
Innotek No-Bark Collar Product Guide
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Charge the battery to ensure that it will not malfunction as a result of a weak battery.

Adjust the collar to make sure it fits your dog correctly. It should be tight enough that you can fit one finger snugly between your dog's neck and the collar

Pull the probes on the collar; . Then your dog's collar. Check to see if the probes are in contact with the dog's skin. Two sizes of the probes are collared to fit short or long haired dogs. Trim the dog's hair around the probes if the hair interferes with good skin contact.

Remove any extra collar or metal tags on your dog to reduce the possibility of interference while carrying the Innotek collar.

Remove the dog's collar, and test it by lightly rubbing the metal probes on a hard nonglass surface. If the solid red LED is on, the system is working properly.

Call Innotek Customer Service at 1-800-826-5527 if you are still having trouble with your collar.