What is the cool stuff made of

What kind of fabric is beaver?


What is beaver bedding made of? Mostly made of cotton that has been processed into beaver.

Where does the name beaver bed linen come from? Because of the thick, fluffy structure and the dense weave, the fabric probably got its name from the cute little beaver. This has a dense fur that protects it from cooling down in its habitat, the water.

The material beaver is made of cotton and roughenedto make it feel fluffier and gain thickness. The process of roughening is called fulling. It can be roughened on one or both sides. Because the material is similar to flannel, one sometimes hears the term cotton flannel in this context. Some flannel products are made from beaver, which adds to the confusion. The difference is that flannel is woven with finer threads and is therefore lighter. One speaks of Fine plain linen, then the cover is even softer and more cuddly.

What are the characteristics of a beaver?

The textile feels thick and fluffy, which is why it creates a warm feeling. For these reasons it is used with preference for the manufacture of winter clothing or Winter bedding used. Flannel shirts made from cotton are also made from beaver fabric. One should not be misled by the name.

Beaver stands out for its excellent moisture absorption which he gives back to the environment. It is therefore breathable and absorbs moisture even though it retains heat.

How can you wash beaver bedding?

When washing, you should pay attention to the following:

  • The cover can be turned inside out and with the zipper closed 60 ° C can be washed in the washing machine.
  • It can be used in the dryer.
  • Even if iron is possible in principle, it is not necessary.
  • Delicates detergent with optical Brightening shouldn't be used.
  • From one dry cleaning one should also refrain.

With the right care, beaver bed linen has a long life ahead of it and will serve as a loyal companion for many years. You will find a particularly large range of Biber bed linen from the manufacturer Biberna.

Production methods of beaver fabric

There are two methods of making beaver: twill weave or plain weave. The first method was mainly used earlier and the second is the more common today. Typical for the Twill weave is the sloping ridge.

Beaver fabric can be woven with the same or uneven weave. Identical means that the front and back are the same. Unequal means that the pages look different. In the Plain weave the pages always look the same.