When is Dayz coming out on ps4

DayZ: versions for PS4 and Xbox One still 2014?

If Dean Hall has its way, “DayZ” will be released in 2014 on PS4 and Xbox One.

The days of "DayZ" creator Dean Hall at the Czech developer Bohemia Interactive are numbered. The New Zealander is returning home at the end of the year to set up his own development studio. Until then, however, he still has some plans. As Hall explained in an interview with a trade magazine, “DayZ” for PC, which is still in the early access phase, should be ready this year. For this purpose, the game was recently ported to a new engine with DirectX 10 and 11 support. At the same time, Hall assumes that the console versions of the game could also become a reality in 2014. However, he does not want to publish this under any circumstances before the PC version is finished. Sounds like a tight schedule.

Especially since Hall wants to use the hardware of the new consoles to the full and use the individual advantages of the individual platforms to give each version a special look. He says the public has not yet seen the full potential of the PS4 and Xbox One. Especially in the multiplayer area, Sony and Microsoft have exciting approaches up their sleeves, but they are not allowed to talk about. Hall believes that the console manufacturers are currently trying to bring the benefits of the PC to their daddel boxes, which he welcomes very much. He finds the possibility of potential early access programs particularly exciting, as it is important to him to be able to offer “DayZ” on the console as a further developing service.

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