What †‹вЂ‹ element is the pencil lead made of

The pencil

The manufacture of colored leads

Colored leads consist of color pigments, fats, waxes, binders and mineral fillers such as talc or finely ground kaolin. As with the graphite lead, the quality of colored leads depends on the fineness of the ground material, but above all on the proportion and quality of the pigments. A high proportion of pigments leads to a higher quality lead and a better color spread. After mixing, the mixture is also pressed through a die in the form of a lead and the leads are cut to the appropriate length. In contrast to graphite leads, colored leads are not burned, but dried in drying ovens. The colored leads are also given a hot fat bath to improve their sliding properties.

For the production of pencils and colored pencils, grooves are first milled in two wooden plates, according to the diameter of the lead. The leads are placed between the two panels and all glued together and pressed together until completely hardened. Then the individual pins are sawed up and given their external shape on planing machines: round, triangular, hexagonal or oval. The pens are then further refined, polished, painted in color, some with dip caps or lacquer rings. Today, many pens are also processed unpainted. when the pen is finished, it is provided with a company imprint, sharpened and packed in boxes or cases.