How to make nipa palm sugar

How to make tamarind sauce

Tamarind sauce

Serves NA Chefs in 10 minutes. Difficulty Easy

Making tamarind sauce from scratch is a tedious overnight process. This is my quick and easy shortcut to creating a simple, tasty sauce. Sweet and slightly sour.

I use this sauce very often in my Khao Lak Thai cooking class. It is one of the most important ingredients in classic Thai cuisine, like pad thai. You can also use it to add a nice Thai flavor to favorite western dishes. A cook friend uses it to glaze ribs and fish.

Most of the ingredients for my tamarind sauce should be available at most good supermarkets, although you may need to get an item or two from an Asian specialty store.


  • 4 tbsp tamarind concentrate or paste
  • 2 tbsp chili sauce
  • 2 tbsp palm sugar
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon pork


  1. Melt the palm sugar in a saucepan.
  2. Add the tamarind concentrate and stir gently.
  3. Add the chili sauce, stirring until mixed together.
  4. Add the soy sauce, stick and simmer for a few minutes, until the sauce is thick and has a nice sheen.

To store

1. Sterilize a Kilner jar. To do this, fill the vessel with hot soapy water, rinse it well and place it in a preheating oven at 140 ° C until it is dry. Remember to remove the rubber seals.

2. Pour in the sauce, close the jar and store in the refrigerator. Will stay fresh for at least a month.

This is a really handy sauce to spice up almost any meal. I hope you find some creative uses for my tamarind sauce. Enjoy, from Apple 🍎 Riverside Thai Cooking in Khao Lak.