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Powder diffractometry (P-XRD) provides a diffractogram that enables the identification of minerals by fulfilling the diffraction condition (lattice plane spacing, angle) of an X-ray beam with a defined energy on the crystal lattice. With our measurement technology, the required amount of sample is in the mg range. The intensities are measured at the angle 2Theta, see figure:

Image source: Common point detector setup. URL http://www.d2phaser.com/images/d2-phaser/images/Bilder_1-1/Bilder_1-1-1.jpg

The following applies to our offer:


  • Qualitative phase determination by X-ray diffraction of small sample quantities in the mg range (corresponding to 4-5 grains of salt)
  • For each measurement you receive a diffraction profile (intensities vs. 2theta), a table with d-values, 2theta and intensities, as well as a phase assignment
  • Phase volume determination by Rietveld refinement possible on request (FullProf / Powdercell)
  • The exact determination of a phase may also require knowledge of the chemical composition (EDX). E.g. Vivianit Group (M3(XO4)2 · 8H2O, where X = As, P M = Mg, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn)
  • Processing time two to three weeks

Adjustment of sample (red) and picropharmacolite reference (green bars and blue lines)

Download: example

Link: References

Order process / procedure:

After shopping in our shop, you will receive an invoice in which you will find our address and to which you can send us your samples.

There are two ways to send in the samples:

1st option: You order the sample material here and prepare your sample material in a capsule at home using a needle.

2nd option: You send the sample unprepared with a marking and a written description of the area to be examined to the address on the invoice.

  • When completing the order process, please select in the shipping costs whether you would like to have the sample / samples returned (+ € 5.00).



The investigations are carried out on a Rigaku Miniflex X-ray diffractometer with Bragg geometry at 40kV and 15mA and a Cu tube.

We use a zero-background holder made of silicon to examine the smallest quantities. This makes it possible to work with even smaller sample quantities, see

also: https://www.rigaku.com/en/products/xrd/miniflex/app028

The COD and ICDD PDF-4 Minerals 2020 database are used for phase determination.

Order process:

  • The measurement contains a diffraction profile (intensities vs. 2 theta), a table with d-values, 2 theta and intensities, as well as a phase assignment.

Price / sample: 30 €