I thought it was Chow like goodbye


Something occurred to me. I would be doing a complete foolishness. I would show my powers. A dangerous being like me would have to be locked up in Asgard.
"Don't do that," I heard Loki say.
"Why not?" I asked him, feeling strange because I was talking to myself. But the voice answered me again.
"Because you might change your mind at some point and regret your choice."
But I replied that I would always stay with him no matter what.
"How do I know that you will always stay with me?" Loki asked me. "You could hurt me anytime."

"Quite simply because I've already decided against Thor and for you, stupid," I teased him.
That was the simplest answer. I knew I would stay with him forever.
Unless I die. But then I remembered that it couldn't have happened. At most he could die. But I didn't want to think about that now.
"Sophie," said Tony.
I looked at him. Did he say something? I was not sure.

"Mhh," I said then.
"We thought it would be better if you go to Asgard with our two gods."
"You have a positive effect on Loki. Maybe he's more controllable," said Thor.

That was typical Thor again. In the end I should get married to him again.
"Oh did you know that Thor has a girlfriend?", Loki informed me. If it was him.
"Sif?" I asked him.
He laughed. “No human. Her name is Jane Foster. "
I laughed too. At times I thought Thor liked Sif and she liked him. It must have offended her, but her pride was too great to show it. But that he would have a human friend?
I had lived on earth for so long and it would never have occurred to me to do anything with a mortal. But before Loki, I was never interested in anyone. Besides, people didn't live as long as we did. I didn't know whether Thor understood that.

"When should it start?" I asked Thor but didn't look at him. The situation kept coming back to me when Odin tried to marry me off to Thor. And I wanted to prevent that at all costs, in case he planned to do it again. Though I very much hoped that if I returned the memories to them, he would let Thor Jane. But I didn't know if I should do that. A new beginning, or better said partially, was still quite good.
“Father wants us to leave without delay. He wants to keep the tesseract safe, ”said Thor.

I rolled my eyes. It was typical that Odin wanted to keep the tesseract in Asgard. And it was also normal that Thor, of course, wanted to carry out the order so that his father would be satisfied.

"Well then I would say: let's go," Tony said with a smile.

An hour later we were all standing on a bridge. We, that is Tony, Thor, Natasha, a man named Hawkeye, who told me his name was Clint Barton and Loki. The latter wore shackles and a device that prevented him from speaking.

The captain came up to me. I considered avoiding him, but that was not possible at all.
"Steve," I said. I could barely look him in the face. What should I say? I had no clue. I thought we would just stare at each other. Instead, he came up to me and hugged me.

"I am happy to see you. You look a lot like your grandmother. Just unbelievable, ”he said with a smile. Loki gave him an angry look. I believed that if he could, he would have pounded Steve. The only difference was that Steve was pretty good friends with me, but nothing more. Back then, more than 70 years ago, I had encouraged him to ask Peggy if she was going out with him because I knew they were mutual sympathy. Which he had done, but then he was prevented. You probably believed that I had to be "my granddaughter". Somehow the idea was a bit strange. However, that was probably why Coulson found me.

"Heimdall open the Bifröst", shouted Thor and the three of us were caught in the same rainbow light as then. I still thought it was ugly. I preferred to travel through the portal.

Heimdall was already waiting for us and we rode horses over the bridge towards the palace. Odin was waiting for us in the throne room. Okay, I didn't want to see him. I had to swallow my pride and anger. After all, he was my uncle and ruler of Asgard.
“Thor, I am glad to see you. Is that your wife, Jane? ”He said, addressing me.

Okay what was he thinking? Why did everyone think Thor was great?

"No, she belongs to Loki my dear," said a voice that I knew only too well.
"Mother," called Thor.
Loki averted his gaze. I could feel his pain. He felt extremely hurt and lied to and I could understand his pain. And that meant something when the god of lies felt lied to.
"Dear, come with me. I'll give you a room, ”said Frigga and led me away. The rest of you stayed in the throne room.
"What is happening to Loki?" I wanted to know from Frigga.
“He'll probably have to go to jail. But only if you and I stand up for him. But my husband would not dare to execute him. After all, he's his son! "

I hadn't said anything until now and still thought it wiser not to say anything. I just didn't mean to hurt her.
We came to a rather remote wing of the palace. We passed "my old room" and also passed Lokis. Was the stain still to be seen? Or was it erased like the memories? I could have a look.

"So here would be your room," said Frigga gently. To me she was like the mother I never had. The only thing I didn't want was Odin as a father. I was glad he was just my uncle. Although I'd rather be directly with Frigga than related to him. But you can't choose family.

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