How to reduce swelling after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty / nose surgery

Rhinoplasty can produce very different changes. In the vast majority of cases, the wishes of the patient seeking advice are also met, provided that a natural result is desired and the correction includes congenital or (accidental) acquired disadvantageous changes.

Sometimes people seeking advice want an actor's nose. Although I fully understand that people are not satisfied with their appearance and want to have corrections made, such concerns are not feasible. As a plastic surgeon with many years of experience in the field of aesthetic surgery, I know the limits of nature to my craft. In addition, the expectations of such requests are unrealistic. After all, my motto is primarily to achieve harmonization, not to bring about a fundamental change.

The nose is made up of different types of tissue, which should still be able to fulfill their function after the procedure. This is the only way to continue to breathe effortlessly and to prevent negative consequences for the respiratory tract. That is why I advise you comprehensively before an operation and also examine the respiratory function and your nasal septum. With a computer simulation, I will show you the possibilities of correcting disruptive anatomical features of your nose and at the same time preserving the natural functions. That is the job of a reputable plastic surgeon.

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