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The Sims Free Spins Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Tasks for iPhone and Android

The Sims Free Spin from EA

You will find numerous in this article The Sims Free Game Tips, tricks, cheats for iPhone and Android. The game app Sims Free Play or FreePlay can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store for Android and the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad.

By the way, this is an unofficial fan site and we have no contact with the developers. All game content, graphics and so on belong to the developer of The Sims Free Game.

Now the question about cheats for the app The Sims Free Game is of course very high again, which is why we want to write a short article about this app. We also have a few tips and tricks for you. If you should also have any questions or problems, just get in touch in the comments. We will then try to help you with “The Sims Free Game”.

With our tips and cheats for Sims Free Spins you should understand the app better and progress faster. If that's not enough for you, we also have the function that you can post comments on the app. Other players can then help you.

The Sims Free Spins Tips and Tricks

Below we have summarized some tips and tricks for Sims Free Spins for you. This should make it easier for you to start using the game app for Android, iPhone and iPad. Below we have The Sims Free Spins Cheats for you. Let's first get to the tips and tricks for the Sims Free Game app. We have broken down the tips and tricks so that you have an overview quickly and easily.

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The first start

While the actual download of The Sims Free Game is still fast, you have to reload over 500MB when you start it for the first time. Therefore you should definitely download the whole thing via WLAN, otherwise the whole thing can take forever over a mobile connection. In addition, there is probably a bug with 4G, i.e. LTE. You should also have more than 1 GB of memory available, otherwise The Sims Free Game cannot be installed. But once this hurdle has been overcome, things can finally start.

Tip 1: needs in Sims free game

As known from the PC version, we also have different needs here that we have to constantly meet. We can find this at the bottom left of the screen. So these are the urge to urinate (you have to send the Sim to the toilet), hygiene (showering or bathing), energy, social issues and entertainment.

If you want to urinate, we should of course send our Sim to the bathroom as soon as possible if it is displayed in red. Otherwise the Sim will piss themselves. Of course, this also has a negative effect on our hygiene. But we also get this solved by bathing, washing (at the sink) and showering. We get energy back by sleeping in The Sims Free Game, on the couch or in bed. When it comes to social issues, we have to talk to other Sims or do something fun. When it comes to entertainment, you should do something exciting, such as watching TV or playing around on the PC and a lot more.

Every activity in The Sims Freeplay takes a certain amount of time to complete. Nevertheless, one should not underestimate the needs mentioned at the beginning and implement them quickly. As a rule, these do not take long.

Tip 2: exchange items for money

When you start the game The Sims Free Game you immediately get your own house, which is already set up. If you don't need some items, you can sell the inventory for Simoleons and get this refunded. So a good tip to get money quickly in The Sims Free Spins.

Tip 3: do the job

As a further tip we can give the tasks to be done. These are a quick and easy way to get an additional reward in the form of Simoleons. In addition, you shouldn't underestimate the field work in The Sims Free Play. Even if the Sim is exhausted, it brings quite a lot of Simoleons. So if you have time anyway, you should deal with this instead of sending the Sim to work.

You also have to do a Thai-Chi session as a task. This is not that easy to find. We must first go to the park and tap it. There you will find the point Thai-Chi session.

Tip 4: move furniture between houses

In The Sims Free Game it is easy to move furniture from one Sim house to another. To do this, you simply go to build mode and click on the corresponding object that you want to move. A kind of bag appears at the top left of the icons. If you click on this, the object ends up in the inventory.

Now you go to the other house where you want to place the object. There you also go to build mode. At the bottom right you can find the inventory and get the object out of there.

Tip 5: Buy the villas in The Sims Free Game at the beginning

We also have tips for you on buying buildings. At the beginning it is worthwhile if you buy the villas in The Sims Free Game. With every house you buy in the app, the other houses also get more expensive. The villas (framed in yellow) are significantly more expensive than normal houses. However, if you get the villas at the beginning, you will save a lot of money, because here those in The Sims Free Game are still very cheap.

Babies and Children in The Sims Free Game

One of the most important things to do in The Sims Free Game is having children. This is also easily possible in The Sims Free Game. To do this, two of your Sims simply have to go through the various levels of the relationship until they are finally ready to have a child.


Pets have also found their way into The Sims Free Spins, and we have tips for you on that too. So your Sim has a pet in the first house, more precisely a dog. This digs up things from time to time. These can be Simoleons, but also experience points (XP). Accordingly, you should definitely keep track of what your pets are up to.

Working in The Sims Free Game

In The Sims Free Game you can pursue a job. However, we have a great Sims Free Spins trick for you here. So field work brings you more money than a real job.

If you want to have a real job, the town hall is the best recommendation. Here it only takes you 10 minutes to improve your skills as a politician. Other jobs sometimes take hours.

Sims Free Spins Tips on Business

There are numerous shops to visit in Sims Free Spins. So there is the car dealer where you can buy cars. These are then in front of the house and you can take excursions with them, which then bring you experience points.

In the hobby shop you can buy free play for 1000 Simoleons practice items in Sims. There is a suitable device for practicing almost every job.

In the supermarket you can buy ingredients cheaply (for cakes and seeds). You can buy dogs in the pet shop. And in the Sims Free Game Park, you can have a barbecue, play chess and more.

More tips and tricks

If you know any more tips and tricks for Sims Free Spins, please let us know in the comments. If you can't find a task or activity, please get in touch in the comments below. We will then help you.

The Sims Free Game Goals and Quests

There are numerous objectives and tasks to complete in The Sims Free Game. While some tasks are very simple, others take ages to search. At the beginning you should always wait for the corresponding goal or task before you click anything in The Sims Free Game, after all, these goals serve as a kind of tutorial.

If you have any questions or problems with The Sims Free Game, just get in touch in the comments. We try to help you accordingly.

The tart

Relative to the beginning of The Sims Free Game you have to click on a cake so that the person's display is full. This can be found in the lower left corner. To the right of the corresponding task or goal is an icon that looks like a tartlet. You have to click on this.

Have 6 Sims watch a TV series on Wednesdays between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.

To complete this achievement, one must have the Sims watch a show. For a 3-star TV in The Sims Free Game, this takes 15 minutes. You have to be in this period for the task or mission to be recognized as valid.

Sims are supposed to eat something between 6 p.m. and midnight

If you receive orders when something is supposed to happen between two o'clock, it is possible that there are translation errors. Instead of 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., it can also be 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Other missions can be similar. So if it doesn't work out in Sims Free Game that the job is considered completed, try 12 hours later.

eat something between 6 p.m. and midnight

There seem to be problems with the mission “to eat something between 6 p.m. and midnight”. Although something is eaten during this period, it can happen that the task is not evaluated as valid. If you have any tips or tricks on this, please contact us in the comments.

The Sims Free Spins App Cheats

Of course, cheats are also very popular with The Sims Free Spins. If you don't just want to rely on our tips and tricks, you should take a look at the Sims Free Spins Cheats. After all, simoleons, lifestyle points and the like are difficult to earn. And there is even a little cheat here to get at least as many lifestyle points as possible. UPDATE: EA has now fixed the cheats.

At the moment we unfortunately don't know any valid cheats for The Sims Free Spins.

What is the app about?

Sims Free Game is the implementation of The Sims for Android and iOS. This version has nothing to do with the Facebook variant, but was developed completely for the mobile platforms. Of course, Sims Free Game is also based on the great success for PC. However, the gameplay is quite different, which is why we have numerous tips, tricks and cheats.

In the The Sims Free Game you can create up to 16 of your own Sims in the app and do all sorts of things with them. Among other things, getting married, having babies and watching them grow up. But of course that wasn't all. You can also take care of pets and the garden.

You can also earn money in Sims Free Spins in the app for Android, iPhone and iPad. Here, too, there are the well-known Simoleons that can be earned through various careers. There are also lifestyle points that can be invested in other properties.

So the possibilities are limitless in Sims Free Games and there is a lot to discover.

Download for Android and iOS

The Sims Free Game can be downloaded for free as the name suggests. The free game is then financed through in-app purchases. As usual, the people need time to complete their tasks. Accordingly, the game is more tedious than the version for PC. But Sims Free Game is also a lot of fun if you want to take a look on the go.

Here we have the links to download Sims Free Game. First the link to the Google Play Store:

And here is the version for The Sims Free Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: