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12 classic car brands that have disappeared

There are certainly hundreds of car brands that no longer exist. Everything from experimental cars that were made in a few copies to smaller brands in countries like Norway, Poland, Canada, China, etc. Car brands that we have hardly heard of and / or that have never been sold in Germany.

This list is about the brands of cars mentioned that most of us have seen or driven in, or that our parents or grandparents actually owned, but which unfortunately are no longer manufactured.

12. NSU

The company that originally manufactured knitting machines was founded in 1873. Seven later they were relocated to new premises in NeckarSUlm. After various tours in which NSU worked with Fiat, among others, and a world war that set things in motion, NSU resumed automobile production in the 1950s when the popular Prinz model saw the light of day. In 1969 NSU was bought by Volkswagen and became part of Audi. In 1977 the last NSU car rolled out of the Neckarsulm plant, and the plant that now produces Audi cars is still in use today.

11. Borgward

The German brand Borgward was produced between 1890 and 1963. Best known was the Isabella model, a beautiful and fast family car that became a favorite of many Germans in the late 50s and early 60s. Recently, the founder's grandson, Christian Borgward, reestablished the company and manufactures the BX7 SUV in factories in Beijing, China.

10. SAAB

The wizard's pride as well as Jerry Seinfeld's favorite car are featured on this list. Aircraft manufacturer Svenska Aeroplan shares Bolag the company started manufacturing the SAAB 92 car in 1947. ALL Swedes have ever been in a SAAB. Although it still looks like a car in China looks like a SAAB, we claim that “real SAABs” are no longer made.

9. Hillman

In Coventry, England, the bicycle manufacturer William Hillman began building cars in 1907. The company was bought by Humber, which was bought by Rootes, which was bought by Chrysler. After several trips, Hillman disappeared as a car brand in 1976. Hillman Hunter was manufactured in Iran under the name Paykan until 2005 (!).

8. Simca

The French Simca (short for Société Industrielle de Mécanique et de Carrosserie Automobile) was produced between 1934 and 1979. At the end of the 1950s, Simca was actually France's second largest automobile manufacturer. In 1964, the American Chrysler took over the majority and began to use its pentagonal logo on the cars. In 1977 the Chrysler adventure ended in bankruptcy and Simca was sold to the PSA Group, which changed the names of the cars to Talbot, a brand that was sold unsold and disappeared a few years later.

7th triumph

Who hasn't dreamed of “driving to Paris in a sports car with a cool breeze in your hair”? In this case, Triumph TR2 is our choice. Automobile production began in 1923 and lasted until 1992. After many trips, the name Triumph today belongs to BMW. So who knows ... We can see that this classic sports car brand is reappearing just like BMW with the Mini?

6. Hudson

One of the Yankees made between 1909 and 1957. For several years in the 1920s, Hudson was the third best car brand after Ford and Chevrolet. When Hudson didn't have the resources to develop new models like GM, Ford, and Chrysler every year, sales were lost. They teamed up with Nash and tried to come up with a new little model called the Jet. When it flopped, the Hudson brand disappeared forever in 1957.

5. Austin

A British legend that originated between 1905 and 1989 after Herbert Austin started his own when he was laid off from Wolseley's auto manufacturing. In 1952 Austin merged with Morris to become the British Motor Corporation (BMC). 16 years later they merged with Leyland and founded British Leyland. In addition to Austin, aircraft engines and airplanes were also manufactured during World War II. After the takeover of Vanden Plas in the early 1950s, sports cars were also launched under the Austin-Healy name.

4. DKW

DKW (DampfKraftWagen) was powered by a steam engine (steam) at the beginning of 1916. As early as 1932 DKW became part of the Auto Union and in 1965 the name DKW was no longer used because it was too strongly associated with small two-stroke cars. DKW was a very popular car across Europe.

3. Reo Speedwagon

But isn't that an American rock band? Sure, but they got their name from that classy American. The Reo Speedwagon was manufactured between 1915 and 1936. You could probably say that this was the forerunner of the “hunter car” of our time, as most of the ones built had a smaller van behind them. After 1936, only different versions of trucks were made.

2. Studebaker

As early as 1902, the brothers Henry and Clemens Studebaker began making cars in their car factory in Indiana. Fifty years earlier, however, the production of so-called "prairie cars" began, which were used during both the American Civil War and the First World War. Between 1902 and 1904, Studebaker's cars were powered by electric motors and then by gasoline engines. In the 1950s, the most beautiful car in America was made under the name Studebaker Hawk. Unfortunately, this car brand also disappeared due to tough competition, especially from the big three (Ford, GM and Chrysler).

1. Tucker

Obviously number one on our list is the maniac / visionary Preston Tucker's car, immortalized by Jeff Bridges in the movie Tucker. Before various legal circumstances forced the factory to close, they only had to make 51 copies of their only model, the Tucker 48, also known as the "Torpedo". Who knows what today's cars would have looked like and worked if Preston had managed to continue their visions and innovations.

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