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Magnetic paint for the wall - this is how magnetic paint works

How can you combine a pin board and a cool look? Quite simply, with magnetic paint for the wall!

For several years this idea has been on the rise. Paint walls and then simply attach your own notes, pictures and photos to the bare wall with magnets. How it works? We'll tell you here.

Sounds great, and it is. Provided you take note of a few things. Then walls can be painted and later used as a pin board, to which post-its or photos can simply be stuck with the magnet.

This trick works with magnetic paint. Magnetic paint is wall paint (usually silicone paint) that is mixed with metal particles (iron powder). This means that the color itself is actually not magnetic, only contains metal, and therefore has properties similar to a normal piece of metal. That is why magnets adhere to this color, just as they would on a refrigerator door or a normal metal magnetic wall.

You can find different magnet colors here!

The ferromagnetic paint itself does not generate a magnetic field, does not interfere with the telephone connection and is therefore not a problem on the wall. One thing is certain: the effect of the magnetic paint is certainly fascinating and practical. Simply press a magnet on the wall somewhere in the room and it will stick. This saves you having to drill holes for magnetic boards above your desk. So you are not bound in terms of color, the magnetic paint can simply be applied under the normal wall paint or as a white wall paint.

You have to keep this in mind when using magnetic paint:

Apply several layers: In order for the magnetic paint to develop its full effect, it is important that the paint is applied in several layers. Since the paint is “only” paint that contains iron powder, but not a solid piece of metal, magnets only adhere well when the paint is thick enough on the wall. The more layers you apply, the more iron particles there are in the substrate and the better the magnets adhere. At least 3 coats of paint are recommended, unless the magnetic paint is also painted over.

Paint over magnetic paint: Magnetic paint is available in white or a few other colors. If you want a special color, you can simply paint over the magnetic paint with this color. It is also possible to paint over the magnetic paint with blackboard paint. Blackboard lacquer or blackboard paint is color whose surface can be used and written on like a blackboard after it has dried (as a counterpart, there is also whiteboard paint, which works like a white board that can be written on with pens). If magnetic paint is to be painted over with normal paint, blackboard paint or whiteboard paint in order to create a magnetic surface that can be written on at the same time, you should be prepared for 5-6 layers.

Magnetic paint surface:In principle, magnetic paint can easily be combined or painted over in combination with other wall paints. Depending on the magnet color, the consistency of the color can be a bit grainier than the wall paint without metal particles.

Removing the magnet paint:Theoretically, magnetic paint does not have to be removed again. If you don't feel like using the wall surface as a magnetic board, you can simply remove your notes. Removing magnetic paint is difficult. If you already know in advance that you want to remove the paint, you can apply the paint to a piece of wallpaper that can be peeled off. In addition, the magnetic paint can also be used on wood, plaster, plastic and much more. be deleted. This allows you to use flexible elements that are easier to remove.

How well do magnets adhere to the magnet color?

How well magnets stick to a wall that has been painted with magnetic paint depends on the magnets used. Experience has shown that strong magnets are needed to achieve a satisfactory result. As already mentioned, magnetic paint is not a metal pin board. However, if you are prepared to apply several coats of the paint and use strong magnets, you can expect good results.

Is magnetic paint worth it? - Pros and cons

If you just need a magnetic wall in your apartment quickly, the magnetic paint is certainly an expensive option. The paint itself is not exactly cheap and has to be applied in several layers. This means that you need a lot of paint for large areas and, under certain circumstances, the result in terms of adhesion may not be convincing.

However, if you want to bring cool accents to your home or office and want to implement a definitely unusual wall idea, magnetic paint is the product of choice. As a creative addition, there is also the option of painting over the paint with blackboard paint or whiteboard paint. In this way, entire walls can be converted into pin boards with a certain amount of effort, which can be both simply labeled and also function as a magnetic wall. If you don't want to miss this wow factor, magnetic paint is an imaginative option. We think: thumbs up!

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