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Curtain rods: what models are available and how to attach them

Curtain rods generally serve one purpose - they serve as a suspension for curtains or drapes. But just as with all other pieces of furniture, it is also important for these to find out which ones go best with your four walls. Depending on the room and the furnishings, they should be consistent in both color and shape. Find out below which models are available and how to attach them.

Types of curtain rods

Do you like it more conspicuous or rather simple? They are available in modern stainless steel or brass, but also in an antique look. In general, there are two different types of curtain rods. They are available as round tubes or inner running bars.

With the round tube curtain rods, the curtain is attached using curtain rods and hooks. Curtains with loops can therefore be pulled directly onto the rod without additional accessories.

In the case of the curtain rod with an inner run, however, there is a built-in running rail in the middle of the tube, into which the curtain hooks are inserted.

Different runs of the curtain rods

They are available in single, double or triple courses.

A single-run curtain rod is characterized by the fact that there is a single rail to which a curtain or a curtain can be attached.

As a result, systems with two or more rails have multiple rails. For example, if you want to combine a transparent and a darker curtain, the multi-run rods are the right choice

Curtain rod or curtain rail

The curtain rod is one of the classic choices. The curtain rail, on the other hand, is the somewhat simpler alternative. The difference here is in the way it is attached.

The curtain rail is always mounted on the ceiling, whereas with the curtain rod you have the option of attaching the rod to the wall or ceiling, and clamping systems directly to the window. This often makes the curtain rod an eye-catcher, as there are many more design options here than with the curtain rails.

In the end it is up to you whether you prefer it a bit more conspicuous or simple.

Different options for attachment

In terms of attachment, it is up to your personal taste which variant you choose in the end.

Wall mounting involves attaching the curtain rod to the wall above the window or door frame, making it the most common type of mounting. The holding device of the rod is attached to the wall with dowels and screws.

When fastening to the ceiling, this is the alternative to mounting on the ceiling. This option is particularly useful when there are ceiling-high windows.

No drilling is required to attach it to the window. The curtain's clamping bar can simply be clamped into the frame.

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