What does it mean to pre-assign all files

Pre-assign participants to breakout groups in Webex Meetings

With version 40.11 it is possible in Webex Meetingsalready when scheduling a meeting or a series of meetings (Meeting with repetitions) Define partial group sessions and assign participants to the groups. This is helpful, for example, if you want to work with fixed groups throughout the semester. You can also make the corresponding settings in existing meetings or series of meetings.

Theallocationyou can as host of a meetingin two different waysmake:

  1. You invite the participants via Webex and create theallocationthenbased on the invitationsautomatically or manually.
  2. You load oneCSV file with the assignments(Groups and e-mail addresses of the participants) high. The participants included in the file are automatically invited to the meeting.

You will find detailed step-by-step instructions for both ways below.

You can make changes to the groups or the group composition both when setting up the breakout sessions and later in the meeting.

Even if you predefine groups, you have the option of working with any other group compositions in the meeting itself. The pre-defined groups are always available, so that you can, for example, switch between short exchange phases with automatic assignment to groups of 2 or 3 and longer group work phases in the predefined groups. For more information, see 3. Working with Pre-Created Subgroups.

Important:The pre-assignment only works if the participantswith theJoin email addresseswith whom they are from youinvitedand have been assigned! If necessary, you can delete individual invitations later and invite and assign the person in question with a different email address.