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Math homework and exercises 6th grade

Approx. 50 math school assignments and exercises with solutions to prepare for the next exam. The school assignments are updated and aligned with math for the G9. There is no outdated material here.
Use these worksheets to help your child improve their grades! Just print it out and practice immediately.
The right exercises in mathematics, German, English, French and Latin for every exam.
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Mathematics school task

1. Mathematics school task

7 school assignments with solutions in the download for the 6th grade mathematics in G 9. Main focus of the school task: fractions, decimal fractions, pie chart, factual tasks

Contents of the 1st school assignment:

  • Represent, round and order decimal fractions
  • Show and organize fractions and fractions
  • expect fractions, shorten and expand
  • Add, subtract, divide, multiply fractions
  • Improper fractions, parent fractions, pseudo fractions, mixed numbers
  • Convert fractions to decimals and vice versa
  • Calculate terms from fractions and decimals
  • Pie chart
  • relative frequency, four-field table
  • Percentage calculation
  • Technical problems on fractions and decimal fractions

2. Mathematics school task

6 challenging school assignments are available in the download matching the subject matter of the 6th grade in G 9 with solutions. Main focus in the school assignments: absolute and relative frequency, fractions, decimal fractions, factual exercises on fractions

Contents of the 2nd school assignment:

  • calculate with fractions, fractions in terms
  • Decimal fractions, calculate with decimal fractions, terms
  • Round and order decimal fractions
  • Know and apply the laws of calculation, calculate advantageously
  • Four-field table and relative frequency
  • complex terms for fractions, decimals, mixed numbers
  • Factual tasks on fractions and decimal

3. Mathematics school task

6 complex school assignments with current assignment formats and questions are available for download with solutions. Main focus of the school assignments: Fractional calculation, percentage calculation, area, periodic decimal numbers

Contents of the 3rd school task:

  • Calculate decimals and fractions in terms
  • periodic decimal numbers, calculate with periodic decimals
  • Percentage calculation
  • absolute and relative frequency
  • Area calculation of triangle, parallelogram, trapezoid
  • Area of ​​quadrilaterals and polygons
  • Calculate the surface area of ​​bodies
  • Factual problems on fractions, decimals
  • Technical tasks for area calculation

4. Mathematics school task

6 challenging school assignments are in the download, matching the subject matter of the 6th grade mathematics in G 9. All tasks with solutions and solutions. Main focus of the school assignments: area calculation, volume calculation, rational numbers

Contents of the 4th school task:

  • Calculate surface area: triangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, prism
  • Convert area dimensions, calculate with area dimensions
  • Area dimensions in terms
  • Convert volume units
  • calculate with volume units, volume calculation of bodies
  • Order rational numbers, calculate with rational numbers, periodic decimal fractions
  • Percentage calculation
  • Technical tasks on surface area and area calculation
  • Technical tasks related to volume calculation
  • Factual tasks on percentage calculation

Exercises math

About 25 worksheets are available for practice in the download. Each worksheet comprises 1 to 2 pages with tasks and solutions, based on around 10 minutes of working time. The exercises in mathematics are suitable for the current mathematics books of the 6th grade and cover the main areas. This allows gaps to be closed in a targeted manner. The exercise sheets serve as preparation for small performance assessments, impromptu tasks and exes.

1 fractions

7 worksheets in download in download

These topics are included:

  • Differentiate between real fractions, improper fractions, pseudo fractions
  • Fractions
  • Convert fractions to whole numbers, mixed numbers and percentages
  • Extending and shortening fractions

2 decimal fractions

5 worksheets in the download

These topics are included:

  • Convert fractions to decimal fractions
  • Convert decimal fractions to fractions
  • Order decimal fractions by size
  • Calculating with decimal fractions
  • Calculate terms

3 areas

3 worksheets in the download

These topics are included:

  • calculate simple areas
  • calculate mixed areas
  • Calculate areas of trapezoid and parallelogram
  • Calculate areas of squares and triangles

4 percentage calculation

1 worksheet in the download

These topics are included:

  • Specify fractions as a percentage
  • Specify percentage value as a fraction
  • Percentage calculations

5 rational numbers

4 worksheets in the download

These topics are included:

  • Calculating with rational numbers
  • Write numbers as fractions and decimal fractions
  • Order numbers in the form of a chain of inequalities
  • Illustration of rational numbers as pixels

6 volumes

4 worksheets in the download

These topics are included:

  • Calculate the volume of bodies
  • Convert volume units
  • Calculating with mixed units
  • Technical tasks related to volume calculation

Maths school task 6th grade

All tasks with a solution

The maths school exercises and exercise sheets are based on the current Bavarian curriculum for the books Lambacher Swiss, focusand delta 6. You can choose between maths homework and exercise sheets. There are over 200 pages of exercise material in the download, which are updated weekly and are therefore always up to date.

In mathematics, you can choose between school exercises that look exactly like the school exercises and exercise sheets actually written in G 9.

The children practice with sample school assignments that correspond to modified school assignments from Bavarian grammar schools. Current task formats and questions are incorporated. All tasks with solutions and solutions. This is what schoolwork looks like at school and the schoolchildren can prepare perfectly.

Exercise Sheets Mathematics: There are exercise sheets for the mathematical focal points with which the individual topics can be practiced. These exercise sheets are designed to take around 15 minutes to complete. The exercise sheets serve as preparation for small performance assessments, impromptu tasks and exes.

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