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Will Schuester

William Michael Schuester



WMHS Rector
Expert commission on cultural education
Committee member
History teacher (former)
Glee club ladder
Spanish teacher (former)

Family friends

Personal information


Glee club, teaching, singing, dancing


Dancing, singing, running a glee club


Choreography, teaching spanish


1992, 2009-2011 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
1993, 2011-2013 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
1993, 2012 Showchor Nationals (1st place)
2008 + 2012 teacher of the year
2014 Sectionals (1st place)
2015 Regionals + Sectionals (1st place)

Series information

William "Will" Michael Schuester is the former Spanish and History teacher and head of the Glee Club at William McKinley High School. He was married to Terri, but when he found out she had lied to him about her pregnancy, he divorced her. He's since About finding love married to Emma who was inOpening night gave birth to their son, Daniel Finn.

He recently got a new job on the Arts Education Expert Committee, leaving Finn Hudson in charge of New Directions. Due to the dissolution of the Glee Club, he now works as a coach for Vocal Adrenaline, as in Loser like me will be announced. In transformation he returns to McKinley as a graduate advisor. In dreams come true he is promoted to rector of McKinley and has four more children with Emma.

He is from Matthew Morrison shown.


Will is the director of New Directions and the Spanish teacher at William McKinley High School. He was in the Glee Club himself in his own high school days and then joined a boy band. After the band split up, he graduated from college and has been teaching Spanish ever since. At first he doesn't enjoy the job and he finds this fun in "being a teacher" through his work in the Glee Club.

He was married to Terri Schuester, who he had been with since high school, but separated from her when he found out she was just faking her pregnancy. He is close friends with his fellow teachers, football coach Ken Tanaka and liaison teacher Emma Pillsbury. He doesn't get along well with the Cheerios trainer, Sue Sylvester, as she has tried several times to close his glee club.

Season one

In overture is introduced to Will as the kind and helpful Spanish teacher at William McKinley High School. On his way to class, he looks at the trophy cabinet and discovers the certificate for the former Glee director Lillian Adler. He remembers how much fun he had when he was in high school and at the glee club. He decides to take over the club after former glee coach Sandy Ryerson was fired for indecent touching a student. Although the director is not exactly impressed by this idea, Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester is also not enthusiastic, Will takes over the job and starts with the applications. Unfortunately, only five students apply: the extravagant Kurt Hummel, the shy and stuttering Tina Cohen-Chang, Artie Abrams, who is confined to a wheelchair, the "diva" Mercedes Jones and Rachel Berry, who is looking for recognition. Despite the fact that everyone is great musical talent, the first rehearsal is going pretty bad. Will also had to promise the rector that he would make it to the "Nationals", otherwise the club would be canceled. Will discovers a talent among football players, Finn Hudson, when he sings in the shower. But when after his speech in front of the entire team no one reports for the Glee Club, he decides to help a little. He slips Finn a packet of marijuana that Sandy gave him as a sample, because he is now selling it, and then confronts him with it.

Finn accepts Will's offer not to tell his mother if he joins the Glee Club. At the same time, Will's personal life is going pretty well, his wife, Terri, tells him that she is pregnant. He then realizes that he cannot afford a child with his low teacher salary and is on the verge of quitting his job and thus also the glee club. But thanks to Emma, ​​who has been secretly in love with Will for a long time, who persuades him well and thanks to the good performance of the song Don't Stop Believin ' of the Glee Kids he lets himself be persuaded to stay again. He then also takes on a part-time job as a caretaker at the school.

In Beyond Gut and Sue In order to attract new members to the Glee Club, Will wants New Directions to perform at a meeting. Later he sings with Mercedes and ArtieGold digger and is upset that the kids are at the gathering Push it instead of Le freak perform. He is also surprised when Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce audition and records them at the Glee Club.

In Acafellas Will tells his parents that he is going to be a father. While they're excited, Terri is shocked that she isn't actually pregnant. He admits to his father that he is afraid because he doesn't know how it should work and is told that everyone is so good. Mr. Schuester says he was a terrible father, to which Will says that he doesn't have much confidence in himself. His father also says that it takes courage to be a man and that Will has six months to find out if he has him. Due to objections from Cheerios members of the Glee Club, Rachel tells him that her choreography needs to be worked on, so they want to hire Dakota Stanley, who is a professional choreographer with a Broadway background. To For he's a Jolly Good Fellow Will decides to start an a capella group he calls Acafellas, which consists of him, Howard, Ken and Henri. So he begins to miss rehearsals at the Glee Club, which is why the club secretly hires Dakota. Will performs with the Acafellas Poison in a sports bar and afterwards Figgins asks if they want to appear at the next parenting day. After Howard and Henri quit, Finn and Puck become members of the band and perform in this formation I wanna sex you up on. The band is later broken up and Will returns to the Glee Club.

In Children of lies Finn asks Will if he can help the football team dance, believing it will help them win. Later he gives Tina the solo instead of Rachel, which is why she leaves the Glee Club angrily. Noah Puckerman, Mike Chang and Matt Rutherford join, which is why only one member is missing to be complete.

In April April While eating with Terri, Will meets a former student of his who is now a member of Vocal Adrenaline. He tells him that he's always left there because he's the only one who can do the triple somersault, which is why Will comes up with the idea of ​​looking for April Rhodes, who was a classmate of his and the biggest star of the Glee Club . Will admits to Emma, ​​whom he lets look for her file, that she was his first crush and sees that she was only three points missing to graduate. He searches for her on the computer and finds an online profile. Will writes to her and since she is currently online, he immediately receives an answer that includes her address. He makes his way over to her and admires her at home, which is a villa that, contrary to what she claims, does not belong to her. After they get kicked out by the realtor, she tells him outside that she wanted to go to Broadway with her high school love but didn't make it there. He suggests she come to McKinley with him so she can graduate and join the Glee Club, which she agrees to. He introduces her to the kids, who are not particularly enthusiastic, and tells April after his class that she should try to win her over. When he learns that she has given the kids alcohol, he approaches them while playing bowling and says that she is not influencing them well. Will confesses that he totally adored her in high school and that he most regrets that

he never had the chance to sing with her. Then she pulls him with her to grant his wish and the two of them sing Alone. Then he notices before her performance that she is drunk and confronts her because she has promised him to stop. Emma gets him out of the room and tells him that he can't let April perform, but he says he has to because otherwise the kids won't go through with it either. After she performs the first act, he intercepts her and tells her that she won't go out for the second because she broke her promise. April agrees and lets him know that the kids can be happy to have him because he'll spare them everything that happened to her. He wants to know what she is up to now and the answer is that she is putting herself back in order and is looking for a new dream. The two hug and he thanks her. Will tells the kids that April left the Glee Club and replies to the interjection that they need her for the second act, that he just says they'll cut it. Rachel then appears and says that she would like to stand in for April. Will sits in the audience and looks at New DirectionsSomebody to love perform.

In Excited organisms Will is concerned that the Sectionals are coming up and the Glee Club is very busy. He tells Emma about it and that it began a week ago when he announced their opponents to them. To motivate them again he organized a mash-up competition in which the boys compete against the girls, whereby the winner can choose the number for the sectionals. When asked who is judging the performances, he replies that it will be a celebrity jury and then tells Emma that it will be her. When he tells her that she is the most honest person and the most objective person he knows, Terri joins them and tells him that she is the new school nurse. After watching the boys perform, he tells Terri that it's not good for their marriage,

that she works at McKinley because there is nothing of her own left and they no longer have anything to say to each other. Will watches the girls perform and then asks Emma to go for a walk with him. He wants to know whether it is really true that Ken asked her to be his wife, which she says yes. Later he is sitting with Terri in Director Figgins' office because she gave the kids a boost and wants to know what she was thinking. Will angrily tells her that whenever he's on fire for something, she'll manage to ruin it for him. Figgins also holds him accountable because the kids trust him, but he only thinks about winning and thus creates an unsafe environment. Therefore a co-leader is assigned to him, what he tells the Glee Club and Sue presents to them. He then learns that Emma has accepted Ken's proposal and tells her it's great.