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In an Alternate universe of the Naruto world, The Uchiha clan takes over the Elemental nations after defeating and enslaving Kaguya Ootsutsuki and using her powers for their own use.

Beautiful Kunoichi and Civilian females from all lands and villages are brought to Konoha, now an Uchiha led village. They are used as not only Ninja but Concubines, mistresses, Unwilling Wives and Breeding stock for the Uchiha and their supporters.

Naruto is a 20 year old Jounin of Konoha who sees the despair of the people, his mother and his fellow Kunoichi ninja. He goes through his life as they seek comfort and love from him in their despairing lives.

Unknown to Naruto, he will be the one to defeat the Uchiha clan, free them all from their slavery and bring about a world of peace. He will be their Hope in a Despairing world.