Where is the old Edom of today's weather

Storm, thunderstorm and snow: where the weather in Germany remains uncomfortable tonight

After today's storm from the middle of Germany to the south, it can still be uncomfortable at night, according to the German Weather Service. We say where.

After the south and the Middle of Germany were hit by strong gusts, a storm low crossed in the coming hours Northern Germany eastwards, reports the German Weather Service. On its southern flank it remains stormy, which is especially the case again Central and southern Germany concerns. Here we again expect some heavy gusts of wind, which can develop into gale-force gusts of 90 to 110 km / h. The weather service does not even rule out wind speeds of 120 km / h. In the mountains, the hurricane gusts could even reach over 140 km / h.

In the course of the night it will from the west calmer, the wind decreases and weakens to wind force 7. In the high altitudes it remains stormy with wind forces of 9 to 10, after all the weather service there no longer speaks of gale-force gusts.

The remains spared North and northeast of warning-relevant gusts.

The night will also be turbulent

The weather service closes for the South and southeast A few short thunderstorms accompanied by heavy gusts of wind have not yet risen. Also in Northwest there may be thunderstorms with snow and sleet on Monday night.

The weather in the evening and the night of the next shows that winter is still not giving up completely Emsland or northern Münsterland eastwards to Brandenburg: Because there we expect the rain to turn into snow - be careful of slush because of slush!

In the night of Monday, the snow line drops to about 400 meters. A blanket of wet snow could also occur at lower altitudes.

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Monday snow!

Even on Monday it will remain partly stormy in Germany. The wind is freshening west, in the middle and in the south again and turns to northwest later in the day. Above all in the west In Germany, it can then come back to sometimes even severe gusts of wind. And the German Weather Service fears again on the mountain tops heavy gusts of storm to hurricane.

On Monday there should also be widespread sleet, snow and sleet showers - including a few short thunderstorms.

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