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Turkish coffee - exciting facts and tips for preparation!

Why is there such a term as Turkish coffee at all? What's so special about it? Is it mainly about the method of preparation? Yes, for the most part already! This follows a very old tradition. Basically, Turkey has a lot more to do with coffee than many people might think today. Join us on an exciting journey through times and cultures to find out more about Turkish coffee!

Coffee came to Europe in the 19th century


Turkish coffee - a story that dates back to the 16th century

Perhaps you have already heard of the Ottoman Empire? Through the spread of this, many cultures have mixed with the Turkish. This brought many great traditions closer to Europe. This is also the case with coffee.

This was first discovered by the Ottomans after they conquered countries like Syria, Mecca and Egypt. All of this happened in the 16th century. In today's Istanbul, then Constantinople, they even opened a medieval coffee shop. By the end of the 17th century they were hundreds. They were specially designed so that you can enjoy this toning drink to the fullest. Since then, Turkish coffee and the everyday culture of this country have been very closely related.

The beautiful oriental cups are also part of the real enjoyment of Turkish coffee

Coffee came to Europe in the 19th century

Turkish coffee is actually the first to come to Europe and that happens in the 19th century. A great connoisseur and good businessman by the name of Mehmet Efendi prepared this hot drink for the first time as we know it today. First he roasted the coffee beans and then ground them. The specific type of preparation, in which the coffee grounds remain unfiltered at the bottom of the cup, is rather untypical for us nowadays. However, some people still cook it this way. This type of preparation is what is meant when one speaks of “Turkish coffee” these days.

"Cesve" is the name of the vessel in which Turkish coffee is prepared

How exactly do you make Turkish coffee?

The way in which Turkish coffee is prepared is known as mocha. In the following we describe how exactly to do this. Take two very full teaspoons of ground coffee and mix the coffee powder with one teaspoon of sugar. Pour a cup of water over it. Then everything is mixed in the special jug called “Cesve” in turquoise. It is especially important that the cups are preheated. In the end, you pour everything into it without filtering the coffee grounds. Sometimes the Turkish hot drink is poured into another cup. In this way, some of the coffee grounds remain, but not all!

If you like the Orient, you probably already know Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee as a cultural tradition in Turkey

The preparation of Turkish coffee, as it was made in earlier times, is a great attraction in itself. The very original Turkish coffee is actually prepared on sand that is heated by coal. You can experience such an attraction in many places in Turkey. The whole thing is practically like a ceremony that brings us closer to the spirit of old times. After the coffee is ready, it is distributed in beautifully decorated cups or metal vessels. It is enjoyed slowly and usually with a lot of sugar. Because this is how the taste becomes perfect.

You could end up flipping the coffee cup onto a saucer if you wanted. In Turkey you can quickly find someone who can quickly read your future from the coffee grounds! You just have to dare ...

The cup for the Turkish coffee must be preheated

The mocha is cooked together with the sugar

The mocha is very strong because you leave the coffee grounds there

You can tip the coffee into different cups so that you have less coffee grounds

Do you know the oriental sweet Lokum? It tastes great with the coffee!

Another wonderful coffee cup with delicious mocha

The chocolate also goes perfectly with coffee

Traditionally, Turkish mocha is cooked on coals

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Mocha is an old and noble tradition - it deserves beautiful dishes and great cutlery

Many shops offer delicious coffee!

"Cesve" would be a great gift idea in an oriental style

Be sure to drink plenty of water with your coffee because it is very strong

There are many luxury sets for ideal coffee enjoyment