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Pokemon Masters Cheats, Tips - How to Beat Battle Villa # 3

Pokemon Masters toughest single player challenge is back

Pokemon Masters Battle Villa introduced a fun new way to play. It instructs you to clear 25 increasingly difficult halls within 2 weeks. You can use 9 different sync pairs per day, but once they are turned off they will stay that way until the next day.

This also means that their health carries over to the next battle. In addition, skills with a limited number of uses remain between hall two. So if you use both of a Pokemon's X attacks, they're gone. There are some consumables that can use this to restore this, but it is best not to rely on them.

The Battle Villa is now an integral part. Your progress is reset every two weeks and the line-up of trainers and Pokémon in the halls changes every month. We're in Battle Villa 3 now, so this is the first time in its brief history that the line-up has changed, although the first five halls remain the same.

Not everyone is able to beat the mansion in a day like some gamers. So we're going to give you some tips and tricks to help you beat it within the two week timeframe, and then if it repeats itself over the next fortnight.

1 The halls

A little planning can go a long way in the Battle Villa. Here is a neat table with all the information you will come across. It contains the number of opponents, their weakness (s) and the recommended team strength.

HallNumber of opponentsOpponent's weaknessRecommended team strength
46Ice, electricity, water12,200
59Ice, electricity, water13,500
96Grass, fire, stone22,000
109Grass, fire, stone23,500
146Dark, fighting, steel25,500
159Dark, fighting, steel26,000
196Poison, dragon, flies28,000
209Poison, dragon, flies29,000
246Bug, clairvoyant, ghost30,200
259Bug, clairvoyant, ghost30,500

2 strong synchronization pairs

There are 3 types of sync pairs in Pokemon Masters and they all play a role in the Battle Villa. You don't want to take three damage dealers and assume that it is enough to overwhelm your opponents. It is important that they be accompanied by tanks, supports, and buffers to facilitate what they do best.


A striker will be your damage dealer. Below I've listed some solid options to deal with the various halls. If you don't have the following sync pairs, another striker of the same type will do the job, but may be a little less effective. The first five halls can be ignored as they're pretty easy to beat even without having a Pokémon they're weak against.

  • Fire - Red & Charizard
  • Rock - Olivia & Lycanroc
  • Grass - Brendan & Sceptile
  • Fighting - Korrina & Lucario
  • Steel - Steven & Metagross
  • Dark - Karen & Houndoom
  • Dragon - lance & dragon
  • Flies - Blue & Pidgeot
  • Poison - Roxi & Scolipede
  • Clairvoyant - Giovanni & Mewtwo
  • Bug - Noland & Pinsir
  • Ghost - Giovanni & Mewtwo - Sorry Chandelure


There are several ways that Sync Pairs can provide assistance. They provide the ability to heal their teammates, buff them, or replenish your movement gauge - which is very important, but more on that later. Here are some great support options with a brief explanation.

Sabrina & Alakazam - Can increase the chance of critical attacks from his teammates and decrease the physical damage caused by opponents. Most importantly, Alakazam can both heal and increase special attacks and accuracy in one go.

Skyla & Swanna - Can increase team speed, which is useful for attacking first and healing with potion.

Rosa & Serperior - Can increase the team's special attack, hit tanks and restore the movement indicator.

Rosa & Delibird - Affectionately referred to as Rosanta by fans because of the Christmas theme. This is essentially a physical attack version of Serperior.

Main character & Pikachu - Technically no support, but the main character and partner Pikachu have the ability to heal with potion.

Main character & Torchic - Can amplify the physical and special attack damage of other sync pairs besides their critical hit rate, which makes Torchic a very versatile buffer.

Glacia & Glalie - Provides healing over time with X Rain All, which is extremely helpful in a mode over stamina. Also has a taunted move in Attention here so make sure it fires hits for your striker.

Leaf & Eevee - Can restore movement gauge and heal allies with Potion.

Elesa & Rotom - Can increase allies' special attack and has a turn that reduces the countdown for the sync turn by two.


The only Tech Sync pair that I've personally found very useful is Prof Oak and Mew. That doesn't mean the others don't have their place and if you'd like to tinker with them I've also left some suggestions below.

Prof Oak & Mew - Arguably one of the best synchronization pairs for the Battle Villa, especially when you have reached your Star Level 5 and have made maximum use of the extended synchronization grid. Once you do, Mew will be very hard to kill and you can spam Swift to help your striker use his sync move faster while debuffing the opponents.

Will & Xatu - This duo have a fun gimmick where you can use "Our Power Is Limitless" to essentially steal stats from your opponent. With her stats increased, Xatu will get double those stats, which can lead to some fun destruction. In addition, he can use Confuse Ray to potentially trick your opponents into harming themselves, keeping your team unscathed.

Blaine & Ponyta - Can catch enemies with Fire Spin, which deals damage over time, while Sunny Day increases damage from Fire-type moves, which is a potentially great synergy with Red. Speaking of which, on the next page.

3 synchronization pair synergies

While the sync pairs mentioned on the previous page are all solid, some play better with each other than others. For example, if you're using a physical striker, a support that can boost the special attack doesn't bring much to the table.

The best synergies you might want to look for not only strengthen a Pokemon's strengths, but also decrease its weaknesses. Below are some examples of good synergies.

Alakazam and Charizard / Pidgeot

Both Charizard and Pidgeot have some devastating attacks. Their only downside is that none of the best moves are 100% accurate. Alakazam can alleviate this problem a bit with Sixth Sense while improving both special attack and critical hit rate.

Mewtwo and Serperior

Mewtwo hits very hard, of course, but other than being able to increase his critical strike chance, he has no other option to increase his damage. Serperior is more than happy to sign X Sp. Z oo in this regard. Atk all. It can also restore the movement indicator by 3 blocks, which is very helpful as Mewtwo's attacks are very costly and while you cannot use them, they are easy targets for your opponents.

4 Advanced synchronization grids

Advanced sync grids are a relatively new addition to the game that has grown in importance with the arrival of the Battle Villa. The advanced sync grids aren't available for every Pokémon, but for those who have them, they can make a world of difference.

In general, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which tiles to select in the sync grid. There are more specific builds for certain Pokémon, but if you're primarily looking for MP Refresh, Move Gauge Refresh, Self-Healing, and Power Boosts, it will make a world of difference.

Update MP

As mentioned earlier, the Battle Villa is an endurance test, and Pokémon that have limited uses for certain movements can become unusable without it. However, if they have tiles that have a percentage chance of restoring them when used, this can be mitigated a bit. It's definitely still RNG dependent, but there are tough ways to get around it, if you choose this we'll mention later.

Move reinforcement display

Similar to MP Refresh, these tiles ensure that some of the bars in the movement display can be restored each time a particular movement is used. For example, you can design it so that Mew’s Swift has a good chance of increasing the user's motion indicator. While this is not guaranteed every time, it is still incredibly useful in helping your team stay on the offensive.

Self-healing or debuff remover

There are only so many Sync Pairs that can heal or protect their allies, and the amount they can do is also limited. However, there are some sync pairs - like good ol 'Professor Oak & Mew - who have tiles like First Aid and Natural Remedies that heal them when their health is low or remove status conditions once per fight which could make the difference between clearing them a hall or have to wait until tomorrow.

5 Preparation and termination of the fight

It goes without saying that preparation is essential before entering any hall. It won't always be easy to take a striker with a type advantage and then pick the two best sync pairs to offer them support.

Area details

Before getting into any hall, be sure to take a look at the details of the area. Here you can find out what kind of damage, physical or special, as well as other status ailments, should be considered. From here you can take synchronization pairs that are less affected.

For example, if there is a hall that the Pokémon are doing attacks that cause a twitch, you can go with sync pairs that have passives that prevent twitching so you have less to worry about.

Also, it's always good to check the Boss Details tab as it will warn you if any of your Pokémon are weak to your opponent's attacks. Picking up a bulky Pokémon is great, but if they're weak for a certain type of attack in this hall, they won't be good at blocking those hits.


Another option available to you is to exit a hall when things are not going well. This might be frowned upon by some gamers, but it is an intentional feature of the mode. It can be used to track down your opponents. Even reading all the information beforehand is not always enough to get a real feel for it.

Also, if you want to tip RNG in your favor, you can always stop if one of the MP update tiles on your sync pair doesn't fire and you otherwise run out of MP for that move. I wouldn't do that personally, but I don't have the patience to do it.

6 Remember you have two weeks to spare