Joyoung how to use it

Use a yo-yo

Go around the world!Do you remember the forward pass? It's the same concept, only that you go around you in a whole circle. So instead of popping it up again when you see it stretching out in front of you, you hold it down with your leg, shoot it out, and continue with a rotating movement of your arm, forcing the yo-yo "around the." World ", or around in a large circle. When you're ready for it to come back, wait until the yo-yo is at a 90-degree angle to you and let it snap back!
  • If the yo-yo "falls" after it hits the top, you are not swinging enough. You need to maintain a very small circular motion at the end of the string to make it rotate evenly.
  • The tear-away movement is very similar to the "around the world" trick. In fact, it's basically that trick, but by your side. Just twist your arm outward like a chicken wing, continue with the same movement, and catch the yo-yo when it is at shoulder level!