What is the Massarah Bible

What is the bible

The Bible is one of the most influential books in human history; it inspires people all over the world and has served believers as a source of strength and comfort for generations. But it can also look very impressive. The narratives can seem confusing and the story uninteresting. The enormous pile of pages can easily discourage even the most enthusiastic reader. Why is the Bible the Best Selling Book on Earth? And what story does it tell?

What do you find in the Bible?

The word “Bible” is of Greek origin, derived from “ta biblia” or “the books”. This apparently boring title actually reminds of the diverse genres and authors who contribute to the great abundance of the text. Stories, oracles, laws, poems, censuses, letters, apocalyptic writings, biographies, and countless other types of text can be found in this sacred collection. There are two major divisions in the Christian canon, the Old Testament and the New Testament. For the believer, writing is special because it is inspired by God, which elevates it from the status of ancient texts to living, holy scriptures.

The old testament

The Old Testament was written by prophets, priests, and scribes over the course of hundreds of years. The people of Israel play the main role in this story. It sees itself in a special relationship with God and that you play a sacred role in his plan for humanity. The book begins with a series of creative acts that organize the chaotic universe and goes on to tell how God continues to bring order and beauty to our chaotic world. The scriptures indicate a Messiah who will one day come and redeem his people.

The new Testament

The New Testament proclaims the good news that Jesus Christ is this Messiah, the Son of God. His apostles write that he was in Palestine teaching the truth and performing miracles. He was crucified and rose from the grave, overcoming death and sin. He is the way through which we can return to Heavenly Father. By His grace we can be reborn and become better people.

The power of the Bible

Personal revelation can be received through the Bible. In their pages one can find healing and peace. These scriptures will enliven your spirit, nourish your faith, and ultimately bring you closer to God and Jesus Christ. We invite you to experience this holy text with us. You can request a free copy of the Bible or even make an appointment for a Bible study with us. Simply use the map on this website and find the missionaries in your area!